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Joel Silver


We, the fans of the Moonlight TV Series, are requesting that you make a Moonlight Movie!

In a recent interview with Jericho4Kids, Alex O’Loughlin suggested to Shelby to write a letter to Joel silver for a Moonlight Movie.

Here’s a link to the interview where Alex talks about writing to Joel Silver for a Moonlight Movie .

Let’s get writing fans.

Mr Joel Silver
Silver Pictures
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg 90
Burbank, CA 91522


What Alex has to say

A movie is not out of the question, though, because lead actor O'Loughlin has told Werksman he's still interested. "I know I talked to Alex just a couple weeks ago, after Three Rivers got picked up, and I was congratulating him," he said. "He's like, 'When are we going to do the movie?' I said, 'I don't know, man. Any time you're ready.'"




Address 4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg 90 Burbank, CA 91522
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Bring back moonlight it's my favourite show!
Bring moonlight back it's my favourite show!!
Am from Nigeria African Country and I'm pleading with who ever stopped the movie to please let it continue cos its very very intresting I really really love the series or better still release a movie that cast Mick Joseph and Beth please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
Why is it that critics always choose to demolish the best shows? Honestly.. i do not look at movies acclaimed by critics ever.. For once can someone listen to the people?! WE WANT Moonlight back! Movie or series, doesn't matter.. as long as we see Mick St-John (Alex O'Loughlin) back!
I've watched a few episodes of Hawaii Five-O, who else thinks Alex was much better in Moonlight???? I do!! Please make the movie and resolve the cliffhangers. After it's a big hit, then you can bring back the TV series, OK? Thanks, Sharon Thomas
I'm only 12 years old and my mom was talking about how i like vampires so much because i like twilight (but only the books Kristin Stewart cant act and she has no emotion on her face at all its always blank no matter what happens and her eyes are cross eyed all the time like shes stupid) and The vampire diaries she told me i should watch Moonlight so i did i watched it and was addicted to it i watched the whole series in 2 days please please bring it back and make more!!!!!!!!!!
please, please bring moonlight back!!!!
me 2 i want moonlight back..... i still do not understand why they stop it...
yes bring out a moonlight movie, if we cant have season 2, I'll accept a movie as long as Silver, Alex (Mick), Sophia (Beth) and Jason (Josef) are a part of it. So please please BRING BACK MOONLIGHT. Fantastic show
yes bring out a moonlight movie, if we cant have season 2, I'll accept a movie as long as Silver, Alex (Mick), Sophia (Beth) and Jason (Josef) are a part of it. So please please BRING BACK MOONLIGHT. Fantastic show
yes bring moonlight back as a movie if we cant have a second season. As long as silver, Alex (Mick), Sophia (Beth) and Jason (Josef) all get on board. Own the DVD cant stop watching it. BRING BACK MOONLIGHT
yes that would be prefcet and i still watch the series. so joel silver give us the moonlight movie if so you can call on us the fans to rally for it all you have to is say it and we will come to stand right out side of warner brothers
I really think this would be a great movie for us older folks that need our version of a vampire! Moonlight was such a great series too bad the networks just didn't get it!
OMG! They would be so stupid not to! Ride the twilight wagon and bring back MOONLIGHT! It's such a good time with all the vamp hype etc!
Gutted that the show was canceled.....season 1 is just being aired in the UK now and i am hooked - so hooked that i bought the box set and watched all 16 episodes in a day!!!! The relationship between Mick and Beth is something else, Edward and Bella have nothing on these two! Really hope a movie is made.....
Still miss MoonLight and Cast, especially Alex O. Glad he will be back on TV this fall and in some movies. Please make a MoonLight Movie!! CBS should kick themselves over and over for getting rid of such a fantastic series.
Loved MoonLight series...have not gotten over the cancellation yet. Miss Alex O everyday. So glad he will be back on TV this fall in Three Rivers and a few movies. Please make a MoonLight movie.
There's a new Moonlight Movie petition.. please go and sign this one too: http://www.youchoose .net/campaign/moonli...
I'am a big big big fan of Moonlight....I love it !!!! this fantastic movie!!!!!!
Moonlight, this is such a beautiful love story along with the drama of Mick St. John and his friend Josef. Why couldn't CBS left our Moonlight alone!!!!!!! More Moonlight PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Moonlight is the only decent thing to watch on television right now. I don't watch tv since it went off the air, I watch my dvd's of Moonlight. PLEASE give us a season 2 or a movie at least! You can't leave it the way it was with the door closing! We need to know what happens next!
Moonlight movie is needed as much as season 2 :))
Yes, I am another fan of Moonlight, and especially Alex 0'Lauglin and Sophia Myles. They had great chemistry. Very sad (aka "messed up") that the show was cancelled. Every week I would look forward to the next episode of this show. I can't even watch it now, knowing it's all done. Please consider a I need more!
We need a MOonlight movie! We need to show CBS, Alex O'loughlin, Joel Silver, AND Sci-Fi how much we really love Moonlight
A Moonlight movie is definately needed!! The plots, script writing, character development, special effects and acting were all riveting and extremely impressive in quality for a televison show, possesing film like finesse. The show contained all the essential elements necessary to capture an audience's attention, imagination and emotions. Each episode was a stand alone achievement. I have spoken to many, many people who desire the continuation of this series. If another series is considered impossible, a Moonlight movie or a mini series should definately be made! The series was captivating and had so much potential. Moonlight would have become a global sensation if allowed to continue and develop. The first series release on dvd has been extremely successful and left countless people wanting to see more. Moonlight is a unique and welcome edition to the vampire genre, which itself is ever growing in recognition and popularity.
Please please..Do a Moonlight movie. I love the show and watch the dvd and re-runs all the time...
I've never written in to keep a TV show going before, but I really liked this one and it deserves a second season. Great cast/directing/writing etc.
they always seem to cancel the best shows!!! moonlight was great!!! bring it back!!!
I loved the series, please bring it back.
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