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Relaunch the Firefly

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To Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation,

 We fans of the Series "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity" would like to see the series "Firefly" by Joss Whedon and original cast be given another chance.  Please bring back the "Firefly" series.  We want more! Here is the proof from the fans with their support and comments to relaunch the "Firefly".

After the TV series "Firefly" was aired for only 14 episodes it was cancelled.  The "Firefly" series was one of the best I've seen and most original.  Joss Whedon is a genius.  By some miracle, a movie was made called "Serenity", based on the original TV series.  But I and fans want to see more of the "Firefly" series.  As many of us fans, we came to love the crew of "Serenity" and the ship herself.  Help us relaunch the Firefly series and get Serenity back into flight.  Post your opinions and your views here as a petition for getting the  show back on the air.

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Why in god's name did Fox destroy this?? If not Fox ask SyFy, god they'd do it in a heartbeat. Ask Fox for anything is dumb! As SyFy to relaunch it! They had one of the greatest shows ever with BSG and the rabid fans it had! Why not let Syfy take it of of Fox's hands and let them roll with it!
best show ever and its got a movie so why not bring it back. could have done so much more with it.
I just saw the show and thought it was awesome. Bad adverstings and slot could have been the demise. Try again and I will watch and tell friends.
i wanna know who "shepard" book really is
I love this show and would love to see it back on the air
"Like most people, I had never heard of Firefly until a friend recently loaned me the DVD Series.. I was simply blown away! I'm definitely going to buy the series. And it was canceled?? Tragic and heartbreaking. Bring Firefly back!!" --- feel free to copy and paste this everyone...
I only discovered this show after watching Serenity and all i want to say is that I want new episodes. This blows Star trek and Starwars out of space. Lets see some new episodes and watch the ratings go through the roof
Bring it back!
Best Show in the 'verse. So many more stories can be told.....Definitely this is a gorram must! BROWNCOATS!!!
It wasn't given a fair chance, was aired out of order, and the last episode shown was the pilot! Give it a REAL chance!
Awesome show, very unique. Probably my favorite show ever. Need to bring it back. Im sure the cast and crew feel the agree.
Great show which I only found out about after it was canceled. Bring it back!
Firefly is the greatest show ever
Best show ever. Fox executive would be idiots not to bring it back.

While working in Alaska last year I was told of an organization that distributes DVD's to troops stationed overseas. I went to and ordered five sets of Firefly and had them shipped to the group. One, it was a fantastic program and I love to share it with new fans. Two, something like that in the tight ranks will, hopefully, spread like a wild fire. It can still happen... And that would be 'shiny'!

firefly was a truely fantastic series which when i watched it i feel good. the days of feel good series are dead and we need to strongly resurrect them. however we must be careful about what we wish for due to my reasoning that - if firefly is resurrected it must be done so with its original intentions. dont go screwing up a great series just because we want it back. if its back its gotta be great!

Bring Back Firefly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayne is my mofuking hero

You can't take the sky from us. Bring it back.

This show was nothing short of amazing. The only thing that ruined it was network censorship. If the show had been allowed to air as-is, without the network's interference, it would have had a great following. Give it another chance.

OK. My turn.
It would seem George Lucas is bringing a live action show to the small screen. He described it as one that will deal with day-to-day living in the republic. Jedi will(may) be present,but they will solely exist on the peripheral.
Ahem..cough..sounds so vry familiar.

When I was in Iraq I had bought the series and loved it!! I shared it with my whole platoon, soon others were buying it. I think I can claim credit for sharing this show with almost 75 people! I think my MP company should be added to the list, in spirit... and to honor those who were left behind... You should bring it back... or at least make another movie...

Thank you and you entire company for your hard work in Iraq......

Every thing's shiny

Firefly is the best show in the entire world. Hilarious! It has everything! The cast did such a great job, that I felt like I really knew the characters! I have watched the series so many times that I can quote most of the episodes from begininng to end! I own, every comic, and almost every book made about the series including the scriptbooks. Every single person I have introduced to the series has fallen in love with it, just as much as I have! My friends, and family, and I are always quoting it! As a huge fan, I want MORE FIREFLY!

With a world full of reality shows, dumbed down one sided news, hellish portrayals of anything that could be even close to being thought of as a decent program running, not to mention all the celebrity crap on the tube nowadays, Firefly brought all the trimmings. Full of thought provoking humor, action, fantasy, attitude, spontaneity, love, hate, attraction, sexuality, an eclectic family of characters, character interaction and plenty of story to build upon, Firefly is the reason to stop flipping channels and settle on a show that can stimulate all elements of the mind. Come on now, give it a chance... or even better, a channel! It just needs to be seen once and all active minds will be as hooked as I was. I was visiting my brother shortly after he returned from Iraq and was introduced to Firefly by him. I watched it all night straight through till the next day and thats saying something being as I am no couch potato normally. I watched all there was to watch about Firefly. It was not enough. I know crucial characters were lost in Serenity, but who's to say we cannot have tales from in between the end of the first season and Serenity or just say a new technology was able to bring them back and start over with a new reunion? Please, bring it back. You cannot tell me every show on television is better than this gem. There has to be a spot somewhere for the Firefly to return to flight. I sure would like to see more. Thanks for the trip so far.

I Drive semi and keep dvd's in here to watch after a day of driving. firfly is the one series i can watch again and a again.. i have watched the whole series and the movie 4 times in it's entirety since i have gotten it and that was 2 months ago.. i also play the RPG (Role Playing Game) its very fun also, lets you be in the game.. since it seams that way is the way the society is going any way..
every time i watch it i see some thing new and it brings in more ideas for things to make,,

Bring it back,,

Bring back serenity !!!! how stupid of them to cancel the show !!! STUUUUUUPPPPIIIIIID !!!

brink tha **** show back

bring it back...Bring It Back...BRING IT BACK!!! (original cast - with Book and Wash!!)

A theatre professor at my university said that Firefly was one of the best written TV Shows he had ever seen.

I happen to agree.

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