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The second presidential debate will be held tonight at 9 pm ET.  In the two weeks since the last debate, Obama has gained a slight lead over McCain in the polls.Tonight the candidates will be debating in a town-hall style; answering questions from the audience and from viewers over the internet.  This generally means a wider range of topics, but less in-depth answers.  Questions are also expected to focus more on the current economic situation than the previous debate.So are you going to watch the debate?  How did your candidate do?  Tell us by voting and joining in the discussion!

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McCain lost big time. You

McCain lost big time. You could tell how mad he was the whole time and could barely keep a veneer of civilization over his anger. I couldn't believe it when he referred to Obama as "that one," and he even made a condescending comment to the black audience member who asked a question, saying that he bet the guy had never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Racist much?

When it was all over, McCain wouldn't even shake Obama's hand and left the hall, leaving Barack and Michelle Obama to happily interact with the crowd.

McCain keeps showing his true colors, and I'm loving it!

Key legistation that was put

Key legistation that was put together to help prevent this melt down didn't interest Obama enough to even vote on it one way or another as the Dems banded together to vote the party line and put it to bed.

One more thought which has

One more thought which has always intrigued me. Why do we consider Obama Black? By definition wouldn't he use the other box when filling out forms? Or, if not why don't we call him White as his mother is white. I could care less what his race or heritage is but it is a lingering question.

You might want to watch the

You might want to watch the debate again. McCain did shake his hand at the end. As far as "disrespect" goes, how about the 1st debate when Sen.Obama couldn't give Sen. McCain the respect he deserves by addressing him properly. Race! Please! The only people that keep throwing the "race" card out there seems to be Obama supporters. That in itself is pretty racisit. So, do you think you could know what you are talking about before you post it online next time?Oh and maybe leave race out of it.That is NOT what,who or why I am voting.

I thought McCain did much

I thought McCain did much better at this debate. Obama is a smooth talker, but never tells you HOW he is going to do what he says! McCain has the experience and the relationships on Capital hill to get things done.
I think Obama made a HUGE mistake by blaming the insurance companies for the health care issues. I work for an insurance company and believe me, if anything should be targeted for governement intervention, it should be the drug companies! The are allowed to charge whatever they want and the insurance companies have to pay. My 91 year old aunt has an anemia problem and was given one shot that the insurance company and Medicare was charged $7,000 for! Insurance companies have no choice but to increase premiums when they are expected to pay the outrageous charges made by drug companies and hospitals.

I agree with you Susan, here

I agree with you Susan, here in Europe we have already a long time what Obama wants to introduce, in an American way : we call the Medicare thing simply 'social security' and it is simply MANDATORY for every one, rich and poor. The fees are taken from your monthly pay and are not considered taxable, for both employee AND employer. Even as unemployed, you are still covered (in a reduced way).
The result is that the drug companies (mostly American) take advantage of it to request extremely high prices. After 20 years the patents fall into the public dominion and you can have the same medicin (with another name of course) for one tenth of the former price !!!!??????
Instead of preparing for new products (medicins) many of those companies didn't find anything better as to fire hundreds and thousands of researchers !!! what have we been paying for all these years ?? the profit of the share holders. There's the problem. I hope today's crisis will change that a bit.
All in all, Obama's job will be to prevent excesses as we know them, you have always ppl who try to profit from a system.
McCain is not coming in my mind, because the solution of tax cut of 5 or $7000 will not favor medical insurances, but in today's crisis will be used by the poorer and middle-class families to simply survive. He is totally passed by time and events.

The root of the problem is

The root of the problem is that the greedy doctors have done like wall street... They dont want to make just a mild profit...thee want to line their 3 or 4 Mercedes with all the luxuries and have lots of houses like McCain.

They are totally out of control. As a result insurance has to be expensive to pay for all this. Then poor people cannot afford it.

Personally, I would rather see totally socialized medical system like Canada than for health care to be unavailable to so many people.

...actually I believe the

...actually I believe the real problem is the pharmaceutical companies themselves. That is something you don't hear either side mention.....wonder why?

Obama did not blame the

Obama did not blame the insurance companies per se. The entire system as we know it is broken. Yes, drug companies do charge high prices in some cases for many drugs. As I see it, they have about 7-10 years to recover R&D costs before the patent expires and the drug goes generic.
As far as relationships and experience on Capitol Hill, the whole lot of them should be expunged and and replaced with some people of vision. Make Lobbyists the pariahs they are and ban them from Washington. Obama has some vision for change and it seems McCain feels things have gone pretty well in Iraq ,the economy is in great shape, and he's the best man for the job. I think history is in the making and hopefully will not repeat itself this time.
The American People will wake up and opt for the change Obama is striving for and will get it if the old school politicians are not anywhere near the playground.

Sen obama came across as

Sen obama came across as informative and stately in the way he was poised and addressed the people as well as Sen McCain. On the other hand Sen McCain came across as a bit irritating with the "my friends" and his condesending remarks to several including Tom Brocaw. I was thinking this man needs to go back to the nursing home. His nervous shuffling around was distracting and made me feel as if he was pulling anything out to sound like something what we want to hear. We felt Obama hit it out of the park and clinched our votes for him.

There should be some level

There should be some level of inteligence required in order for people to be able to cast a vote.

YEA!!!that sounds like a

YEA!!!that sounds like a great idea. lets take away the right from dumb people. YOU ARE A MORON. THATS THE MOST IGNORANT THING IVE EVER HEARD

I think what Dave is saying

I think what Dave is saying is that you should at least understand what you are voting for. Would you buy a car or home without researching the thing?

McCain is the one who's down

McCain is the one who's down in the polls and using a more negative strategy. He had to do something radically to change things. Since he didn't do that, he is a LOSER! OBAMA is my choice! The clear WINNER!



It really dissapoints me

It really dissapoints me that these two are our choices for President. Neither of them deserves it Obama is clearly a Socialist. I am considering voting for him then Dems will control house senate and white house.And then we can just say now you're the ones in control and the only ones to blame. Now FIX IT, JUST FIX IT ALL>



I said a few years ago that

I said a few years ago that it didn't matter who the republicans will run for president in '08...they just won't win against the media. Just watch after Obama wins the media will start to positive spin on the Real Estate market turn around suddenly it will be a rosey world we live in overnight....He will become our saviour of sorts.... Even with the expansion of government / the unavoidable tax increases / the inevitable inflation which will be blamed on the previous administration.... Let them have it so they hold the resposnibility and then lets Demand Reasons for thier inaction and not accept their excuses....

This was obviously a

This was obviously a "controlled" debate. Tom Brokaw chose the people by their submitted questions in advance, just like the internet questions were pre-screened. Mr. Brokaw played it safe for Obama. This was not a town hall meeting format. It was one man asking the questions that he chose, therefore, he skewed the debate toward a same old questions, nothing new or exciting, nothing controversial, etc. type of debate. What a shame that many questions will never be asked. What about Immigration, border security, guns, abortion, crime, etc. We've heard the canned answers a zillion times, give us something new to gain more insight into the candidates! Mr. Scheiffer at CBS is the last chance and I don't expect him to take the leap and do it either. The mainstream media has totally skewed this election toward the one person they want elected.

Exactly Cindy. There are

Exactly Cindy. There are just so many people (obviously) with a sheeple mentality that are more than willing and eager to simply accept what the media places in front of them without question. Unfortunately I fear they will choose the next President. There has to be a way to bypass the media and really start a dialogue that matters. But how?

Very well said Cindy....

Very well said Cindy....

I think John McCain totally

I think John McCain totally lost it tonight, he was old looking and hunchbacked and troll tooking, sorta mean and I did not get his jokes. A 20th century politician running against a 21st century politicia. Obama look dignified, and very presidential, he may be young and lack some experience but don't all presidents surround themselves with the best of the best to help them govern (exception W Bush). More substance in Barack's answers, John wants to spend another $300 billion dollars on top of the $850 billion we are already spending and he calls the Demacrats tax and spend. And as for the character assination "IT AIN'T WORKING" drop it. He's not a terriost.In ending McCain blew his next to last chance and Obama hit it out of the park.

Hit it out of the park on

Hit it out of the park on what? All you seem to care about is how they looked. THAT'S a GREAT way to pick a president, hmmm... which one is prettier.

I know a lot of posts here

I know a lot of posts here don't agree with the fact that some (myself included) have mentioned posture and body language and appearances. But these things all DO matter very much. This is not only going to be the leader of our country, he is going to represent us to the rest of the world. I want someone who can articulate without appearing to bully anyone. We've had someone who fractures the English language in office for 8 years and that doesn't just make HIM look stupid, it makes America look stupid. Even sitting in a wheelchair, FDR carried himself better than McCain does while shuffling around Parkinson-like on that stage.

Again, it is so sad that so

Again, it is so sad that so many of you care more about what's on the outside. That's NOT what's important! Accoriding to Kate T.,you can have a disability just as long as you sit in a wheelchair with it! So, if you are superficial and don't really care what your president says or does just as long as he looks good while doing it you should vote for the young pretty one.

It's interesting that the

It's interesting that the same people who claim to be so self-righteous concerning race and religion are the most rabid when it comes to discrimination concerning age and minor disability. Hypocrites.

So very true Lynda.

So very true Lynda.

Mccains TV ads are

Mccains TV ads are disturbing and mudslinging,just what I thought America was so sick of in the last campaign with Bush and Kerry.
Mccain is more of the same, rich get richer.
Heck, he owns 12 homes, how can I relate to that?
And besides, I love my grand dad, but I wouldn't want him to be president.

lots of opinion here but

lots of opinion here but very little fact. I looked up McCain voting record on taxes, he voted no to tax CUTS (6 times) than he voted for them (3 times) and he was absent from voting on tax cuts 3 times (2001 to 2006). This is from the Americans for Tax reform web site so anyone can go and look up the same information.
As for Obama: Factcheck.org says that 23 votes were against tax cuts NOT votes for new taxs; 7 votes would have lowered taxs on the majority of people; 53 votes were on budget measures and NOT tax bills; most of his votes since he has been in the Senate would have increased taxes for at least some people.

very good job Barry, thanks.

very good job Barry, thanks. again, from a view and experience from across the Atlantic : taxes are not a bad thing provided that they are used for what they are meant : creating the appropriate environment for the citizens to have or build a human life. meaning providing a road and transport system, health and educational system and safety (including energy). I didn't hear a clear solution or even a proper strategy on these issues from the Republican camp. Only the Democrats seem to have well thought ideas on that.

I can not believe that the

I can not believe that the good people of Nashville, Tennessee did not raise issues of a more personal nature to voters like:

1 What about abortion,
2 gay marriage,
3 infanticide?
4 When and how did you stand up against Fannie and Freddie?
5 How do you explain Bill Ayers?
6 talk about why muslims around the globe want obama and not mccain.

I heard a lot of junk, and not much new....
I wanted to know more about their character.

You want to know about

You want to know about character??/ Well just look at the facts. There is an old saying that I firmly believe in; A man is only as good as his word. Al through the Bible it sys that God is a God of TRUTH and that Satan is the father of the lie.
Just look at their ads...Obama has made some mistakes but later correct3ed them...McCain has just told outright lies...only people wont check out the FACTS from the independent sources to show who is the biggest liar. I do not even know if McCain even knows what the truth is....He is a pathological liar.
So if the Bible is true...and Satan is the father of the Lie....whose son does that make McCain???

I tried to find the Poll you

I tried to find the Poll you were referencing where "why muslims around the globe want obama and not mccain" but was unable to. But I then realized you are most likely correct. I mean if most of the world wants Obama over McCain it stands to reason that Muslims would be a part of this consensus you mentioned. I doubt you would say something like this without something to cite where you got it. One last thing, since most American, Canadians, Central & South Americans, and Europe also are in favor of Obama over McCain I guess that means that Christians want Obama over McCain.

Right on Judy! ...and guess

Right on Judy! ...and guess what, you never will hear issues such as this because it simply isn't what the media wants to put out there. Who knows maybe those questions were asked but simply weren't chosen. At least we know the answer to #2 according to Joe Biden. If you focus on character, Obama will come up short every single time. Hands down.

Where did you get your

Where did you get your information about #6? And why should that matter? What if the British would prefer one candidate over another? Would that make a difference to you? What if Mexico or Canada wanted one candidate over another? We must stop falling into the pitfalls of making this a racial presidential race. So much of what is being slung about in McCains anti-Obama ads is obviously veiled racism - but guess what, lipstick or not, it's still a pig, and that is one very ugly pig...racism. As far as their character went? Obama stated that Americans need to share in the economic burden, all Americans, including the very rich, who are getting substantial breaks at this point. McCain doesn't want to raise anyone's taxes (including the rich) but I don't see him cutting mine either. That one statement he made about not raising taxes is so Bush the First - "read my lips..."

McCain struck me as old and

McCain struck me as old and tired. Obama seems young and energetic. I know there is an age difference but what I was seeing was more than age in years and not at all age in terms of experience. And, folks, we need an energetic leader, not one who looks and sounds old and used up (and don't get me started on the running mate's ability to lead). I felt McCain was openly disrespectful of Obama on more than one occasion. It seems to me that as the election looms, McCain's group has become more and more desperate. His campaign commercials are trying to promote dark fear of Obama and they are using Obama's words not quite out of context but not all the way in context either (when talking about the war) as the entire quote is not used but instead is paraphrases it up to about "air raiding villages and killing civilians" - not even a full sentence and you hear it cut off - about the war in Iraq, then the commercial finishes with a paraphrase about how we cannot afford him. I would like to hear more specifics about various plans and I still think Obama may be a bit too optomistic about what can be really be accomplished - but I would rather see positive thinking and I honestly don't see Obama giving up. He was very honest about his tax plan. He admitted that he and his wife are "not hurting," and that the folks like him need to shoulder more of the load because right now it's not equal. McCain said, and this is a direct quote from his opening statement: "Let's not raise anyone's taxes. [nearly imperceptible pause] Today." That last word is a BIG little word and should be concerning! Bottom line for me personally, I am not changing my mind and will still vote for Obama. My opinion of the debate is that McCain failed to make a difference and tonight's failure may cause him to even lose a bit more in the polls. At least I hope so.

some great comments here,

some great comments here, but please remember, we're all americans, we want what's best for us and our country. Mccain is no more experienced than Biden and it seems he is willing to sell out anyone to win this thing. Saying my friends over and over does not make him our friend. Look at what he is doing and how he is doing it and make an educated decision.

Well. I still have a hard

Well. I still have a hard time with Mc Cain. I see him as in the old school guard who play too many games in Washington and those whom look for profit over this being the great USA. Ive been voting for over 30 years an i know rhetoric when I hear it. John Mc Cain has been in Washington and I still dont see anything really maverick about him. I see him and palin fighting a battle of only name calling and false accusations. I see Obama talk about whats going in and he talks about us the regular hard working American! Im an Independent and proud of it!

I really like Senator Obama,

I really like Senator Obama, when he speaks he is a gentleman and portrays a person who knows what he is talking about. McCain only knows how to critize and
belittle the other candidates. Always manage to get his service record mentioned. Not being in the service didn't stop Bush from getting elected. Every
time he says my dear friends I feel sick. Think he is
a big phony a replica of Pres. Bush
I believe Senator Obama will help us. I pray that I'm
not mistaken.

I thought McCain came across

I thought McCain came across as rather agressive.And Obama was more assertive and informative. I did not like, nor did I agree with most of what McCain said. I know he thought he was cute and funny, but he wasn't. And may I add if he says "my friends" one more time, I think I will wretch.

I thought McCain had not

I thought McCain had not changed his attitude toward Obama since the first debate. When McCain referred to Obama as "that one" it came across to me as very condescending. McCain gave very boring answers without saying anything in answer to the questions. I clearly think Obama won the debate. Where foreign policy is concerned, Obama would be more diplomatic than McCain. I think McCain has too short a fuse to be a responsible president. He could lead the U.S. and the world into a world conflict with his poor judgement.

I think the best he can do

I think the best he can do is, like Reagan, fall asleep during staff meetings and leave the thinking to the others. Unhappily his staff doesn't seem to be worth much either, otherwise they would have changed their campaign strategy already a long time ago.
Obama has indeed a lot more up his sleeve than he is ready to show. Looking at his campaign strategy shows me that when he comes over for an 'unconditional' talk, you better keep your eyes open ! He has beaten the 'certain' candidate Hillary Clinton, driving her into defense and now he is doing the same with McCain. He looks to me to possess very smart tactic capabilities and that is exactly what the US will need in the next years.

I think McCain has more

I think McCain has more experience and knows what he is talking about. He has been in politics for years, and also has served for this country. Obama has little to non experience, and tonight McCain knew what he was talking about and showed that he was a better candidate. McCAIN SHOULD BECOME PRESIDENT! I will say that Obama is a good candidate, it just that when it comes down to it McCain is better. I wish Obama all the luck and McCain, but i know and HOPE that McCain is elected.

Sen. McCain acts very

Sen. McCain acts very condesending and I agree he is not our friend in my household and that whistling sound he made throughout the speech was nearly driving me and my dogs crazy. He is so far out of touch with the middle class that it scares me to death to think he is getting the votes and support that he is.I also agree if he knows how to get OBL, then why the hell is he still alive? I am more than confident Sen Obama knows what needs to be done to turn this mess around.

McCaine: Sounded like he was

McCaine: Sounded like he was telling a bedtime story when he spoke about Fannie and Freddy Mac. He just doesnt have it to impress. Too much back stabbing.
Obama: A choice of "Hope". Hope he means what he says.
Its hard to trust either man.
Understanding our concerns is one thing. Being able to act on the concerns, help us Lord.
Also,If McCaine knows how to get OBL, then why have we wasted all the lives of these soldiers in this war?
Why has he not told the president how to get OBL before another man or woman has to die for the cause?

well first of all why does

well first of all why does how he was talking impress someone. it is all about what you say. if you were listening to him you would see that McCain is a a BETTER candidate. and maybe he has expressed to the president how to get OBL but the president isnt gonna listen to just one person. im sorry but just from your comment you sound just stupid and dumb. really it mad no sense you need to get educated before you start saying stuff!!!!

My impression of the way

My impression of the way McCain was speaking as a whole, not just to the audience present but to those of us watching was, indeed, like he was telling a story, and every time he mentioned Obama, his tone grew grave and dark. He just sounded like he was telling a story and not speaking about something that is real...but it IS real and he is part of the group that made this current economic, energy, educational, and environmental hell real for so many people. I didn't know what it was that was bothering me until I read Bobbie B.'s post about the story telling - now I do. Tonight was about theatrics for McCain and all he did was irritate me, and it looks like a LOT of other people.


SENATOR MCCLAIN IS VERY NASTY AND HE IS SO SAD HE NEED TO KEEP TO THE RECORD AND KEEP ON WHAT HAPPENING TO THE AMERICANS LOSING THEIR HOMES AND HAVE ALREADY FORECLOSED HE WAS always on attack. If caucausion men have been running this country for 400 plus year give the afro american 4 years. thats all this i

lucinda, i also HATE when

lucinda, i also HATE when mccain says, "my friends..."

i am NOT his friend. do not want to be his friend. and when he says... "my clean record......, my clear record"

OBAMA IN '08 that is all :)


that is all :)

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