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Naruto Vs Sasuke -- Manga

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Who is stronger in Naruto Series?

Naruto or Sasuke?


Sasuke is a genius, but Naruto is the main hero...:P

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OK! My vote goes to Naruto because he has much more than Sasuke has right now. Let's add up the powers and abilities shall we!
Naruto has the nine tails powers, sage mode, his raw power alone, his new wind technique rasengan shuriken (which can destroy Sasuke's kirin because wind over powers lighting), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU ALL ARE FORGETTING POWER THAT ITACHI GAVE NARUTO IN HIS SLEEP WHICH IS STILL UNKNOWN, BUT IF ITS ANY KIND OF POWER HAVING TO DO WITH THE SHARINGAN THEN SASUKE'S NEW MS SHARINGAN TECHINQUE WILL HAVE NO AFFECT ON NARUTO BECUZ ITACHI PROBABLY RIGGED NARUTO LIKE HE DID SASUKE TO REPEAL HIS BLACK FLAMES TECHNIQUE SO WITHOUT THE MS SHARINGAN SASUKE IS A DEAD MAN! and if Sasuke almost died in the hands of the eight tails how in the HELL do you think he has any chance at beating the nine tails, plus he didnt even beat the eight tails because he's still alive and ready for another round. Also Sasuke might have sealed Naruto's powers away once before but he couldn't do the same for the eight tails so what makes you think he can do the same thing again, Naruto knows what he has and he's ready for it. In the new manga Nrauto cruches one of pains bodies without even trying so he can easily take care of Sasuke right now because there's no way he'll let Sasuke destroy what's left of the village.

NARUTO! Sasuke's a freaking JERK! He wins my 'Least favorite character' award. >.>; He betrayed his whole village to become 'powerful', but Naruto can still kick his ass. ;]

sasuke is better

naruto and sasuke are = becz naruto can now produce sage jutsu, and sasuke got hes brothers eyes so there both =

I think naruto is stronger because he will get the Flying Thunder God Technique and the sharingan can't follow it and that will make alot of difference when he gets it and battles sasuke.

Naruto shall be the strongest of all because this story is abaout him how he will be the next okage maybe Sasuke is a better ninja but at the end Naruto shall came to the top he is always have a good luck charms.

saske yes may used to have been an awesome character in naruto but now hes just frickin annoying.


naruto mush stronger than sasuke:)

naruto! yay :D

naruto is so match power and hi make rasengan

I think saskes way better than naruto because he has more skill and he uses his chakra wisely.

Naruto has something that not even patients, or skill can really surpass, that actually was what made Minato the greatest ninja ever existed on the show, and that is passion, Naruto has a goal and he is pasionated about, all sasuke really wants is revenge but he is willing to put everythng aside for that (even people that he loves, that takes away determination), Naruto in the other hand is protecting and fighting for the people he loves and in what he belives, he never stops, he never surrenders, and at the end is whos will is stronger, and by far Narutos will is the most powerfull will on the show, apart from this he has the biggest shakra plus the 9 tail fox to do together with his will.

naruto is the best sasuke is gay :D

Haha. I agree. :D




right now sasuke is the strongest and even though naruto is the main hero i think in the end sasuke will be better because he has better patience and is a better listener.

u all forget that naruto will be getthing that scroll from the sage and thats wt make him have three tails so far so ill wait and seee wat happens

naruto will eventually be the strongest hero in the series...he is the son of the fourth, he has the kyuubi, even itachi transfered some of his powers to naruto...remember the words of kakashi that naruto is the only one who can surpass the fourth..and of course he is the destined child...

no..ever i go....where i find that rude heisenberg d......I'll nevre get back to this forum.....he's so disgustingly rude! sorry guys...

hate the game not the player

Amuunt Naruto.

naruto of corse he's have two chakra

my vote is for Naruto, again, Naruto is drive by emotions, he is pure power, and even do he seens under power infront of sasuke, he never surrenders and his goal is so much deeper than sasukes, sasuke is drive by vengance, and this type of character normally lack deep, because what is ging to happen to sasuke when he kills itachi? so Itachi will be in the show for ever and ever and ever.

I vote for team 7 getting back together too! I want the tow friends\rivals\brothers back together with sakura! sasuke belongs only with them! please kishimoto-san don't disapoint us! we want sasuke back with naruto!
my vote is for sasuke too , because until now he is the stronger one. but I think both of them will be the strongest ninja ever. they are both so cool.

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