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There's a large number of us who stayed away from the conventions,  ignored the ads and cable political shows...but we will tune in to watch the debates.

With the race so close, the presidential debates could prove pivotal.  The answers are critical to the campaigns of both candidates.

How do you think McCain/Obama did in the debate?

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if John McCain dosen't pull all the stops out this time there's going to be a negative overflow. It's
do or die don't hold back. Obamas penchent to picking the wrong alliances and general lack of experience are his achilles heel

We have had some incredibly unqualified and inept people run for and sometimes win the top job. But John McCain must be the most flawed and compromised candidate in our nation’s history.

I am definitely voting for John McCain. Why? Because he has been around a while. He knows how politics work. He's put his life on the line for our country (for you and me). I trust his judgement. And frankly, I don't trust Obama's judgement. He's a great speaker but that's about it.

just because mccain was a prisoner or war does not mean he knows what he is doing. he learned from bush and we all know what a great job he did. and i so agree with matt l. those two scare the **** out of me.

No doubt Obama should be the leader of this country. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Palin scares me and so does Mccain with their stupidity and lack of common sense when it comes to the economy.

So your criteria for the next president of the United States is age? Add a little content to your criticisms. Why does Palin scare you? Your statement of “Lack of common sense towards the economy.” Please expand on that a little bit. Common sense suggests inherent background knowledge of the subject at hand. A car mechanic says, "Now that is just common sense" as he diagnoses an engine problem. A brain surgeon says "That is just common sense" to the intern observing the operation. Now would each of them be common sense to you and I? Maybe you’re a Brain Surgeon who moon lights as a car mechanic for extra cash and I am all-wrong. So being undecided myself I would like to read content on why you are dissatisfied with either side. It is far to easy to just throw rocks rather than say why you are throwing the rocks.

Common sense to me causes me to question how a guy like Ted Kennedy ever got on the Ethics Committee, however that is a whole different thread.


No, you have it wrong. The difference between Obama as a Democrat and McCain as a Repulican is that Demos want to make you dependent on government handouts and Repubs want you to be independent not needing the government. So you must be young and still dependent on someone in your family. That's usually how it great surprise really, right?

Obama only says what he thinks you want to hear to get your vote. He has no clue and would destroy this country!

Obama was very impressive when it came to speaking concisely, thoroghly, etc. John McCain however, seems to be the one with the right answers. I would feel safer with McCain as President.

McCain may not be the most charismatic speaker, but he is by far the best and most experienced leader for this country. If you are for Obama, check his record--do you really think he will change as much as he says? If so, you are naive. To listen to him now, you would think he is Republican! He has always said he would rescind the Bush taxcuts - that would take more from you than he claims he would give you. He has never voted for tax cuts, he has always voted for tax increases. He said he would pull the troops out of Iraq and use the money from defense to fund his idea of what our country needs. (how safe do you think we would be then?) Third world countries only know 2 things in a conflict--win or lose. And a loss by pulling out would label us weak and open for another attack. Check Obama's history, his acquaintances and his record in the Senate. Do you really want a junior senator who spent maybe 141 days total and who only voted strictly party lines (when he voted)? Would you want someone as young as he is in charge of your family much less our country? Don't be fooled by his ability to speak. That makes him a good orator, or a great guy for a pep rally. It doesn't make him ready to run our country. Are you ready to be president? YOu have as much experience as he does. His experience is a couple years in a group of people. We need someone who can sit in the oval office where the 'buck stops" alone-basically. Common sense says John McCain is the one to be president - even if you don't agree with him in everything. Check his record--he voted more times against his own party and President Bush than Obama voted total!! Wake up America - to vote for anyone but McCain is just not an option this election.

Well said, Cheryl! Go McCain! Obama repeats himself over and over and CHANGES his rhetoric depending on his audience. Also, past associations do matter. A lot can be learned about a person's character by the company he/she keeps.

I was disappointed that nobody came across presidential.

It's been announced that McCain won the debate in terms of points, but Obama won the debate in terms of the popular vote.

big surprise... Obama smiles and people worship him...disgusting!

I can't believe how stupid people are
they pick such stupid reasons not to vote for a person. They should be listening to the issues and not the redirect and form their own intelligent reasons for picking a candidate.
Do some research on each candidate and then form your opinion. You hear something on an ad and that is what sticks in your head and you stick with it.
The Bush administration along with McCain are the people who got us into all this mess and you still want to vote for McCain. Everyone says Obama does not have enough experience what about Bush,Regan,Truman,Kennedy and so on. They always use this as an excuse when it is convenient for their rhetoric.
It is really scary how people vote and for those people who are not going to vote for Obama because he is black shame on you I thought this country was more intelligent than that.
If you vote for McCain you will get more of Bush and if you vote for Obama we will at least get a different approach. with Biden at his side to change this country around.
Obama gave more intelligent answers than McCain, McCain used the same old rhetoric and scare tactics that Bush has been using all through his administration.

I thought this country was smarter than that.

while assigning blame where was the Democratic congress while all this was happening. They've had the control lately

I think you need to take your own advice and educate yourself on the issues. Another take on this situation is that this banking meltdown began when the Clinton administration threatened to wage lawsuits upon banks who refused to grant mortgages to unqualified buyers unless they started meeting quotas of minority and low income applicants. That's why loans are defaulting - the folks couldn't afford it to begin with - and that's why the economy is tanking today. I have a son and daughter-in-law who work in the mortgage industry and both will tell that when people didn't meet qualifications, they would just be issued an "exception" and stamped approved. You need to dig a little beyond the answers you want to believe....

I found it ironic how your post started so fair minded suggesting folks think for themselves and make up their own minds then proceeded to mercilessly flame one candidate over another. In other words "think for yourself as long as you think like me." I hope this country is smarter than that.

I thought Obama was awesome! He was more specific and he made a good point the McCain supported Bush 90% in the last eight years. I hope Obama wins!

I thought Obama was awesome! He was more specific and he made a good note for the audience to realize that McCain had supported Bush 90% of the time in the last eight years. I really think Obama should win.

Sometimes reading these blogs is what scares me about this election.

Actually Robert, it does matter. You have to be a US BORN citzen to be the US PRESIDENT!!!!! And I am certain his documents aren't forged as Lisa seems to believe. You can bet if there were any doubt about that, McCain & his trained monkeys would have pounced on that and it would have become the number one target on his nasty political ads from day one since he has nothing else to legitimately attack Sen. Obama on. Gee, Lisa come on. How old are you? Are you actually of voting age? Are you really that lost for things to care about that you need to be pulling things out of the air to "just wonder" about? How about Sarah Palin's thoughts on abortion? (Not ever, even in cases of rape or incest???) How about her opening up Alaska to drilling? How about John McCain's thoughts on the war and the billions he thinks we still need to pour into our military? How about the billions of dollars we send overseas every day in aid to countries that wouldn't/don't help us? There are better things to wonder about than an ugly rumor that has no basis in fact. Think and discuss the real issues, Lisa. Help make the country a better place and stop the downward spiral that's already out of control. The last thing we need is another George Bush clone going around saying things like "Because he's hiding" in response to why he hasn't found Osama bin Laden. Or "With the campaign over, Americans are expecting a bipartisan effort and results, I'll reach out to anyone who shares our goals". Remember John McCain agreed with Bush 90% of the time, so those are the same response you would get with him as president. He doesn't speak any better than Bush. He's just as stupid. Sen. Obama is much more intelligent and much more literate. We've had enough of looking like idiots in this global economic society with the likes of Bush/Cheney/McCain and sentences like "we've got to get us an energy plan" or even better "we need to thin our forests in America" It is time to MOVE FORWARD. And if you have any question McCain is a step backward, please, please go check out his senate voting record. Read and compare the issues. And, if you are a woman, take into account that the first order of business will be to overturn Roe V Wade. And whether or not you believe in it, it is still a woman's constitutional right, and it is the sole reason Sarah Palin was brought onto this ticket. And Robert if you are not born in the United States of America, you are not an American citizen and cannot run for the Presidency of the United States. Sorry, that's the law. And a **** good law.
Voting on the Issues, not the Party
Proud Obama Supporter

Just a question here. Has Obama ever shown his REAL Birth Certificate? Not the forged one from his half sister in Hawaii. Just wondering!

well it really doesnt matter. where your born does not make u an american! There are plenty of people in this country who were born in other countries, who make better Americans than the people born here. They see the real opportunities here, that we all take for granted!


Obama is a great speaker, but it takes more to run the country than a speech maker.

Well put.....

McCain all the way!!!!!!

I am not impressed by Obama. He is more like an actor. Maybe he should go to Hollywood instead of Washington.

yea well some actors make the best politicians - ex. Ronald Reagan

However Ronad Ragan was a real actor having had a very successful career before he became a politician.

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