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The second presidential debate will be held tonight at 9 pm ET.  In the two weeks since the last debate, Obama has gained a slight lead over McCain in the polls.

Tonight the candidates will be debating in a town-hall style; answering questions from the audience and from viewers over the internet.  This generally means a wider range of topics, but less in-depth answers.  Questions are also expected to focus more on the current economic situation than the previous debate.

So are you going to watch the debate?  How did your candidate do?  Tell us by voting and joining in the discussion!

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These issues get addressed over and over and over and McCain supporters keep bringing them up and muddying the waters. What about Palin's questionable thoughts about our current war being a "task from God?" Okay, so when did the United States become its own religion and carry some sort of religious flag into battle? Calling a war such as this a "task from God" is not a separation of church and state. It disturbs me that suddenly people in America are counting Muslim people as "enemies." All of them? Really? Do you even know anything about the Islamic religion? As for character or addressing the issues goes...why is it that McCain feels it is more important to actively assasinate Obama's character than to actually address the issues with better explanations of what he would do if elected? What does that say about HIS character?

The problem is these issues are indeed raised but still have never been addressed to the satisfaction of many. That's why McCain supporters keep raising them.....
OK, you want to focus on Palin's task from God...most Christians I know consider their entire life to be a task from God. It's not a battle cry it is a reminder of our responsibility to make sound, responsible, and educated decisions in all areas of our life.
Do I know anything about Islam....well yes Kate I do and no I do not think we need to fear all Muslims but I do think that there is a faction in Islam that we do need to fear. In fact I have been in the company not once but twice of a man who served in the Iranian guard who helped to oust the Shah of Iran and served under the Ayatollah Khomeini. He trained terrorists and was a teacher of Islam in that region and he was a member of Hezbollah. He has since become a Christian and he basically says that, yeah we need to be afraid of the spread of Islam and that there is for sure an agenda against the west and we need to wake up. He risks his life trying to inform people.

I was rather disappointed by the debate. When are we going to get to the topics of the 2nd Amendment, Abortion, Obama and William Ayers and Tony Rezko...hmmmm Why are these topics being ignored, they are so very important. I do not want to live in a socialist society. We are the greatest country on the Earth, though you wouldn't think so with all that you hear from the drive by media. WAKE UP PEOPLE, our country, liberty and freedoms are at stake!!

after what mccain said, you will be living in a socialist society

I thought it was very similar to the last debate. I thought McCain's remarks again showed him to be an impatient old man with possible anger management issues. Regardless of whether you agree/disagree with his views, I don't think we want a person who can't control his temper in the White House. Obama had his share of snide remarks but I feel he has to be that way to show that he won't let McCain step all over him. I also think its important to note how neither McCain nor Palin are very good at answering the question at hand (which both Obama and Biden pointed out repeatedly). They both answered their questions with rehearsed answers that are intended only to cater to their voters. Obama is real and diplomatic while McCain seems like he just tells you what you want to hear.

I'm not very good at understanding politics, but I did enjoy the debate, with such boredom! I have to say that both candidates bored me to tears, most of the time they would avoid the question and move on into this my record against his record battle! (Obama did however make some really good points at the beginning of the debate).I will say Obama won this one again! and I for one am glad for that, I just hate Mccain!! I really do, every time I look at his face I want to kill someone, that's how much I hate him. I secretly think he's Satan in disguise. No matter what comes out of his mouth I just know he's lying, and don't get me started on his mannerism in the debate - "that one"!. As usual Obama is composed and well articulated, and I believe Mccain senses that about Obama, and that's when Mccain loses it! LOL.... If Obama doesn't win this election the whole of America will be in danger! and I guess if America votes otherwise, the country deserves to be in danger.

I am really disappointed in McCain. I remember when I was excited that Kerry/McCain ticket could have united our country. Well, that wasn't to be . . . Ever since McCain lost to Pres. Bush he has been his advocate and has taken pride in "Deregulation" of the housing market and others yet to be seen. I always believed that a centrist position is the strongest position anyone could take but McCain has time and again gone against his Maverick stances, like he's against torture then he's not. He makes a terrible mistake calling the "Fundamentals of the Economy strong" and then instead of admitting he understood there were some serious issues with the economy but that the announcement was not going to be public then it was suddenly reported caught him by surprise. No, no reasoning just a straight out lie that he meant the American worker. Somehow he doesn't understand that making up this blatantly false meaning it's like mixing up Shea and Sunni or not realizing that Iraq and Afghanistan don't share a border. I hate to say it but more and more I am beginning to realize his age has a lot more to do with these perceptions than simple misstatements. In the end McCain seems angry and it's coming out sideways with his condescending attitude that was so strongly evident last night. Why is it that our elder statesmen seem to be imploding? It seems McCain has company, Pres. Clinton, who is now trying to undo much of his implosion.

I was absolutely appalled by McCain's snide remarks towards Obama. I felt that he lacked any form of professionalism, and that the comment about "that one" is something I would hear from a teenage girl, not a presidential candidate. Admittedly Obama had some snide remarks as well, but nothing that made me jump out of my seat the way that one did. The republican campaign had become much too personal, and lacks substance.

I agree with you 100%. plus McCain referring to everyone in the audience as 'my friend' 19 times. They're NOT his friends no more than any of us are. We're friends because he wants our votes. I'm not even going to bother watching the next debate because if you shuffle the first two debates together you know what the 3rd one will be... same ole same ole.
Let's be realistic . . everyone has basically made up their minds already on who their going to vote by now. If you're a McCain supporter NOTHING will change you mind & the same thing goes for if you're an Obama supporter. Then we have to look at the VP. One has more experience and the other one? We shouldn't vote for McCain because he has a woman on the ticket. She's NOT Hilary so get over it already.

I must be getting old as an undicided voter I think John McCain did a better job, all Obama did was skirt the issues

i agree 100%.!!

if you didnt notice, they both skirted issues.

McCain won the debate, even though there was hardly anything new said. Brokaw did a terrible job as moderator. We needed to hear more about Obama and all his nefarious connections to the "underworld". Character and associations matter to me. I was also annoyed by Obama's comments about Insurance companies, because I just retired from one. Not perfect, but they do provide lots of jobs and great benefits to the employees. Obama is definitely a divider and not a uniter.

Those "nefarious connections to the 'underworld'", were creations from a delusional has been many other accusations. I dont think the guy has the intelligence to know what is the truth and what is a lie.... Numerous independent studies show they are not true.

If we cannot trust a man to tell the truth in a campaign, can we trust him to run a country?

With all due respect sir, those connections are documented in numerous news sources not manifested from a delusional mind. Please back off on the lie angle if you're not willing to properly vet your own choice for President. In answer to your question, no, trust is essential.

You need to check document OTHER than a biased site like McCain website....LOL o-meter/rulings... shows that McCain has repeatedly told major bold faced lies since the beginning of this campaign. They have a separate category for the big bold faced lies... Out of 42 of the biggest lies told... 21 were from the republican part against Obama. Six were by McCain himself. Only ONE was attributed to Obama...and it was because he made a logical deduction rather than stating a fact. also shows that the major lies are being told by McCain or the republican party,

Steve, I posted the websites I followed, none of them were McCain websites. I am vaguely familiar with the websites you mentioned and personally I think both have a horse in the race. Why should I trust Bill Adair, for example? Somehow terms like truth-o-meter and flip-o-meter don't give me much faith although it may be rather entertaining. I chose to try to read articles and get the facts more from the horse's mouth (like words of Obama's friends) and interpret them myself. For example the paper in Illinois that I quoted actually tries to paint a very nice picture of Obama. As far as twisting facts on votes and record everyone should understand by now that those votes are so stacked with various points that an up or down vote could be argued either way by either side. I am not so much a huge fan of McCain as I am extremely leary of Barak Obama. My biggest point is the associations Obama has. I do fear that Mr. Obama may very well be my next president and it scares the begeebies out of me. That's my right and I hope and pray that I am terribly wrong. I have a son coming of age during the next admninistration and I care more about the safety of this nation and my loved ones than anything. I want to know why Barak Obama's name consistently comes up alligned with questionable characters. I want to feel better about him being in the White House if that is the fate of our nation. Not one Barak supporter, online or off, has ever been able to lay out a real case to me as to why they support him. Never.
You know, really this forum is about the debate and the truth is I don't even see it as a debate. There was no debating going on and nothing new thrown out. Obama automatically looks better because he is ahead and can relax more. No one won because the debate never existed and we are all losing as a nation, IMO.

I thought Obama was more articulate than McCain. But despite that, neither candidate understands that government IS THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE SOLUTION to our troubles. Whoever becomes president will be completely vilified in four years and be voted out. Why? Because we are headed for a major economic depression and no one in Washington (and few voters) has a clue as to how we got here and how to fix it.

How can McCain possibly think that most americans don't know about Fannie mae and Freddy Mac? That is insulting to the American people and he was disresectful several times to Obama. He came across like a bully on the scool yard with a secret! Obama gave details about his plan to turn things around, and was composed and did not let Mccains insults get to him. He responded to the facts. If McCain wins the election we will never get back the respect of other countrys.

I think he delivered that comment with sarcasm. To draw the picture ...everyone at this point has heard about Fannie and Freddie....that's the point he was making.

McCain lost big time. You could tell how mad he was the whole time and could barely keep a veneer of civilization over his anger. I couldn't believe it when he referred to Obama as "that one," and he even made a condescending comment to the black audience member who asked a question, saying that he bet the guy had never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Racist much?

When it was all over, McCain wouldn't even shake Obama's hand and left the hall, leaving Barack and Michelle Obama to happily interact with the crowd.

McCain keeps showing his true colors, and I'm loving it!

Key legistation that was put together to help prevent this melt down didn't interest Obama enough to even vote on it one way or another as the Dems banded together to vote the party line and put it to bed.

One more thought which has always intrigued me. Why do we consider Obama Black? By definition wouldn't he use the other box when filling out forms? Or, if not why don't we call him White as his mother is white. I could care less what his race or heritage is but it is a lingering question.

You might want to watch the debate again. McCain did shake his hand at the end. As far as "disrespect" goes, how about the 1st debate when Sen.Obama couldn't give Sen. McCain the respect he deserves by addressing him properly. Race! Please! The only people that keep throwing the "race" card out there seems to be Obama supporters. That in itself is pretty racisit. So, do you think you could know what you are talking about before you post it online next time?Oh and maybe leave race out of it.That is NOT what,who or why I am voting.

I thought McCain did much better at this debate. Obama is a smooth talker, but never tells you HOW he is going to do what he says! McCain has the experience and the relationships on Capital hill to get things done.
I think Obama made a HUGE mistake by blaming the insurance companies for the health care issues. I work for an insurance company and believe me, if anything should be targeted for governement intervention, it should be the drug companies! The are allowed to charge whatever they want and the insurance companies have to pay. My 91 year old aunt has an anemia problem and was given one shot that the insurance company and Medicare was charged $7,000 for! Insurance companies have no choice but to increase premiums when they are expected to pay the outrageous charges made by drug companies and hospitals.

I agree with you Susan, here in Europe we have already a long time what Obama wants to introduce, in an American way : we call the Medicare thing simply 'social security' and it is simply MANDATORY for every one, rich and poor. The fees are taken from your monthly pay and are not considered taxable, for both employee AND employer. Even as unemployed, you are still covered (in a reduced way).
The result is that the drug companies (mostly American) take advantage of it to request extremely high prices. After 20 years the patents fall into the public dominion and you can have the same medicin (with another name of course) for one tenth of the former price !!!!??????
Instead of preparing for new products (medicins) many of those companies didn't find anything better as to fire hundreds and thousands of researchers !!! what have we been paying for all these years ?? the profit of the share holders. There's the problem. I hope today's crisis will change that a bit.
All in all, Obama's job will be to prevent excesses as we know them, you have always ppl who try to profit from a system.
McCain is not coming in my mind, because the solution of tax cut of 5 or $7000 will not favor medical insurances, but in today's crisis will be used by the poorer and middle-class families to simply survive. He is totally passed by time and events.

The root of the problem is that the greedy doctors have done like wall street... They dont want to make just a mild profit...thee want to line their 3 or 4 Mercedes with all the luxuries and have lots of houses like McCain.

They are totally out of control. As a result insurance has to be expensive to pay for all this. Then poor people cannot afford it.

Personally, I would rather see totally socialized medical system like Canada than for health care to be unavailable to so many people.

...actually I believe the real problem is the pharmaceutical companies themselves. That is something you don't hear either side mention.....wonder why?

Obama did not blame the insurance companies per se. The entire system as we know it is broken. Yes, drug companies do charge high prices in some cases for many drugs. As I see it, they have about 7-10 years to recover R&D costs before the patent expires and the drug goes generic.
As far as relationships and experience on Capitol Hill, the whole lot of them should be expunged and and replaced with some people of vision. Make Lobbyists the pariahs they are and ban them from Washington. Obama has some vision for change and it seems McCain feels things have gone pretty well in Iraq ,the economy is in great shape, and he's the best man for the job. I think history is in the making and hopefully will not repeat itself this time.
The American People will wake up and opt for the change Obama is striving for and will get it if the old school politicians are not anywhere near the playground.

Sen obama came across as informative and stately in the way he was poised and addressed the people as well as Sen McCain. On the other hand Sen McCain came across as a bit irritating with the "my friends" and his condesending remarks to several including Tom Brocaw. I was thinking this man needs to go back to the nursing home. His nervous shuffling around was distracting and made me feel as if he was pulling anything out to sound like something what we want to hear. We felt Obama hit it out of the park and clinched our votes for him.

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