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Return Firefly and Serenity

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Firefly and Serenity fans! This petition I created in the hopes that our aggressiveness, and loyalty to bring back our favorite tv show and movie are noticed. Joss Whedon has created an extra-ordinary universe that was stripped right from under us loyal fans, and a movie that could have potentially been made into a sequel and prequel. I urge every Firefly, every Serenity, every Joss Whedon, every Western and SciFi fanatic to vote for the return of Firefly and Serenity. If the fans of Jericho can bring back their show from hibernation, then we should be able to resurrect ours!

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you can't take the sky from me
I believe that this is the only show other than Star Trek to have such an overwelming increase in fans after the fact of it being cancelled.Anytime someone says hey, have you ever seen that show Firefly? I say oh man isn't that just the coolest show ever.I can guarentee if they brought it back ,it would be one of the highest rated shows on tv. Which would line the pockets of Fox or whatever channel that would have the foesight to bring it back. All I can say is , They can burn the land and boil the sea but they can't take Firefly from me. Well my heart anyway.
Give back my sky you guh jun duh hwoon dahns!
There's no place I can be...
Too bad the corporate fat cats killed it. If they would have removed their heads from their a$$es it could have been very profitable for them.
I've never seen a show as entertaining as firefly. It is a timeless epic adventure. Bring it back!!
Great comment. Short and sweet but definately says it all.
Once in every 30 years a show comes to television that actually entertains and gives us a something to watch...not only should the show be given another kick at the cat but new shows be written and produced to see just where in the verse we would have ended up ... Gorram guys give you're head a shake .. long live the brown coats
I would tell you why I think they should start the series back up but it has pretty much been summed up by all the other comments. All I can tell you that hasnt already been said is that I myself greatly support the continuing of the Firefly series!!!!!!!
Bring it back! Whedon is a genius!
I just watched the entire season of firefly and i still cannot fathom why they would cancel a show as good as that when I finished the last episode I was like Wtf they are so many ways you can go with this series soo many more seasons that can be made the cast was awesome if and network had any brains they would get same cast and director and continue the epic saga
If they don't bring back Firefly I will cut off my left arm.
This series its amassing, storyline and visual qualities. How in the world did this show legitimately become canceled. Please for the love of the people, so many of us, bring the show back. When it comes down to it if this show was to air today at this very moment, it would give every show that is currently on now a massive run for its money. Please consider the very least give everyone another movie or two to expand and branden this excellent epic story. thank you.
Bring it back!
get this **** show back on the air fox
Come Back Serenity!
Yes. Come Back!
Bring it back!
I understand fully that the movie was only made to give a proper send-off to the show, but nevertheless the show was way too good to end. I firmly believe all of us Browncoats would willingly fight a war to bring this fantastic show back.
Bring Back Firefly
One of the best Sci-Fi series ever made. I really would like to see a next season!
I love Firefly and Serenity: I want to say thanks to Joss Whedon for the great characters, and also for not botching the series / movie overlap - great work :) Bring Firefly Back!!
FIREFLY Greatest series ever!!!
Gorram, blood sucking, no good for nothing FOX!!! Do they have a personal dislike to Joss Whedon? Cancelled Dollhouse and that was ace too. Firefly is still my absolute favourite. Beautiful mix of characters and never fails to make me laugh. I am spreading the joy...
Bring Back Firefly
I love firefly and so does every one I show it to.please give it another chance for the fans.
Joss Whedon, Discovered Firefly on Netflix...Wow. I sing the theme song several times a day....please write an extended version for the new episodes. please, please, please. You were robbed of fair presentation the first time around. Some smart executive won't make that mistake again. It's time to stoke up the fire!
Have had the series running on a loop for the past year- I just don't wanna leave the 'Verse. This could have been a gorram Star Trek (only, you know, actually good) in terms of longevity, based on its current popularity. It still can be.
Great series. Great movie. Could have watched it forever. Seriously.
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