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Save Supernatural - its the best show on TV and Thursdays would suck without it

Please please please plzzzzzzzz DO NOT CANCEL SUPERNATURAL, if you do it will be the biggest mistake that you could ever make the show is soo inspirational to those who are big fans of the brotherly love between jared and jensens characters on the show and for the show to be canceled could be a big mistake that you could ever make.

oh dear i love this show and would be lost without i know that is sad but it is true, a horriable week can get so much better because of it, but it makes me sad that i can't get the CW as a channel in Canada without buying all the movie channels so me watching the show doesn't have as much of an effect! This would make me very sad.

I cant loose this show! it is the only thing that i actually look forward to on thursdays! and if they take this show away its like they are taking a pacifier away from a baby! and that is just plain wrong! just like getting ride of this show! are they crazy! have they ever seen it, i bet they havent so like if they actuall watched it they wouldnt want to cancell this show! it is the best show that i LOVE and i cant loose it! i am not going to let them do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supernatural is literally the best show I've ever seen on tv. SPN ROCKS!

I've watched this show since it first began. We cannot let it go that easily!

I see new episodes are beginning on JANUARY 31ST.Does this mean there will be a 4Th season? Or are they just finishing up the 3rd season? Please tell me some good news someone. Thankyou.

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