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Put Prayer Back In Public Schools!

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We need prayer back in schools. We need God back in schools. Without it, school systems are crumbling and so are the students. Prayer centers your thoughts and makes you think more clearly. We need it!!!!
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As I have said before; If you make time for prayer for one specific group, you would have to make time for other groups to be fair. Though yes, many of you feel like your religion is the right one and should be the only one, other religions feel the same way about their own beliefs. Don’t tell me you plan to honor only one belief system and ignore anyone without those beliefs. If prayer was put back into the schools as an announcement over the PA system, it would take approximately 1hr +, to cover everyone fairly. This would take away from your children actually learning or their already too short lunches. Try starting a club or something so your children can be with likeminded people, make new friends and they can fellowship together and help each other through hardships. There is a moment of silence for those who want to say a prayer, meditate, or just think about the coming day. It may not be as much as you like, but its something.
Also do your kids actually express a problem with the lack of prayer in schools? Or is it that the parents seeing from the outside and think it would make things all better?

We definitely need to put prayer back in school. The reason we are in the mess that we are in as a nation is because of the "Nations' Decision" to be a more liberal country and take prayer out of school. I will say just one thing. Whether we as a nation continue to ask God to leave our schools and ask him to let us do it on our own will only make things worse, but me and my household will always need Him and prayer wherever we go. If the homosexual society can complain anytime something doesn't go their way and we just say "let them have equal rights", then I think the same should apply to believers; We should also have our rights. If prayer is allowed in schools, let me just tell you; actually let me guarantee you that this nation would be healed. God Bless.

Matthew, How old are you? You sound like you're 10. Do you live under a rock? Read a little bit and expand your horizons. Is that too liberal for you?

You can make prayers everyday, if you like. It does not mean hell will not reach you, when the time comes. Who knows? Only He knows.

In most of the comments below people are complaining saying that prayer should not be allowed back in the school system because it imposes on the rights of the child. Okay that may be so but look at it this way... WE are accountable for our children until they reach a certain age (Age of Accountability). It IS OUR responsibility to make sure that we as parents equip our children with the proper tools to succeed in life this one and the next as well (Afterlife). I am not saying that children should be forced to pray or even to participate....however the option should be there. Many of today's children have no clue about who God is as MANY of today's parents find it unimportant to teach them because they may impose on the child's uninformed they are. IT IS OUR JOB! The reason prayer SHOULD be put BACK into school is for the children who are never given the choice...otherwise we are damning well as ourselves. I personally don't want to answer for that on Judgement Day... Do you?

My parenting doesn't include teaching prayer but I do agree about being accountable and responsible for our children. That is why it should not be in schools but left up to parents.

I agree with you. I am amazed at parents who do not accept the respomsibility of guiding their children. WHile a school might not have prayer , there can be a moment of silence. I was a teacher for 28 years and it got to where people thought the school should buy their kids pencils and other supplies. They wanted no responsibility at all.

no way should we pray and bring prayer back. religon should not be forced on kids . ( regardless of believes) keep school school and were kepp church church.

I like school the way it is without religious influence

Thank you. Eric. I agree completely.

Dont pray in my school and and I wont think your church!

Get a Life!

Those that feel prayer is not necessary may not understand that things much greater than us truly are at work. A simple spoken prayer can bind many things that otherwise stressed minds cannot contemplate. It's difficult for many to conceive, but we truly do not battle flesh and blood - and what we do not understand will truly harm us. Prayer is merely our way of communicating that we do not understand it all but that we are willing to speak it, knowing it may do more good than we know, and that we can be okay with that. Prayer is merely conversation. It's communicating. When you tell me how you are feeling, I then understand how to speak with you. But so many sit and say nothing instead, thinking we can somehow read each other's minds, when that is why most of us sit in pain -- because we refuse to communicate or even learn how to speak. this is all that prayer is -- you pray, you are communicating -- learn to pray and you just might learn how to keep that boyfriend or girlfriend when you least thought you could. it all matters - it's all pertinent. It's TALK, and it's opening up the main lines for discussion. this is all that it is -- and trust me, God is not picky as to how or when you say it, it's THAT you say it...isn't that what you'd tell the person you loved?

When I went to public school I remember how it was. The majority of students were Catholic, and made fun of me for being Christian. I didn't make fun of them for what they were. I think discrimination of religion should be stopped. Someone should make it a freedom of speech.

Uh, Catholics ARE Christians, sweetie.

prayer shouldnt be allowed back in school
its best to keep religion and school apart. if you are to allow one religion in school than you should allow all religions in school.

Religion & politics have always been the two most controversial subjects known. Let it be known, I do believe in God. In a public school system with more than a few religions followed, it is hard to determine if it is right or wrong to say the "Our Father" at the beginning of the day, or any prayer for that matter. Your own religion is your own faith whether you choose to have one or not. You shouldn't need it in your government or school to follow it.

I hope that you come to believe in God, cause He believes in you. So much in fact, that He gave His Son to sacrifice Himself so you would have the chance to know Him. He didn't just say it, He took action. You want proof that we need prayer in schools? Research teen pregnancies, school violence, etc. You will find that there were minor ups and downs. But, notice the incredible jump in these problems the year after prayer was taken out of schools. From there the problems have increased percentage wise at an alarming rate. It is incredible that you would say it is not needed in school given the obvious proof. As for government, well just look at the moral indecency that is there. God is needed most definitely. Not only in school and government, but in the lives of us all.

We are a diverse country not everyone has the same religion. If you want you children to grow up praying in school send them to a private one. We need to start respecting others cultures.

Everyone wants to respect other cultures. What if we had said that we need to respect other cultures when Hitler was mowing thru Europe. We would all be speaking German. We wouldn't have a universal language to speak in our country.(Oh wait, we don't because we are so afraid of not respecting other cultures that when I call my bank on the phone I have to choose the language first, then find an operator that can speak it) People have to stand up and not be ashamed of their religion under the facade of respecting others cultures. We have become a nation of people who don't have the sense to speak their own language in their own country cause they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. This decline among others can be traced back to prayer being removed from school. If you don't stand for what you believe in cause you don't want to hurt feelings, then morals, decency, and eventually your very language in your country can be taken from you. Wait, I think the last one already has.

At the school where i work we have a moment of silience. you can pray or whatever. i pray

I agree with Mary P.
What about all the children though who are not Christian? The ones who have different religions? Are the schools supposed to make them pray to god when maybe they dont believe in god?
And if you dont like the environment your child is in put them in a Christian school.(or whatever your religion is)

Children CAN pray in school, if they wish. Public schools cannot REQUIRE children to pray, is all. If you want your children to be led in prayer in school, send them to a church sponsored school that does that, as opposed to a public school that cannot. I am a Christian, in case anyone wonders.

Yes I agree.

We will become constipated with grime if we have no moral fiber. lol

We need hope and faith back in America. Without prayer where is our faith? What is there to hope for? What is there to live for?...Except our retched selves? There must be some moral fiber in our being, even if we don't know whether we believe in God or not.

Prayer can be the difference between happiness and sadness for many people.
There's no actual way to pray, it's all different for each and every person, that's the beauty of it.
There's no handbook which says right and wrong of prayer, it's your way of talking to your Higher Spiritual Being (God if you will) and clearing your mind for some peace and tranquility.
Bring prayer back into school, it can encourage children to take time out from their schedules, and slowly introduce a peaceful environment where they can see God is present.
Stephanie, a Devoted Christian

ok lets do it. But let the Islamic kids and the jewish kids and Hindu kids do their prayer as well. We cant discriminate. And besides isnt that what Christian schools are for??

Yes lets do it. I am fully behind the idea

Isnt that what religious schools are for?
Lets put better paid teachers back in schools.

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