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Newest Twilight Clip

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Did you catch the new Twilight clip aired during Spike TVs Scream 2008?  If so what did you think?

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omg i loved it

****, i missed it, wud have bin gud!:(

man, i need to watch more tv. I MISSED IT!! ='[

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WUZ AWSOME

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! tonight on TBS during Underworld commercials interviews of Rob P.and Kirsten S. from the Twilight movie will be taking place so everyone tell your friends and spread the news!!! It comes on at 10:00pm in Jacksonville, Florida.

Twlight the movie is adapted from the story... So that means they change what they want. It makes me sad.

Twilight fans! i have 20 campains!! and there all about twilight! come check them out!!!!!!!!!!!

somany spoilers though i have alreadt noticed some diferances between the book and hte movie like when she tells him she knows hes a vampire and when they were in the caf wernt they sittin at the table when they talked not at the salad bar thing with the apple....

i really didnt know it was on there until a few days sad but wouldnt some fan put it on youtube??? probably they wouldve dont know go find out

I didn't know it was going to be on in tell it was to late!! =[

I loved it but. . . There are too many SPOILERS!!! STOOOOOPPPPP!!!

WOW. That is all that i have to say. who ever missed it i feel so bad for you.

I got the e mail today i'm a bit late so sad i'm gonna go cry now.........that was a joke....not a good one

i got to see it twice and it rocked....i didn't see from other clips the rest of the cullen family coming in to help was the ballet studio was totally awesome

is that all it is? the ballet studio scene? iv already seen that then. yay...

I'm jealous

u can see that on youtube

is it on youtube or anything?

ya its the ballet scene, and if u watch the extended version u can see James bite her


i heard about it on my message mail..
and i read it from and was happy and then it said is was last night and i was like GRRRRRRRRRRR...

I missed it too, and I don't see the award show on any time soon : (

is there any way we can see it now?

just go on youtube, and type extended ballet studio scene - it's pretty much just that, but theres like literally a second, where emmet, jasper and alice are jumping down from a higher bit in the studio to help edward - if u wanna see more stuff like that, go on :)

oh well i've seen that one so that's good =]

It was last night (Wedneday, Oct. 21) during Spike TV's Scream 2008 awards. Check your email for the YouChoose Twilight Newsletter. There's more great Twilight stuff coming up soon!!

I dont know when it is?!!?!?! did any1 C IT???

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