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Online dating

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Are online dating sites a good way to meet people?


And why/why not?

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No. It's not that I doubt that their are some really great people out there on the web, but then again, their is always the people that are not so great and often lie about who they are. Why run the chance of meeting someone who can hurt you online when you can just go and meet someone in person and be able to judge who they are to the best of your ability?
As long as one used safe meeting practices if they ever met in person, I don't see a problem with it. Prepare for major frustration when you see the real them... But for meeting people in general, I think it is a great place, for online friends. Safety comes first though, so if you meet keep it in public for a while. It is a good way to make sure that you are FRIENDS before you hop into bed etc... provided that you take your time.
why do online dating when u could just go out and meet someone and plus u dont really kno who u r talking to online
Im kinda unsure about this as lately I have been texting and messaging somebody that I met online but he is starting to get a little pushy looking me to go up and meet him when he says he cant come down here, changing his story about basic details and even deleting my comments off his site. I think you probably could meet somebody online but I have just been chatting to a bad egg.

Online adult dating has become a very popular source of finding companions for the lonely hearts globally. Single women and men, who are not in a relationship at the moment, end up seeking one on the internet.Many adults want to date and meet singles but do not have the patience of going through the bar and restaurant and coffee scene.

Online Dating

The reason you should not date someone you meet online is because on this computer i can be anything or anyone i want, reality is far better than make believe.

I don't believe in online dating. I don't trust people. Only God knows who you could be talking to. My brother was kidnapped by someone he was chatting online with one night. You just never know. I met all of my boyfriends through friends, people I trusted.

I met my fiance online... We have been dating 2 years and are planning to get married in 3 or 4 years... I met him on and I have loved him ever since I Met him...

why not?
fair enough it would be better for making friends but i got loads of friends what not much inline of dating (dont know if they feel that way to me but why not)
good method of making new friends and meet others giving you more vire over people

The only reason online dating is any good is because it lets you meet people who are not in your living or visiting area. It gives you a wider range of search. But I see nothing wrong with the old fashion way of meeting people and dating. The online way is to risky. It allows to many people now to much personal information and use it against you, from a very far distance that they normally would not be able to do.

No they are not because you don't know who your talking to they could be a murderer or pervert and you go to meet them and they could do something bad to you so no they are not a good way!!!

totaly not ... because it always end in a bad way .... nd only desprate people date like this ...

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