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Please Help Keep Guilding Light

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Executive Producer Ellen Wheeler.


I am writing to you all today to help save a wonderful show. I am going to be sad to see it go. I Don't want it to go please help us change there minds...


(April 1) -- This is not an April Fool's joke (so far, at least) -- 'Guiding Light' will be no more come September.

The CBS soap opera that's been in existence for 72 years -- since 1937 on the radio and 1952 on the television -- will air its final episode post-Summer. The Associated Press cites declining daytime ratings and budget as the reason for the show's demise.
Soap Opera Digest, who was the first to report the cancellation, has a response from the show's executive producer, Ellen Wheeler. On the end of 'Guiding Light,' Wheeler said: "Being on the air for more than seven decades is truly remarkable, and it will be difficult for all of us at the show to say goodbye."

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Don't take away Guiding Light. I love this show. Ronnie in Pa
pleae do not take gl off the air. my mother listened to it on the radio and than watched on tv till her death in 2008. i am 64 and i have grew up watching gl and i have raised 7 children that also have watched guilding light and some of them still watch. losing guilding light will be like losing part of our family and part of history
my mother listened to gl when it was on radio and than watched it till the day she died in 2008. i am 64 years old and i had faced sonce i was little. and 7 of my kids grew up watching gl. to lose guilding light will be like losting more family member. i think it would be a great injustice to cancel it. please keep gl going for many year to come .
please do not cancel guiding light I have watched light with my mother since I have been a teenager and I am now 67 years old now. PLEASE!!!!!!!!
I agree with the many comments here. We have been a part of the Guiding Light family for so many years (decades) it feels like we are losing a huge group of family and friends, never to hear what became of them. The cast and everyone involved in creating GL did such a wonderful job that Springfield is part of our daily lives- slowly, we have parted with individual 'loved ones' leaving town or dying(goes way back but most recently, Cassy, harley, Gus and many others) but to lose EVERYONE??How could CBS do this to us. I also have watched the other CBS soaps faithfully, for decades (VHS recorded, then TIVOed or online, once those options became available) and I will miss them all but if GL is taken from us, I will quit watching all CBS shows in protest (there are many-CSI shows, Ghost Whisperer, the news, tons) Don't do this to your loyal viewers! We need GL, to lift us up, to give us strenght,to remind us that when things get tough, others have it tough and pull through, to show us families can mend and love does often conquer all. I know it is fiction, but so was Wizard of Oz and Love Story and Forrest Gump and many other fictional works that we all love and that warm our hearts and leave us feeling better, or stronger, or just heartwarmed for watching them. The same goes for Guiding Light. Don't do this to the many, many fans. I have never written about a show, let a lone a soap, but I am just freaking that this could actually happen. I am sure there are tons of others who feel the same way but haven't put their feelings into words. Do the fans matter? This is family to us!
I am 38 years old and have watched GL all my life. It brings me to tears to think of this ending because I could always turn on the show and lose myself in the stories. As someone who also suffers chronic pain, a single Mom and a grad student, the show gives me my one escape. The show serves as something my Mom and I communicate about as well. The last year, with the change in staging and the visualization of real people in real settings was amazing. It took a bit of transition, but it added to the immense humor and drama of the stories. Please do not end this show!!! Nicky Kay Michael
please don't go that's the only soap i watch I have been watching guiding light for 25 years I won't have anything to look forward to after work, I race home after work to watch it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GO. I NEED ME SOME GUIDING LIGHT.
PLEASE! YOU JUST CAN'T CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!! My Mother is 72 yrs old and has been watching it since it first came on the air. She has COPD, back problems & is in so much pain all the time. She does not ask for much and does not expect much. But when she saw that her show was going off the air, she CRIED!! Now that is a sad sight to see!!! I am begging you, for my Mother's sake & the millions of others out there like her----myself included--please, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE GL OFF THE AIR. They are our families! We have grown up with them, loved them, hated them, wanted to choke some of them, etc. You just can't rip our families away from us like that!! That is so cruel.......PLEASE???!!!
Why in the world would one cancel a show that has been around for so long? So many have grown up watching these famalies...they infact have becom part of our famlies. I hope as the time grows closer that this might be reconsidered. Todays world is full of changes...tooo many times old things get taken away when in fact OLD is better!!!!!! DON"T CANCEL!!!! Loving the Light in Tennessee
At 40 I too have grown up on the Guiding Light and the older I get the more I appreciate the efforts made to get us to strive to be better people. Watching my recorded GLs is candy for me in a very busy life. I could watch other soaps but have lost interest in the recycled relationships going on when the families and characters are too few. With all the bailouts happening I can't believe that a respected network like CBS can't find a way to respect and save something as enduring as Guiding Light.
Guiding Light should not be cancelled. One of the things I love and watch Guiding Light, is that it reminds me to be a better person. Even with the start up song from previous, where the all hands coming together "we all brothers/sisters" to the current "only love will save the world" and throughout the show the characters deal with everyday life issues. I watch several soaps, mostly on the computer, I have 2 favorites and GL is one of them. I watch them daily. Taking this show off the air, would be like a death. I don't understand why or what would cause this to happen??? Please reconsider the decision. Thank you!
I agree with Tricia A about cbs and the time slot better not be filled with Rachael Ray because she sucks. How can cbs not find a way to keep the show on after all the show has done to make people aware of important issues facing us in this world. Yes, I know GL is a soap but it a huge part of my life and has been for 20 years.
I love gl its the only soap i watch.I no so many people who watch it and don't understand why they would say ratings are down. I work so i have to dvr it but i cant wait to get home everyday to watch. Its part of my life i cant picture not having that to look forward to everyday when i get home its the first thing i do! I work in a nursing home and it is on every tv in every room on every floor so how are the ratings so low! I also think that it should be on soap net so people who do work and cant afford the dvr can watch! I never watched cbs intill i started watching guiding light and if they take it off the air theirs no reason for me to even tune into cbs!!!
OMGosh!! I thought my Grandma was playing a joke on me when she told me that Guiding Light was going off the air. I am almost 36 years old and have been watching since I was about 11 years old. How can this be happening? It has been running for soooo many years...there has to be something that can be done to keep it running!! What are all of the actors and actresses going to do???
Losing Guiding Light will be like losing a lifelong friend. Think of all of the real people that this is affecting. How many touchstones in our lives can we count on to be there for us for 72 years?
don't let this show go, its the best one out there
Please save GL. I've watched for 30 yrs. Its my favorite show. Theres got to be some way to save it.
so make it a weekly... remember Peyton Place? time to get away from the reality shows... think outside the box!
I love GL: Every since I was a little girl. Now my little girl and my husband watch the show with me. Please don't cancel this show.
there's a significant number of people in this world who appreciate non-smut soaps. gl has been mostly faithful to the Light. When the screen darkens in September you'll have gained nothing by extinguishing a light that has been a part of the lives of so many families. what a mistake!
This is the only show that I watch and I have been watching it for over 40 years. I don't watch much tv and if they take this show off I might as well get rid of the cable as well.
This is the only soap I watch. I can not imagine not watching it everyday. I even hate the weekends and can't wait till Monday to have my show back. Please keep this show on the air. It is a great show and great actors. Today it was preemptied due to MJ funeral ceremony so here it is 12:30 am and I am waiting till 1:13 am to watch the show. I am 59 years old and just had heart surgery a week ago. If this isn't dedication I don't know what it. Please keep it on the air !!
This is the only network show that I watch. I know these characters better than I know most of my family. I hope that you will reconsider your decision to cancel.
I have watched this show with my mother - my whole life. I am so sad to see this show ending and it is like part of our family that is not going to be here anymore. I will be loyal to sponsors who will back keeping this show on the air.....I'm sure everyone who loves this show feels the same way.
Please Don't cancel Guiding Light. I have been watching the show everyday for 33 years. My mother in law turned me on to it when I was 20. I DVR the show everyday and watch in when I get home from work. It is part of my daily routine.... PLEASE, PLEASE RECONSIDER CANCELING THIS SHOW....
I am third generation Guiding Light watcher. I am now raising my 3 girls to watch it as well. The fact that CBS is willing to let go a part of history is horrible. I don't understand how they get their ratings but obviously they do not take into account the internet watchers, DVR watchers or the fact that most people actually work outside of the home these days and can't watch during normal viewing hours. That DOES NOT mean we don't watch! Get real CBS and quit destroying our TV experience.
The Guiding Light and As the World Turns are the 2 BEST soaps on TV. What morons the people at CBS are. Over the years they have lost so many of my TV viewing hours because of this kind of reasoning. Where's Proctor and Gamble? I'm sure they can find another network. How about TLC or Lifetime? Now I will have to make sure I don't buy any more of their products if they let these wonderful shows die!
I love Guiding Light. I can't begin to imagine a day without watching it. You can't take it off the air. It's like being with family. I have watched for over forty years. C.M
I have watched the guiding light for over forty years. I can't imagine not being able to see it, It's like family. It makes my day. If I can't see it at ten I watch it at three. please don't take it off. C.M
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