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Remove Warrants from Duane "Dog" Chapman & Family

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To: Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Mexican Attorney General Daniel F. Cabeza de Vaca We, the undersigned, call for a resolution that will drop all charges against Duane 'Dog' Chapman, Tim Chapman and Leland Chapman by the United States and assist in the resolution in Mexico. These three men should be considered heroes who have successfully undertaken a service to bring in convicted felons to justice. Join us in support of the Chapmans. Your signature will go a long way. We will continue to update the powers to be on the support. Quick Background: On June 18, 2003, the Chapman's arrested Andrew Luster, one of "America's most wanted", in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hours after finding Luster, the three were arrested and imprisoned in Mexico, and charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty and illegal seizure. After spending seven days in jail in Mexico, the three were only freed after they posted their own bail. Andrew Luster was returned to the U.S. and imprisoned to begin his 124 year sentence for the rape of three women in California. It didn't end there. On September 14, 2006 the three were arrested by US Marshals. They are currently free on $500,000 bail. They have been required to wear ankle monitors while they wait for the extradition to Mexico where they could face up to four years in prison.
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Dog should not be in jail iight this **** people who rape people who kill people iight so mike c. Stop talking **** about dog the bounty hunter iight **** u for talking **** like that about dog n his family iight I like dog the bounty hunter n his family they are a good bounty hunter who take bd people to jail iight u mad lame mike c. U are a assholes mike c. Fucked Mexico they notting but poor people I don't like Mexico fucked Mexico iight we are America for life save dog the bounty hunter save they family bring back dog the bounty hunter back on TV n mike c. I'll kill u if u talk like that again about dog n his family
Put those law breaking assholes in jail for 10 yrs just because its a poor country doesn't mean u can do what you want they broke the law and they should pay end of story
dog should not be incarcerated for bringing that monster to justice, he should be honored as a hero for taking down the monster known as Andrew Luster.
thats really really screw up.
Mexico is just pist off because one of there people got cought and Dog came to get him.them people out there are animals I mean how could they arrest Dog for trying to arrest a rapist they must allow that sort of stuff in there country...well guess what we dont and the SOB has gotten what he deserves.Now all I can say is F**K MEXICO!!! Love you Dog and Beth..
Duane Lee Chapman is an American and was born on February 2, 1953, to Wesley Chapman and Barbara Chapman. He is the eldest of 4 children, having two younger sisters and one brother. While a member of the Devils Diciples, an outlaw motorcycle club, Chapman alledgedly earned the nickname "Dog" because of his relationship with God. His mother was a minister for the First Assembly of God church and passed her faith onto her son. One of the members of the gang often cursed God, so Chapman prayed for the man and another gang member gave him his nickname- "God" spelled backwards. [4] In 1972, Dog married LaFonda Sue Honeycutt, and they had two children together: Duane Lee Chapman, II (born 1973) and Leland Blaine Chapman (born 1976). In 1976, Dog and another gang member were buying marijuana in Texas when the other gang member shot and killed the drug dealer. At the time, "accessory to murder" charges did not exist in Texas, so Dog was charged with murder and sentenced to five years in prison. He served less than two of those years at Texas State Penitentiary. While there, he served as the warden's barber.[5] Dog and Lafonda divorced during this incident, and he did not see his children for 8 years. HE IS A NO GOOD LAW BREAKER Beth Chapman was detained and had a hearing after she was caught wearing an A&E body microphone when entering the courthouse for their bond hearing; electronic recording devices are prohibited by law from being carried into federal courthouses.[11] She was released after explaining that she "didn't know they had the mic and transmitter"; the judge was satisfied that no recording was done.[1 ALL you people who support this Support breaking the law Beth has done it and Dog.
He is a HYPOCRITE, He claims to work for the LAW "IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT LAND IT IS IN, but breaks the law just like the bail jumpers. He will never step up and answer or turn him self in. He is worse than the Criminals, at least with criminals you know what to expect with them, But DOG breaks it and does not pay. Im glad to see that the Major book stores are pulling his book and canceling his tour. I hope that he does the right thing and goes to Mexico and answers for his crimes, until then people who support him are supporting the the major problem here and in this world. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTION. WE ARE ONE WORLD AND MAYBE AMERICANS DISRESPECT FOR OTHER COUNTRIES LAWS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD, I guess i should not be surprised, USA ranking of 18 in education out of 36 countries.

Duane Chapman is a jerk. I wish people would quit insulting the animals by refering to him as "Dog".
He's just a big bully-coward that mostly preys on small time drug offenders (its debatable if the drug laws are justifiable anyway). Oh yeah, he went after Andrew Luster. It really took a lot of balls to go after a big tough guy like Luster, LOL!! Chapman broke the law whether the law is justifiable or not. Now he needs to go to jail just like the people that he chases down. Mostly what I see on his stupid reality TV show he stays in Ouhua. How hard can it be to find his victims on that tiny island? Eventually he will chase down a real criminal and they will blow his sh_t away. Good riddance!!

Well Larry if he didnt put small time drug offenders away then they would grow into big time drug offenders maybe you like drugs but thats your problem!Dog would kick your ass and have a party after so if you want to call someone a jerk maybe you should take a long look in the mirror!!!!Oh and if you dont like Dog change the F**king channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He put you in jail didn't he larry?

boob jobs are yucky!!! they look like plastic surgery but they are , :o anyway what im trying to say is DONT GET A BOOB JOB!!! um THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!! :) :O :)

I feel so sorry for Dog's wife...she thinks she is so sexy and classy....on the other hand, you have to admire her for not caring how she looks or dresses to be on television...and she is the one getting paid for it...not me.

Dog, Leland, and Tim are amazing people who should not be treated like this. They provide a service to a community and they do a good job at it. They help people find their way to the right path in life. They do not need to be treated like this. They are everyday heroes. people may not believe it but they also save lives. Which makes them extraordinary. Keep Dog & his family free. They're trying to change a society that has turned themselves into the ground.

So you support LAW BREAKERs???

Dog and the boys dont deserve this!they are heros and should be treated like it!i love watching dog and this isnt the 1st time ive heard of this.KEEP DOG FREE!CAGE THE RAPIST!

I am sickened at the thought of 3 heroes being imprisoned for doing what your government was to lazy to do. Mexico would rather imprison 3 men on a political technicallity... then actually work to get a RAPIST off the streets. Duane and his family did the work for the Mexican government, and as grattitude they spat in his face and made a fool of them. Unfortunately KARMA is sickening... and they wanted a rapist free, I hope they keep good watch on their daughters and wives.

Amen to that! I don't agree with everything Dog and the pack does, but they are certainly doing a good thing. And they do try to help people along the way. The world could use a few more like them. Good luck to them
Nobody said they wanted the rapist free, but to apprehend him he BROKE THE LAW. You support what he did then you are supporting rapist,murders and all other law breakers.

Dog Chapman and his family did a public service when they captured felons. The only right way to handle this madness is to drop the warrants.

dog the bounty hunter and beth chapman are so dum right now they cant find me if u all can come to thunder bay ontario in the country murillo

you can't even spell the word dumb
you can't even spell the word dumb

come and get me u fools

This was ridiculous,Duane should have never been punished for another man's crime. Please make the right decision and drop all charges against Duane and his family.

The only person who should be in Jail is Luster.Long Live The Dog

the guilty one here is LUSTER not the chapmans!!! why are they and their great children being put on trial for doing GOOD!!!!

a guilty person got caught and your punishing the people who were getting rid of the scum?


dog and the boys are heros in my book the took the time to find the guy and get him off the streets befor he raped some one else. Dog and his family should be left alone and the charges droped.

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