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Persian Gulf or Arabian Gulf?

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The Gulf that borders Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman, in Western countries it is called Persian Gulf, in most Arab countries it is called Arabian GulfIn the 1960s, some Arab states started using the name Arabian Gulf. This is very controversial, and not commonly used outside of the Arab world, nor is it recognized by the United Nations and other international organizations. 


However, Google Earth has started to use "Arabian Gulf" along with Persian Gulf in the latest version of Google Earth. 
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YES, Arabian Gulf
خليج فارس
زمانی که ایران اولین ارتش جهان رو در ۷۰۰۰سال پیش بنیان نهاد نه عربی وجود داشت نه امپراطوری دیگه ای اون موقع جد شما میمون بودند و هنوز ادم نشده بودند در ضمن ایران وسعتش از شرق چین بود و از غرب نیل و اروپا ایران کانال سوئز رو در زمان کوروش کبیر حفر کرد و اعراب هنوز مارمولک رو با دست خالی شکار میکردند
Jost Persian gulf 7000 years history خلیج الفارس
Persian gulf خلیج فارس Just Persian gulf 7000 years history
yes Arabian Gulf
YES Arabian Gulf الخليج العلربى
YES Arabian Gulf الخليج العلربى
No Persian Gulf YES Arabian Gulf الخليج العربى
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persian gulf
certainly, it is Persian Gulf
certainly, it's Persian Gulf
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persian Gulf only
I have many resian that name is. Pesian gulf is correct
I have many resian that name is. Pesian gulf is correct C
I have many resian that name is. Pesian gulf is correct
United States[edit] In the United States, Persian Gulf has been the label sanctioned for U.S. Government use[37] since a decision by the State Department's Board of Geographical Names in 1917:[38] As recognized by the United States Board on Geographic names, the name of the body of water that lies between Iran and the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council is the Persian Gulf. For political reasons, Arabs often refer to it as the Arab or Arabian Gulf. The NGA GEOnet Names Server (GNS), maintained by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, is the "official repository of standard spellings of all foreign place names" sanctioned by the Board of Geographical Names.[39] The GNS lists "Persian Gulf" as the only "conventional" name, along with fourteen unofficial "variants" in different languages, such as "Gulf of Iran", "Gulf of Ajam", "Gulf of Basra", "Arabian Gulf", "Persian-Arabian Gulf", "Gulf of Fars", and "Farsi Gulf".[40] Since about 2009, due to increased cooperation with Arab states of the Persian Gulf, various branches of the U.S. armed forces have issued directives to their members to use the "Arabian Gulf" when operating in the area ("Persian Gulf" is still used in official publications and websites), partially to follow local conventions, or simply to follow local laws that ban the use of "Persian Gulf", e.g. in the United Arab Emirates.[41] For similar reasons branches of American universities in the region have dropped references to "Persian Gulf" in their teaching materials United Kingdom[edit] The United Kingdom government's Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use (PCGN) has endorsed the term 'The Persian Gulf' as the correct term for the body of water.[34][35] Sir Richard Dalton: "Undoubtedly, the correct geographical term in history is the Persian Gulf
I have many resian that name is. Pesian gulf is correct
just a moment persian gulf thank you
*****Persian Gulf*********** It's easier to pronounce. Don't fight it!!!! try to say it, believe it, Persian Gulf
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Persian empire
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