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Muse in Twilight Movie

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Greg Moordian, producer of movie


Do you think that  they should put Muse of Coldplay in the Twilight movie... so do I! sign if you agree

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Coldplay is wonderfully awesome, and Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny are great guys.
Twilight is a teenage girl vampire book written like a fanfic.

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! tonight on TBS during Underworld commercials interviews of Rob P.and Kirsten S. from the Twilight movie will be taking place so everyone tell your friends and spread the news!!! It comes on at 10:00pm in Jacksonville, Florida.

I like muse and Linkin park ,my Chemical Romance is pretty cool too.

I love all the songs Stephenie Meyer put on her soundtrack!!!

I like paramore , but sure muse isnt my favroite ...... but there not terrible.

Muse, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and anything else on HER playlist for writing

ABSOLUTELY!!! MUSE should definitely be on the soundtrack, they were part of the inspiration for the books!!!

I love Muse and Coldplay; So I think both should be included in the soundtrack.

Muse, Radiohead, Linkin Park and Paramore! Seventeen Forever by Metro Station too :)

Yes they should they're cool.

Of course they should be on the soundtrack! They were her one of her insperations when writeing Twilight! Linkin Park should be too.

dude they should totally put muse in the movie. the lyrics have so much to do with the movie. "twilight" by dexter freebish would be cool 2

i think it should
i also think that thunder by boys like girls would be beyond perfect for twilight i mean edward was bellas whole summer

If Muse inspired "Twilight", why not put it on the soundtrack from the movie?!


Time is running out by, Muse!!!!

I like Coldplay!!!!
they're soooo coool!!
I don't really like muse so much, so I wouldn't be bothered if it didn't appear

I'm confused, is Muse a song by Coldplay, or do you mean the group Muse?

The band Coldplay and the band Muse!!

of course duh no qestion duh yes

both cause i love the coldplay song they are using but muse has helped stephenie meyer write twilight

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