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Narcotic Prescription Law/Labling Needed

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There needs to be a law requiring labeling stating that all prescribed narcotic prescriptions must be kept in their original prescribed bottles at all times! 

 I currently always keep a day or two's worth of all my medication (non-narcotic & narcotic) mixed together in one pill bottle and keep it on me in my purse.  To me it is easier, than keeping two or three large bottles of narcotic medications in my purse, which could easily be lost or stolen.  At home, I keep a weeks worth in those daily medication carriers, because I lock the rest of my narcotics up in a fire proof safe.  This also keeps unknown people in my house from getting to them along with my 5 yr old daughter.

Recently, I went on a trip for a week to visit my father out of state where he was working.  I had my mixed medication bottle in my purse, and a weeks worth of medication in their bottles packed in my suit cases, which were in the back of my car that I was driving.  I left the rest home, since I just got a month's supply and I didn't want to take a chance of them being lost or stolen. Also a friend told me he was arrested while going away for a week and he had his full months prescription on him, so they got him on intent to sell or distribute dangerous controlled substances, because the cop said he did not need a full month's worth of medication for a week's trip! (What happened to keeping the medication together in their prescribed bottle?)  So anyway, I was pulled over for speeding during my drive up to where I was going.  The cop didn't search my car, but went through my purse and saw the medication bottle, which he opened.  He asked me what all the pills were, and I was completely honest with him.  I also told him the prescription bottles were packed away in my suit cases. I stated that I kept a few out of each, because I did not know how long that I would be on the road traveling.  Now I have been on these medications for more than 5 years, so there was no driving while intoxicated because they did not work like that on me.  The cop arrested me for being in possesion of dangerous controlled substances!  Now, until this, I did not know it was illegal to carry narcotics that you have prescriptions for in other means.  I mean why do they make pill cases without warning labels on them?  These ended up being Felony charges against me!  I couldn't get the DA to drop the case even though I had valid prescriptions for them.  Plus they were confiscated and I ran short at the end of the month, so I went through withdrawl a few days.

I called the DEA, no one could find this law!  I looked under the Uniform Controlled Substance Act, and it is not there!  So I firmly believe if this is supposed to be a federal law that you can go to jail for, then it should be easy to find and it is not! 


I have talked to many and  many people who have run into this situation that was clueless like myself.  I think this law change and labeling addition would say alot of police officer's and courts time & money!


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I just had the same issue with carrying my prescription medication Percocet 2 & I.B. Profen 2 & 1 Xanax & 1 Flexeril in Niles Ohio & I just had a Major Back-Surgery 12-6-13 & Pulled over 8-11-12 & Cops Arrested Me On Felony Charge & Mistermenor 1 !!!!! I'm LOOKING for HELP IN THIS MATTER PLEASE CONTACT ! I'll Call The D.E.A. as well in this matter also !! The Cop Never Read Me My Right's & Cop Physcial Twisted Me & HURT My Back Injury Up & Had to go to Hospital & NOW got to go to Court in Niles Ohio PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE " I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH " Because NOW I'm in So Much More In Pain In my INJURY do to being twisted by Cop & Was Smacking Me as a Search in The Back Of Cop & I yield so loud because of what was DONE to Me in Cop Car !!! They Made Me sit on Hard wood in Cold Bricks Cell & would NOT Call Giant Eagel to Confrim My Medication's ! NOW BACK INJURY WORSE & ALSO HAD SPINAL EPIDURAL 7-23-14 & Cop TWISTED MELIKE 180 !! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ?????? PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ! !
I was told that if I carry a few pills in my purse to keep the label for the meds also in my purse to verify they are prescribed to me. It is utterly stupid for me to carry #180 Norco 10--325mg and #9---75mcg Fentanyl in my purse---I am not STUPID. Should I need to carry the entire box of Fentanyl with me because I have one on my body too?

If you do not have enough space for the bottles in your carry-on, you can transfer them to small plastic bags. When you have your prescription filled, the pharmacy will give you a print-out that usually has a tear-off section on the top that has the same information as the label on your medication container. You can enclose this tear-off sheet in the plastic bag; see: "Medication and Travel - How to Travel With Medications" Since the LINK does not work here copy and paste this: ancebasics/a/travel_with_meds. There are automatic spaces being added to this so be sure to remove them (look at the word insurance) before you paste it into your browser or do a search for the article about dot com

Having the pharmacy label should be sufficient. My ID matches the name on the label. And the pharmacy can back me up just by opening my acct on my smart phone to show when it was filled which matches the label, dose, name, etc.

There NEEDS to be better protection for persons living with DAILY PAIN and take medicine for it. We are not ADDICTS, PUSHERS, DEALERS or any other evil name we are dubbed. I wish someone else could live with my pain for one week. I have RSD, abdominal aneurysm, hemiplegic migraines, fibromyalgia, and got lucky enough the other day to add leukemia to the list. After they suffer for one week they will be ready to off themselves. Let them then see how much medicine they have to carry in the original bottles -- I'd need a little red wagon attached to my wheelchair but it must have a safe too in order to protect my medicines. It is not feasible for anyone to do that if they take more than one pill a day in their lifetime.

The law needs to be written that if we have the pharmacy label along with the medicine, then we are LEGAL.
Did anyone ever find where the law is written?
I also went thru the same thing not knowing it was against the law to have an extra dose with me. I had just went to the dr and he gave me my rx and when the officer saw the rx he arrested me did not do breath or drug test whatsoever. I have been on these drugs for 10 years. I was totally humiliated and was not dui. There should be some type of law to protect citizens that have to take these meds to have a better quality of life. Now I have go to court and am pleading not guilty. I would love to be an advocate speaker to speak out for the people that really need these. I did not know there was law to carry an extra dose with you when you are going to be gone from home for awhile. This officer needs to review his status in the community. I was wrongly arrested and plan on pushing this subject so other innocent hurting people will not have to go thru this humiliation.
Laws were supposed to bs used against criminal activity. Now they make criminals out of good citizens. It used to matter if you had criminal intent. Now the cases are brought together to appear much worse than it could possibly be. K don't know what's happening to us. Our country preys on us. Police used to help. Now they are just revenue enforcers. It is like the police have contests ln how many situations they can used to make felons out of good people. Sickening. Do a little work and go after the real drug dealers. Not easy prey shooting onto a fish Barrel. Disrespectful work. Our police departments have become an embarrassment
FYI - my pharmacist was more than happy to give me a small "carry bottle" with a proper Rx label on it so that I could carry around a small amount of my pills. She told me I could / should do this every time I got my Rx filled. I agree that people should be made more aware of this issue.
I had never even considered getting in trouble for not having my perscription in its bottle. When my Dr. nicely told me to be careful, keep it in its container because a friend of his did not and was arrested. When he told me this, I was so appreciative and thought to myself I should have known better in the first place. Like a lot of people, I was keeping them in those 7 day pill holders for convenience. It is smart to keep in your prescribed bottle because there are people out there who abuse and sell. However, from what I have been reading from all of you the punishment seems WAY severe and I am so sorry to you all. I hope it all works out. I do have a question...I have simply lost my bottle of prescribed meds. The prescription is for Hydrocodon. I need to call and request for a refill but I am humiliated over it..I don't want to be judged or even worse...Get into trouble! Has this ever happened to anyone? What did you do?
My husband was recently arrested for not having his medication in his prescription bottle he keeps them in a keychain pill container, he also did not know it was illegal. His bond was set at 50,000.I am curious for those of you that have been in the same situation what was your bond? Thanks for your reply..
its money they want!!! Or they wouldnt even bother wwith you!! I had a guy break in my house bring a gun man with him to my door. I thought he was going to give me an estimate on tiling my floor, that afternnon we had disscussed it. Then after he saw me take my meds at 3 pm he started asking me about them, what they were what doc I went to, how many I had, would I give him a couple (since he had such a bad back from a gun shot while hunting") Well I had some other naproxin like pills called oxyprozin I said i might be swayed to give him a couple of them if the price was right for my floor. (Those DAY PRO oxyprozin work wonders for your everyday back pain and they are not narcotic) Well I guess he knew I wasnt going to give him any because he came back later as said above with the gun man. I held the door shut as best I could I had just took my pills for the night and had them in my hand, I had planned on putting them in my pocket of my house coat when he knocked at the door. Since he was just standing in my entry way not helping me shut this gun man out I yelled for my husband. I was really thinking what if he shoots my husband when he comes around the corner so I put my other had up to the doorand planned on giving it a hard shove as soon as I spotted my husband come around the corner, I still happen to have the pills inthat hand and the gunman grabbed them and took off. Long story short I was honest and told them what I said here that I told him I might ,, I might give him a couple of these asprin like non rx pills. Well after him being interrogated 45 - 60 min he says im his drug dealer that he buys his drugs from. This was his 3rd or 4th story. But they liked this one so they took both of us downtown and let him go (he was arrested 2 weeks later for selling drugs and had an arrest sheet a mile long of breaking and entering) I was arrested and because I had been up at the station for 4-5 hours I needed to take my meds so they happily sent a car and instead mof my husband giving them only what I needed he handed over 4 different pill bottles 1 that belonged to my mother who lived in the back room with 1 pill in it. So I was charged with 4 counts of possition and 4 counts of intent to sell or distribute 8 counts in all. If they had been in baggys I would probably be under the jail house!! Well $6000 later it is all dropped off my record. Money nmoney money and they kept all my pills. There needs to be a law for people on pain control meds!! This is BS to be saying we are stoned because we took our meds, or because they are in our systems. And if a police officer doesnt know by now that a drug acctic is the 1st to yell he/ she whoever was trying to sell or buy drugs then they are too stubid to be on any police force. However, the DEA is closing all the pain doctors up so soon we will just be living in pain or really having to buy them off the street, or well choose not to live in this world like this anymore. Its amazing that we are all dying everyday, and that animals are treated more humanely then a pain patient. This stigma has got to stop!! We need some types of laws to advocate for the pain patients and not be shut down because they do.
My boyfriend is on probation. The probation department came to the home for a random check along with the local police. The local police came in on the coat tails of probation so they wouldnt have to get a warrant to search the home. False allegations of theft were brought to my attention with the office said, do you know why we are here. Of course, I said no. Then he proceeded to tell me a woman, nameless for now, a 4 year stalker of my boyfriend, who lives with me, filed another false police report. So, while the local police searched my home without a search warrant, they found a fancy purse like eyeglass case with little bags of perscription drugs that hide from my oldest son. I would keep the bottle if there were more than 5 pills, otherwise I put them in the case. It all started when my son, then 17, started sneaking the ADHA medication. I found them in his room, don't deal. No bottles. I've prescriptions for all the pills, the officer wasn't even interested in looking at the many bottles I still had only 10 feet away. I was arrested for having prescription medication out of the bottle in my HOME. The officer said to me that it appears those meds were for sale. I said you've got to be joking. I don't even have a traffic ticket. $50,000 bail and $5,000 to retain an attorney. $10,000 and charges haven't been filed yet. The arrest was in January, 2012. I said to the officer as he was handcuffing me, why is it okay to put medication in fancy pill boxes? then I showed him one I just got for one of my prescriptions. the officer said, "you can have them in those pill boxes with the days of the week on them". I asked where in the penal code does it identify pill box, bag, purse is legal or not". He didn't answer. He wants to charge me with possession of a controlled substance and for sales. How the hell is this happening! He didn't care that I'm a single parent with two kids and about to take me to jail, leaving my kids stranded for a few of my prescription medications were put into jewel bags in a dresser drawer. While being only a few feet away from the bottles. OUR SYSTEM IS VERY SERIOUSLY BROKEN. From, a Felon and now Broke Single Mom, Deb
Sounds like malicious prosecution to me. My officer, turned detective the day before the arrest. From, a Felon and now Broke Single Mom, Deb
Not only did they take my prescriptions, they took my computer, cell phones, a recording device I use to record my to do lists and reminders and all the tapes I have saved from random conversations, lots of files with random bills and divorce papers, etc and somehow a few nice pieces of my jewelry and a brand new Go phone went missing, certainly not on the inventory list. They had 6 officers here, no female officer either. How can the police department just call my boyfriend's probation officer that morning and be allowed to search my home without a search warrant. I realize probation is allowed to do this, which they have, but how can the police walk in with the intention to search my house based on a false police report. The officer even said that the woman making the claims against me wasn't interested in filing formal charges, no kidding. They didn't find a darn thing that was alleged stolen, because even they know the charges were bogus. I need to computer back and everything else they took that isn't relevant to any part of this case. They are completely invading my privacy. I have very sensitive and personal information on that computer on those tapes. What can I do? From, a Felon and now Broke Single Mom, Deb
I get so sick of people who have acute pain, suggesting how chronic pain suffers should live their lives. I have IP pain. It never changes, always raging, nothing makes it better or worse. I have 3 wedge spinal fractures and every disc in my back is bulging or herniated. This also causes bilateral leg pain. I work a full time job (and one on the side) and raise a family. I am 38 years old and have no choice but to live life by the clock/prescription. Everyday is almost intolerable. Due to my age, the surgery they could do to alleviate some of the pain is not recommended. My neurosurgeon and family practitioner work closely together on my pain management. I was given a test to rate my function ability on my medications due to my job. I passed with flying colors. Most couldn't take what I take in a day and function, but for me, its not even enough some days. If your in chronic pain, your body responds differently to medications versus acute pain. Hell, I've seen people on no medications that shouldn't be allowed to drive. Anyway, everyone has his/her opinion, but until you live it...keep your stones at your own glass house. Thanks to all who have taken the time to address chronic pain and its issues. Trust me, at one point and time, I thought I "hurt"..LOL. Now I know what hurting is..I hope those who do not have IP (intractable pain)- http://intractablepaindis -or Chronic Pain never have to endure it even if it means, those of us that do are misunderstood. Oh before you ask, I don't have enough work credits for disability (I was a stay at home mom for 13 years) and I don't qualify for Disability SSI because I have over $3,000 in assets. But other than that I'd be a shoe in. :) I have diabetes and then the spinal issues, so I can't afford insurance.. so Ironically,...I have to work to pain for doctor appointments. Isn't our system the best!!
Really? Who r u people and do you honestly know what your saying? The "Justice" system just screwed this woman and you go ahead and jump onboard with this ludicrous law? Ive known about this law for close to 20 years now since Utah was quick to make the extra fine money. Listen YOU have a LEGAL script issued Properly. There is no direction given from the doctor, from the pharmicist, the drug company, Hospital, anyone medically involved that it is necessary to your treatment to keep the script in original bottle and take 2 three times daily. So what gives the legal system a judgement call to do what they did? Wheres the medical expert saying "uh oh! look out you cant seperate these pills from this bottle until u put them in your mouth...." ....BECAUSE???????? WHY? NO LOGICAL REASON EXISTS. ITS ONLY TO COLLECT MORE FINES ladies and gentleman. YOUR SUNGLASSES ARE A BIT TOO DARK CAUSE YOUR BEING BLINDED. if someone doesnt stand up soon your going to lose narcotics completely and have to start buying them on the street where you know what that will get you.
Does anyone know what the abbreviation OrgRx on a medicine bottle stand for?
Hi Danielle, To answer your question about "OrgRX" means the original prescription with the date that you first got it fill for. Example, if a bottle says "OrgRX date: 02/08/2011" That means that the very first fill you got from turning in a doctor's prescription was for February 8, for the year 2011. Pharmacies use this to make sure that any refills you get from that original prescription date are within the time frames that you used it before you ran out. This is to prevent from "accidental overdosing" or "abuse" if they are narcotics.
Thank you for posting this information. I am in the middle of a court case right now fighting for my RIGHT not to drive or return to work (I work Trauma unit) until I am off of my pain medication from a work related injury. This is good information to present to my lawyer. I am sorry you all have had to go through your horrible ordeals in order to see just how many LOOP holes our laws have in them. Boy our justice system is just so backwards.
I have my first court date today for a charge of, "D.U.I. Drugs" I carry a three day supply of my medication in my coin pouch portion of my wallet. I also carry the documentation (which is exactly the same as the label on the bottle) in my wallet. I was told by the police officer that I was being charged with this offense because my medication was not in the bottle that they were purchased in. I live in Arkansas. I am going to be out $1500.00 on an attorney and have no idea how this will turn out. I was given a field sobriety test at the police station and the only difficulty was standing on one leg and holding the opposite foot 6 inches from the floor for 15 seconds. I have continued practicing this test, but am unable to successfully balance. I also have been taking the medication for several years and they don't impair my ability to drive. In fact I have been pulled over twice prior to this while on the medication and was not even questioned if I had been drinking or anything of the sort. I really am nervous how this will end up.
So how did this turn out? Just curious I am going through something simular.
John, sorry you had to go through that. It is rough for the people who actually needs these typical pain medications. It's not the pains are going to go away forever. Why don't you contact me at my email addy: There are some information I would like to share with you. Just make sure you type in the subject box; "Hi this is John D. from" You have rights believe it or not. I will help you the best that I can.
Man I'm sorry to hear that! That scares the crap out of me, partly because I too, live in Arkansas. I also put all of my meds into on of those cutter, grinder, storage bottles you get at the pharmacy. I have been keeping the labels in my wallet, like yourself. I thought this was completely legal!! Get a good Attorney!!
Clearly you know nothing about how medication works!!! So, you should probably keep your well meaning, but ignorant comments to yourself. Sound good!!!!!
Good question RO. Many of the patients (Chronic Pain and Cancer patients) have high tolerance level, which is NOT to be confused with "addiction." As a Chronic Pain and Lupus(SLE)along with 8 more different medical conditions, I have to take these medications like most patients. But after using them for many years, the high tolerance factors works in. While this is in position, we know what we can do and can not do. Most of us does not get a high, but a "signal" from the brain that says; "Hey patient, the edge is off, let's continue to do the things we normally do, WITHOUT dreading or having the pains." You'd BE SURPRISED how many people you see everyday that looks "normal" to you and can carry on a good conversation with you. Now when a new patient (Like yourself) takes let's say one Lortab with the strength of 5/500 which is 5mg of Hydrocodone/ 500mg of Acetaminophen (Tylenol), YOU WILL be affected to where you can not do anything but either sit down, sit still or lay down until the medication has ran it's course. For patients like myself, we KNOW what we can do, and the medication DOES NOT chemically have the same effect as being drunk with alcohol. With people who have been taking them for years, this is what happens in layman terms, The brain sends signals telling us that the pains are getting ignorant and won't let up. And we can't get anything done effectively. So we take the prescribed dose and wait for a few minutes after the pain is gone (for now) to see if we have an physical effect that would make us a danger to society by driving, riding a bike, or even walking. Then we proceed. I would encourage you to google and research on pain management/specialists. There are people out there driving putting lives in danger everyday... it can be a simple as a spill of coffee, texting while driving, on the phone, reaching for something, looking in the pull down mirror, repeat DUI, OWI that are driving again...etc. So please understand, people that need the narcotic prescriptions, don't be so hard on them. Think about the ones who DO NOT have any significant medical pain issues documentation that are endangering the road. What about people smoking marijuana? Have a great week RO!
Nicely explained!
Clearly you know nothing about how medication works!!! So, you should probably keep your well meaning, but ignorant comments to yourself. Sound good!!!!!

When you travel right now the safest thing to do is to take the bottle from the pharmacy with the label. If you don't want to take the chance of having all your pills stolen and you have a three month supply, you have to carry three to seven days worth in the large pharmacy container and leave the rest at home in a plastic baggie.

First I think countries should agree on one standard form that let us carry prescription medicines in small plastic pill seperator boxes. So if you are gone three days and take one pill a day, all you have to take is three pills with you. Two pills a day, six pills and so on.

Putting three pills in the pharmacey labelled container takes up a lot of room in your carry on. Secondly air port security only lets you take a small amount of liquids, toothpaste, mouthwash, water etc that has to fit is a small clear plastic bag. You have to take this out at airport security so they can inspect this. While you are doing this potential theives can see that you are carrying prescription medicines, some of which some people would be quite eager to steal. This puts sick and disabled people at risk. We don't want a potential thief to know we are carrying pain-killers. A violent robbery does us more physical harm than a normal person and can be potentially life-threatening. Even if we are unharmed it is impossible to get your prescription while you are out of the country. A country's pharmacies don't accept prescriptions from any other nation than their own. So you have find a Doctor and have him or her fax your Physician to see if in fact you do take this or that drug.

A form that all countries recognize and perhaps special small containers that all countries recognize would be convienent in another way as well. If you are out on a tour and have to take a prescription every four hours or before or after meals it would make life a lot easier.

But as it stands now, travelling with prescription medicines, particularly pain killers, is just one big hassle. It's about time this issue is addressed. My guess is that more than half of people travel with prescription medicines and a significant percentage travel with painkillers.

never put your pills in a baggy . then if something else hapopens they will accuse you of selling. i keep the old pill bottle and the new pill bottle. i use the old bottle for travel and the new one at home. Leagal or not that is the best way. They cannot say this was filled 4 months ago and you still have some left so we are going to arrest you !! It is the best way. Then you always have the pills in a bottle with your name on it.

Hi Amber, I know what you are talking about. It is so frustrating. So many pain-killers are legal in one place, but travel to somewhere else and the laws are different. It is really easy to get into trouble. I do the same thing as you do, I place a five day supply of all my prescriptions in one container to carry around with me while I am at work. Most are non-narcotic, but two are narcotic pain killers without which I would not be able to function. If I ever got pulled over by the police could see the same thing happening. The thing is, I think all people do as you did, you have to take them at certain times of the day, they have to be handy and it would be ridiculous to carry around all the containers all the day long! What happened to you was a travesty. Ps, the new painkillers are not the same. The FDA has labelled them to be driver friendly, the new narcotic pain killers are formulated so they can not give you a high, nor do they affect your reaction time or concentration. To the contrary, the NIH found that a driver who is in great pain can't concentrate on traffic and their reactions are slower.



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