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problems with twilight the movie

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i know im not the only one who saw specific things wrong with the order of scenes in the movie and the book and characters that dont look quite the way Bella explained..especially the house..isnt the house supposed to be white? lol please explain what you think

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i myself luved the house sure it didn't match the description of the books house but it was still gorgeous.

I love the movie but i love the book more. If they would have gone with more details from the book in the movie then i would have liked the movie as much as the book lolz

the movie was good but the boojk was better. though it wasnt bad . faults i believe were that the medow scene was all wrong it just spoiled it . i could real off a whole list though i did love the film.

i reckon if i hadnt watch the movie i would think the movie is lame
no offance but it was hardly the way i had imagined it
and they missed importent scenes like the blood typing when she faints and so on. i do relize they cant make everyone happy beacouse everyone imagined it differntly but they were really WAY off. i have seen the movie 6 times and i love but its all thanks to the book cos i can imagine how much better it was :)
thats alll

i think that the movie was pretty good. but, they needed to pay more attention to the detail. And, they could of done wayyyy better with the transitions of the scenes. They also should of left out the tree climbing thing. I liked the part in the book better. They could of left some of the great scenes from the book in. I don't care if the movie was two freakin' hours. If it were up to me, it would be a little (or alot) longer than that I wouldn't get bored an dneither would the twilight fans. I think they could of done better by sticking a little bit more to the story line, but, the movie was still pretty awesome!!

Yes Twilight could have definetly had some more effort and work putinto it but all in all it was a good movie and i loved it none-the-less.To see my favorite book series being put to life on the big screen is almost dreamlike to me.Even thought the movie wasn't its best.It was its best for me.Im still no saying it was perfect or even close to it but it was good.And just think if we would've never read the books and just watched the movie.We'd think it was the best movie in the world.Right? So even though it could've been better...for me it was at its best and i loved it.And i could watch it a million times non stop and not get ired of it.

there were a million things wrong for like the meadow scene was all weird & they only kiss twice THEY NEVER EVEN SAY I LOVE YOU ONCE in the whole movie! haha
they left out the lunch scenes like the one where edward eats a slice of pizza which would lead to the blood type scene that i completly forgot about :] i dont think they needed the field trip in there. one scene that i found hilarious was when bella had to *escape* from alice & jasper to go meet james haha in the book their at the airport & she has to go to the bathroom run out a back entrence catch an elevator then get on a bus haha in the movie she just walks out the front door of the hotel and waits for a cab! i mean i know they couldnt do everything right but come on they could have made it look alittle harder :] i could go on & on i noticed alot of thing if you really want to get into it i guess youd have to message me or something:]
i have to say the casting was good though i think they did a great job on that

i admit they had to change bits, but did they rele have to alter soooo much?!?!?!?!?!

i think they shudve instead of doning different scenes they should have done the scenes that were supposed to be there like instead of that field trip for the blood test scene stuff like that.

ya great thinking lol i totally forgot about that blood drive scene

they left out sooooooo much!!!!!!!!

The casting was pretty good. Personally I think Charlie was casted best and they should recast Rosalie.

i liked the movie but i loved the book they left out too many things i understand that they had to cut things out but they even left Jaspers power out of it. i think that Bella Roselia Alice jasper Emmett Emse and Carlisle were great and exactly right for the role but the others didnt seem right for the role. they screwed up the meadow scene and the whole airport scene but the main bit in the ballet studio was great

for me the movie was fine..because not all single detail in the book can be shown to the movie itself..

for me, the movie was fine..because not all of the single detail in the book can be shown to the movie itself..

The movie wasn't horrible, i liked the cast A LOT :). I do think the house should have been white. i loved the meadow. My sister hated the fact that Rosalie's car wasn't the same, lol. and what about Bella cooking for her dad, they ate at the diner everyday. Blech! Edward never gave Bella his coat, and the waitress wasn't blond, flirtatious, or pretty! And what about Bella and Edward's relationship? They never talked in the movie, and Edward didn't do any of the cute things he did in the book. Every girl who's read the books is in LOVE with Edward but not everyone girl who's watched the movie is in love with him, and that was not right. The movie wasn't nearly long enough, it ended way too soon. and Edward should have waited until the meadow to show Bella his skin, not in the forest by that stupid tree!

ok the movie made me want to kill myself..seriously they could have done SO much BETTER!! i mean of course they cant do it all but what they did do they could have done better. i mean the make out seen was too slutty i mean wat happened to the sweats she had on booty shorts! oh n the medow could they have ruined that more?!! they grass lokkedlike the one they used for charlie n the chcolate factory! it was like oh so fake!! n when ed shos bell his skin..ugh i was just utterly disgusted with the roll of crap they call the twilight movie..i kno others agree with me..

ii LoveD tHE mOviiE

They can't do everything right, if you start to watch little things like that, then sure you'll find something wrong. They can't just paint a house white for the movie, and the airport doesn't come in the movie at all because they had to cut out scenes, I think they did a good job for what they had to do. Besides, have you ever seen a movie in which everything that was written in the book, got a place? Don't think so. That's just impossible.

i relize hat but they also mixed up the oerder in stuff to thats not takin scenes out that confusing the people who just read the book

Okay first when I saw the previews I was disappointed but thought maybe it would be different. Well to say the least I was very disappointed. In the book she was always cooking for her dad not eating in a dinner. None of the Characters were anything like what I imagined. Some of the things were totally all wrong like when Bella and Edward were talking in the car and she was saying he was a vampire. In the movie it was in the woods. To me the school scenes were all wrong. She had escaped from Alice and Jasper in the airport not the hotel. Plus so much more. I could go on and on

I liked the book a whole lot better than the movie.I'm not saying the movie wasn't good,it's just they could have put more parts from the book in the movie.

the part at the end were alice and emmet were supposed to be in the jeep with bella in the back...alice nor emmet was in the jeep just ed and bells..theres 1 for ya

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