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New series or 5th book for Twilight lovers

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I would love to have a new Stephenie Meyer series about everything thats left over in the Twilight Series like how Jacob is imprinted on Renesme a half vampire while he's a shape-shifter. Edward can finally read Bella's mind (with her assist).  Do the Vultori ever come back, if so when and why and how the rest of the family gets along after the "fight" in general and  the fact that Bella is still a newborn. How does that affect her and her mom. Does her dad finally say that she's a vampire like Bella did in Twilight and much much much more....other ppl think that there chould be a 5th book but is their too much for just a 5th book? if you think that their should be a 5th book and a new series coment and tell me what the book wount contain

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I thank there should be a part five of twilight where jacob inprented on rensme and see if they got married and had kids and see if all of the same atcors that was in the first four should be in the fith book and in the movie
there needs to be a 5th book.. to many unanswered questions to just leave us hanging...
I belive that Stephenie should continue writing Midnight Sun which from the first chapters that she has written on her page are very interesting. I like being able to see the story from Edwards point of view. Since Edward is able to read minds it makes the story easier to see from the perspective of the other characters at times and to be able to see what they are thinking also. When she finishes that book it would be wonderful to see Edward and Bella's lives together as she transforms from a newborn vampire and also to follow along the story of Renesme and Jacob.
Twilight rules Stephenie so should make another book!
**** twilight!
i wish she would write all the books from all the different peoples points of view.
please please pleaseeee let there be more books. Does any one have any suggestions of more books to read? Its not the whole vampire thing i like, its the love story that i love. I enjoy alice seabold's work and mitch albom's work as well, but have read all of their books too. Any suggestions, i just cant get bella and edward out of my head. I read the entire series in two weeks.
so what happens..... they say she will go to college what happens there and what about renee and everyone else. will anyone else join the cullens
I like how it ended and all, but I think that there should be another one. D: They kind of left off hanging. No way would the Volturi just back down, especially to such a large coven. And will they test her abilities to go out in public? Possibly move to another city or something? I can't live off fanfics forever. There needs to be more books. :D :D :D There should be an official petition or something.
there is a 5th book coming out called midnight sun with edward's point of view like in breaking dawn when it was based on bella and jacob's point of view. u can go on stephenie myers website 4 more
I think their should be a 5th book, but not just a 5th book a whole new series containing things like:what happens to Bellas mom do they ever tell her or show her what Bellas become? Or what happens to Renesmee and Jacob? Does the Volturi come back to check on Renesmee to see if she has turned into a crazed newborn? Or does Charlie ever figure out what his daughter has become? Does Jacob ever return home and tell Billy about Renesmee? Does Leah ever trust the Cullens? Do they ever have to use Mr. J.Jenks for further services? Apparently there are a lot of more questions for Stephenie Meyer.For me four books is just not enough!Maybe there could be at least 6 more books!! JK...
I think that a new series is very neccessary. If anything renesme and jacod could have there own story. The vampires are immortal. Theres too much going on to stop now!
i believe that there needs to be a 5th and a 6th book and i believe there should be a new series about renesmee when she gets older or somthing like that
they really need a 5th maybe a 6th book
I absolutely love love love the series! I read through all 4 of the books in less than a week and just because I am re-reading them... I see that someone put the midnight sun on the internet, but why just tease us, go ahead and finish it stephanie for those of us that will by and read... I truly do want another after midnight sun, because the two main characters have not been able to truly experience love and the undead life together. The two deserve there chance. As I said I read through them very quickly because I couldn't put them down. I also hope Stephaie gets more control over the next 3 movies, because if you read the book and watch the movie that director cut the crap out of the whole story. So Stephanie if you do read this please consider those of us honest people that want your books ok!!! D L (Vermont)
I would LOVE to have more of the twilight saga to read.....the farther it could go on the better!!!!! No other books can compare to these!
I think that there is so much more she can write on and I think that because her true fans will keep reading that she should keep going. They are the best books I have read in a long time.
keep it going forver! I have never read a book in my life and love the Twilight series I want to keep reading but nothing compares
I think that she should write more about bella and edward and write a whole new series for jocob and nessie. I mean i need to know more about bella's life being a vampire. She asked edward all of these question in twilight and we didn't get to see her experience a lot of what she asked him. I just saying... If stephenie doesn't write more then she is crazy cause look at all the fans she is letting down.. I would also love for her to finish midnight sun. edward needs to be heard...
I think Stephenie Meyer should write a new book. I think she should tell stories about Renesme's adbentures with Edward and Bella. You know, stories about her growing up?I also need somthing to do!!!!
I had heard a roomer about a 5th book going to come out until some/most of it leaked out on the internet and was not going to be published because of it...I would really want to have, and read, the 5th book of the Twilight Series
twilight is the first series of books i have finished reading. And it's the best!!!!!!!!! she should make the fifth book. Also make a new series.
personally i say make a fifth book and start a whole new series with jacob and renesme and their futures from they getting married and having their own whole new family

im to hooked for it to end i wanna read edwards view on bella in twilight and find out how they are after everything goes down :D

duh both would be truly the best cause i wanna read edwards few on bella in twilight and also read more about them im hooked :P

i think there should be both it can't just end. there has to be more. im going crazy

i want to see the hole sereas through edwards eyes
as well as to find out what happens with jacob and renesme and the hole famaly

omfg i love those books and i LOVE EDWARD CULLEN/ROBERT PATTISON

omfg i love these books and o LOVE EDWARD CULLEN/ROBERT PATTISON

It can go in so many ways!!! I have never read a book!!!!! I could not put them down!!!! When I was done with book 4 I was felling just like I did when twilight was done!!! I wanted more!!!!

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