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On the Legalization of Marijuana

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For decades now, in the United States and most countries around the world, marijuana has been deemed by the elite, controlling politicians of the world to be an evil drug of dangerous properties that no one should ever smoke, when in actuality, it is a completely natural and organic plant with mind, body, and mood enhancing properties.  In many cultures it is seen as literally a holy herb given to man by God, and in Rastafarianism, which is actually a legitimate religion, it is a sacrament, much like the drinking of wine by under-aged children at our Christian masses. For this reason alone it should be legalized as it is in direct violation of our first amendment rights, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech.  However, marijuana itself is actually quite harmless, aside from the smoke inhalation. Doctors in certain regions of the country actually prescribe dimebags for people with conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, etc.  There has never been a recorded incedent of a marijuana overdose ever. That is actually common knowledge and fact among the marijuana smoking scene everywhere in the world.  The fact of the matter is that marijuana is not a drug but in fact an illegitimately illegalized plant that does give pleasurable effects, but still keeps the user under far more self-control than any other mind-altering substance, including the universally legal substance alcohol.

Think about it and sign so that one day this weight of oppression can be lifted from all people over the world.

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If GOD put it here then why cant we use it? I guess the law dosent beleave in him!Well I do so SMOKE on my friends I will :)
I think it should only be used for medical uses not for personal use(entertainment)
Its time to legalize!
also, all those apposed to legalization need to understand that weed is not a drug of the lower class and street thugs. the majority of people who smoke weed are middle class working people who vary in age from 14-75. this is not a dangerous drug. how many stories have u heard of people committing horrid acts under the influence of THC? none.... there is not issue. marijuana is less dangerouls than liquer and tabacco and is used by ur sons, daughters, college professors, high school teachers, friends doctors and family. its not a bad thing. stop wasting ur time crying about weed when we have crack and meth labs all over our country, and our people spend billions a year importing heroine and coke. that is where the true problem lie...hard drugs. im 16 and this makes sense to me i dont no wat u guys r thinkin but chill.
who the **** gives a flying **** if a cow eats it it will die. if a dog eats a grape it could lead to liver decay and it may also die. if a dog eats chocolate it may die. **** man lets make chocolate and grape illegal to. great logic i like
marijuana is a substance that is currently illegal under federal law, numerous state laws and several county laws for a **** reason. there is no war on weed. marijuana kills fewer brain cells than alcohol, has not been proven to cause cancer, can not kill a human, and the death rate per year. 0 deaths.... it is not physically addictive and it is a multi-billion dollar business. look at our economy. enter legal marijuana into the equation and tax it...recession fixed.

Legalize it!!!!

look everyone it's not about death or brain cells
back in the day we were tlking this same talk aboutt alcohol the goverment was putting moon shiners in jail costing money and we had bad market and money was short( the great depression) then they got smart and said we need to spend less and make more so they made it legal they saved money because now not as many going to jail and we can now tax it makking more money ....... look alcohol is man made just like meth, cocaine weed grows wild our first pres ( Washington) was a hemp farmer there is nothing to add to it before smoking .. i'm not a smoker and i say lets make some oney fromit and help our contry

I say legalize it. there is nothing wrong with it, at all. think about all the other drugs that are out there: cocaine,ecstasy,heroin,meth,acid,and PCP. they are 100 times as bad as weed. when people are high on weed, they are mellow you out. you chill the f**k out. and you buy food, putting $$$ into the economy.
The Great Wolverine

most of you have proved the point that dope should stay illegal. you say that you have smoked pot for years and you are alright yet most of you have killed off so many brain cells you can't form a thought much less a sentence.

Look I ask you do you drink, do you smoke Tobacco of any kind, then you are a hypocrite marijuana is the safest and all natural thing on the planet people die every year from tobacco approximately 440,000 persons die of a cigarette smoking-attributable illness, resulting in 5.6 million years of potential life lost, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III (NHANES III), and the U.S. Census. This report summarizes the results of that analysis, which indicate that an estimated 8.6 million persons in the United States have serious illnesses attributed to smoking; chronic bronchitis and emphysema account for 59% of all smoking-attributable diseases from smoking cigarettes, and that is just cigarettes a perfectly legal drug. (alcohol) drinking and driving causes over 25,ooo deaths a year. overall 100,000 deaths occur each year due to the effects of alcohol. Correction: According to the NHTSA web site ( s/2006/810686.pdf), there were 43,443 alcohol related traffic fatalities in 2005 in the USA.
How can alcohol be blamed for 100,000 deaths each year?
* 5% of all deaths from diseases of the circulatory system are attributed to alcohol.
* 15% of all deaths from diseases of the respiratory system are attributed to alcohol.
* 30% of all deaths from accidents caused by fire and flames are attributed to alcohol.
* 30% of all accidental drowning are attributed to alcohol.
* 30% of all suicides are attributed to alcohol.
* 40% of all deaths due to accidental falls are attributed to alcohol.
* 45% of all deaths in automobile accidents are attributed to alcohol.
* 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol.
(Sources: NIDA Report, the Scientific American and Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario.) Also see Alcohol Consumption and Mortality, Alcohol poisoning deaths, CDC report,
100,000 deaths. That's more than a statistic. That is 100,000 individuals with faces. 100,000 individuals with lives not fully lived. 100,000 individuals grieved by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. Every year. and the facts
Tobacco kills about 440,000
Alcohol kills about 100,000
Workplace accidents kill 60,000
Automobiles kill 40,000
Cocaine kills about 2,500
Heroin kills about 2,000
Aspirin kills about 2,000
Marijuana kills 0
Now I have bin smoking marijuana for most of my life I am a high school graduate with a 3.0 avrage. Hay is this more then a sentence. OOPS. Get the facts and stop talking about stuff you know nothing about. My name is Justin Denham and I am a marijuana smoker until the day I die.

it kills cows!!!!!!

i say dont legalize it. deal with the worlds problems head on. stop using this escape door.

I know lots of people that live quite normal and successful lives, and yet enjoy the use of this substance on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the government has decided that it knows what is best for you and everyone else, I guess that makes it easier to profit of its peoples.

you all know that if a cow eats it it will die

Then don't eat it

I completely agree! Marijuana should be legal. The only thing stopping it is the governments knowledge that THEY won't be the only ones benefiting from it being legalized. Hell, they legalized alcohol and cigarettes and both of those are far more dangerous and bad for you! I have seen plenty of fights started by alcohol drinkers, I lost a good friend that some drunk driver ran him over while he was riding a bicycle, I myself was beaten many times by my ex who was a drinker, got molested by my drunk step father, and I have NEVER had a bad experience while being around people smoking POT!!! NEVER!! People are pleasent, relaxed, gentle, and hilarious. Not rude, obnoxious, loud, hateful, dangerous, and abusive like those on alcohol. The goverment shouldn't of made POT illegal in the first place. IT is natural. No more dangerous than eating parsley, and a LOT less dangerous that smoking cigarettes!! Wake up America!!!!

i have smoked pot for years and i find nothing wrong with it. i think that everyone should try it a lest once. my boyfriend didnt like it at all tell i got him to do it and now he smokes more than i im very smart.i would smoke then do my homework and do better than when i was sober...its all in how you use it is the way i look at it.

the dude under me is a ****. It should be legalized anyone who as ever tried it knows this. I just hope that Obama will at least decriminalize it if he gets put into office.

im glad marijuana is not legal it is a drug that kills brain cell and also like other substances has bad after affects
but i also think alcohol and ciggeretes do the same and should be illegal

I love you Maryjane


I was a regular pot smoker and I can tell you that argument is the same argument I've been making for years. Marijuana has opened my eyes and mind to a deeper understanding of life, death, and afterlife (what it holds and how to reach heaven, what heaven looks like, what a certain circle of hell looks like, not through weed alone but in conjunction with shrooms). I am also a firm believer that anything found naturally in the world should be legal to buy, sell, possess and consume. Especially in a capitalist country the demand is so high nearly everywhere i go I just want to be able to open up my own shop pay my taxes on the **** I sell, and be somewhere where people come from all around to purchase their bud. I cannot believe the laws that restrict this capital and make investing in such things a criminal offense. I love weed, its brought me so much happiness and just recently has brought me a lot of grief, for now I am a criminal under probation and unable to smoke the reefer, I am going to be telling everybody I know about this site and going to be working on my community to push and not stop pushing for the legalization of Marijuana!!!

Brilliant, concise, punctual, persuasive, and factual! I love the description above I just hope that I can inspire enough of an overwhelming support from central Texas to really get the country knowing how many people's lives are being affected in a good way by marijuana, and how many lives are ruined due to the laws that are unjust and ridiculous.

I know how you feel not being able to smoke. It sucks. I have five yrs on paper and after that I plan on takin a trip to amsterdam to get fucked up and probably shroomed out also dude good luck on probation and I hope that you aren't in Benton County

that totally sucks monkey balls, the not smoking the reefer thing!!!
I f I couldnt smoke the reefer,
I'd be mega **** pissed,
how do you do it?

haha im diggin da way u think rebecca h...yea niggas dat are high aint finna cause no problems!! da gov really needs to legalize this ****.. --real talk--

yo peter you have to click on the sign petition button above if you want to support this subject...

i'll tell u again in class if you don't see this

its about time ,the gov, wants people drinkin bose so there will be fights and trouble so the police will have a job now have you ever known anyone smoking pot cause trouble no they bake brownies

I am a firm believer that Marijuana should be LEGAL. there are many reasons that it should be legal and one of the bigger reasons I think is that too many people in prison/jail are in there for possesion of weed. In most of the country you can go to jail for even having ONE bud. obviously your not going to sell one bud, and that is ridiculous. With weed being legal or even deciminalized, less people would be taking up prison space, and the people who actually have commited serious crimes can take their spots.

Also just the fact its a good medicine. No need to explain myself there.

I also can't stand when people say it WILL kill you. I have done it for years, I'm still alive. I am also a intelligent person who contributes to society. I don't smoke and stay in my house all day watching TV. I do positive things. Though there is nothing wrong with smoking and watching TV all day sometimes :)

It's just ridiculous that all this propoganda is still around. If not 100% legalized atleast cancer patients should be able to use it without fear of being arrested. Even if you have a MJ card you can still be arrested for possesion and have your house searched anytime. That is not even fair!

So please people, read up on the TRUE facts of Marijuana. You will see it is a beneficial plant and was put on this planet for a reason. You will understand what I am talking about. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, everyone you know about the postive points of Marijuana. Then get up and do something; sign petitions or what have you. You will be doing the world a favor.

I'd like to sign your petition but the medical use of marijauana for Aids and cancer patientis has already been legallized in many states and provinices so I failed to see it's purpose on that particular point. But I think it is a leap of logic that because it helps terminal people therefore it should be legallized for everybody. There have been recorded deaths from overdoseages of marijauna, all from suffication not unlike opiates where the automatical muscles that control breathing stoped sending signals to the lungs and the people suffocated. The active ingreadient of marijauana bonds with human nervous tissue and it takes approximately three years to become completely eliminated. While this does not make people high because the chemical make up is changed, medical studies from all over the world have shown that there has been a significant increases in Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons during the last two decades. Although it will take several years of doing statistical analysis, monitoring volunteers who are willing to record their intake and other medical tests done which are hampered in that the processes of how people get MS and Parkinson are not fully understood in themselves, regardless a higher than normal of people in the general population who get Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons are current or former users marijuana whoe used it for more that a year. Of the total poputlation those who get MS and Parkinsons are 20 to 30 percent more likely to get those diseases that a non user. in those people who don't take marijauna Marijauna is not physically addicting, but it is psychological addictive for info see: http://www.marijuana-anon, Children are NEVER given wine at communion NOR are adults given wine at Christian communion services. The host is given by itslef. That observation of children drinking wine in Christianity is simply not true. There are only a few denominations that give wine during communion and they are either allowed to dunk the host in the wine or are given a small sip neither of which would equal a tenth of an ounce. Inhaling smoke of any kind damages your lungs. marijauna smoke is no different form any other smoke. Inhale a lot of smoke for anything and it will damage a persons lungs. In short while I am happy that your post reminds people that marijauna can help people avoid pain when they are being given strong drugs to ameliorate diseases that will in most cases end in a painful death. I do not see the logic then turn it as an argument for it's legalization. Even alcoholic drinkers are forced to take road side tests to see if they are legally in charge of their faculties. Police and scientist don't know the point where Marijauna users lose control of their faculties. Last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration, approximately 47,000 highway deaths were cauased by drivers who tested positive for marijauana. 20/20 recently showed a program that marijauna users do not have self control while driving, in that they failed accuity tests needed to drive safely. I have thought about it and I think possession should be made a crime again and if the people who use if feel a weight of oppression they can always stop someking and take off the weight of oppression off their families by spending the money to support their habit on food, housing and medical bills instead of a green weed.

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