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NHRA Track Should Stay 1/4 Mile

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I've read some crazy stuff since Scott Kalitta's tragic death...Shorter track, reduced speed.  I've been watching NHRA since Connie and Shirley.  How can they not race a 1/4 mile.  This is crazy.  Here's an idea, how about not putting a concrete wall at the end of a track.  I'm all for safety but let's not ruin the sport.

Sign my petition if you too want to see new safety measure enforced but the NHRA tracks stay at a quarter mile.

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wat thats wat its all about build wat u got run wat u brung racers motto 1/4 lives on

Raceing is dangerus and people will die no matter how long the track. AS A DRIVER, im aware and except the risk. It's the drivers choice to drive. Not the liberal people of america!! KEEP IT 1/4!!
Crossing the street is dangerus, are they gonna outlaw that??..give me a break!!

right on man 1/4 mile lives on

Been around racing my whole life, and I think quarter mile is the only way to go. Fix the shut downs or maybe even fix the cars, but stick to 1320'.

Im a 15 year old that love there drag racing from australia where we still are running 1/4 mile...
it isnt the best racing ova there but they are doing it for safety reasons..
well most tracks in the usa cant be extended because where they are placed.
scotts death was just a wake up call to do something
so sorry im on both sides


but real racing is 1/4

1/4 mile is the only race there is!!!

keep it the same why ruin it for the slower guys, im only running high tens, i mean c, mon i live for the 1/4 mile dont make it shorter than it already is. i wish that it would never end. DONT DO IT! RIP Scott Kalitta

i like the way u think man right on 1/4 mile 4 life` wat u drive

I agree, I think they should stay at 1/4 mile, but the tracks were built when 300mph was a dream. They need to lengthen the tracks, or atleast not put a garuntied death wish at the end of the track.

I am a car driver do not wreck my sport its up to me to decide if it is safe you poeple who dont drive should have no say in the matter

im with u man 1/4 mile lives on

Nascar has made their sport safer and so can NHRA. Scott did not die from the length of the course but he died because of the volitility of the power and fuel used in the sport. He also died doing what he loved and he knew the risks. We take a greater risk every time we get into a car and drive. It was sad but it happens in these sports.

NHRA needs to put smaller blowers, limit the ignition to one magneto and cut the fuel pump size. It will make the rest of the parts live longer. Racing will probably be closer. NASCAR slowed their cars down and their sport grew bigger.

nascar has more cars on the track NARA is not NASCAR do not try to distroy this sport

Coming from a family of drag racing and owner a low 6 second blower car in the 1/4 mile....drag racing should stay at 1/4 mile AND the shutdown extended with no obstructions whatsoever. However all you drag racing fans out there, I believe Scott was killed before he ever hit the end of that track, he was killed when the engine exploded. I am positive that was the final word from NHRA. And you can see if you keep watching the race over and over, there was no way he made it alive to the end of that track. RIP Scott, you were an awesome racer and we are huge fans of the Kalitta Race Team! Bgm, NY

i think they should race a 1000 ft at the tracks that have short shutdown areas and the full 1/4 mile at the tracks that have long shutdown areas

NHRA member # 344421. I also would like to see the races be 1/4 mile, not 1000 ft. however i do understand why you (nhra) droped it down to 1000 ft. after Scott passed away. However the drivers have gotten togther, and i have seen newer saftey stuff in use already..

Hot rods since 1954. Started with the N.H.R.A. with the Empire State Timing Assoc.1956 when we held races at the Fulton, New York airport runway and then the 9000 ft. long Sampson Airforce Base runway at Geneva, New York. Had a hand in seeing one of the longest strips in the U.S. built in Leicester, New York. It is still in operation and if you need anything after the 4800 feet of asphalt you have a sand trap and another 1000 foot field to stop in. All strips today should upgrade, don't go to the 1000 ft.mark. Corky1320.

Keep it 1/4 mile! Puhhhlease!

Coming from an Australian drag racer, shorting the race track is stuiped. What they need to do is make the breaking area safer. make the gravel pits longer then have a catch net. Thats what my local race track has done

i guess you really have not been watching nhra since then or you would know that thewre is not a concrete wall at the end it is a sand trap dummy and what happened to scott was not due to him hitting a wall. they need to make that part of the trake safer and until they do 1000 feet is good for me because they are still going just as fast and are not even pulling the laundry until after that anyway

I agree that we should make the tracks safer for our drivers all of them including our sportsman racers. We have been racing on some unsafe tracks for years and it is time to address the issue now. The shut down area needs to be improved with additional room and improved sand traps. If the track does not have room to expand or improve we should go race at a different facility. We could slow the cars down a bit yet the fans will not like that either.

i think it should stay 1/4 mile thats the distance it should always be. whats next 800 foot why change what has worked all these years.1/4 mile

Take The Blowers Off And Add Traction Control,it will Be a Better Show For Live Tv.And While I'am Talking Tv, Put On Super Stock They Are Alot More Exciting Than A/Fuel

Get rid of the friggin concrete catch barrier

an extra 320 dont do jack **** there still going 300 mph at1320 keep it 1320

what the hell is 1000 ft racing it started at a 1/4 mile lets keep it that way. make the track safer the car safer but dont change the sport

it has to stay a 1/4 just make the shutdown safer

On the bars and hauling ass! should be 1320,put sand pits instead of brick walls at the end of shutdown.

its not a race unless its a quarter mile because alot can happen in that much more space of the track something could go wrong with the other car and the other person could win and make some new saftey requirements

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