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Return Firefly and Serenity

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Firefly and Serenity fans! This petition I created in the hopes that our aggressiveness, and loyalty to bring back our favorite tv show and movie are noticed. Joss Whedon has created an extra-ordinary universe that was stripped right from under us loyal fans, and a movie that could have potentially been made into a sequel and prequel. I urge every Firefly, every Serenity, every Joss Whedon, every Western and SciFi fanatic to vote for the return of Firefly and Serenity. If the fans of Jericho can bring back their show from hibernation, then we should be able to resurrect ours!

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Bring back firefly please!
We need Firefly !!!
One of the best TV series ever produced. Not bringing back the show would be silly... Please!
they really should just retcon the movie and continue the series
Excellent show. Please bring Firefly back!!!
What a shame with such a promising show, BIG MISTAKE BRING IT BACK.
As several others have mentioned, I just got into the series and can't believe I never knew about it when it aired. What a fantastic series. I am watching on Hulu and have one episode left (next week). It will be sat to watch the last one. Usually a show needs time to mature before you like or understand all the characters. Not so with this one. All of the characters seemed right for their parts, and all meshed together very well. I would love to see this show back on the air in any capacity, but certainly with all the original characters.
Firefly is re-running here in UK and still getting good viewing figures.....the demand is there. PUT IT BACK ON THE BOX FOX!!
Joss, we know you love this show, don't stop halfway.
There was not enough marketing done on this show! A lot of people that are now just watching the episodes are giving it a thumbs up!! A lot of people never heard of this show including me... Improve the marketing and you will have a much larger fan base....BRING IT BACK!
We need to know what happens - bring back Firefly Fox!!!!
A friend has been showing me some of the episode, and I have to say this is one of the best tv shows I have ever seen. They should bring it back(even though that would contradict the movie, but who cares about that...)
I can't believe I just found this! A chap at my local library recommended it and it's awesome! Same scenario as Mike S below! 3 days and want more!
Rented the movie and loved it. Bought the DVD. Now I watching the TV series. Why did they cancel this???
wow i found this show way late. just watched every episode and then serenity in three days. please make more episodes??
I found the film on DVD in a supermarket, Loved it. I have watched it so many times. Then a week ago found a DVD of the Firefly series, this is so excellent, I wish there was more, There surely should be.
i have watched the first season and film countles times, it is one of the best serese i have ever watched. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we want more
bring it back plz
The cancelation of the Firefly series was one of the worst ideas that Fox ever made, and that is saying something, right there.... They need to find a way to get this show back on the air. It is evident from all the shows that the cast members are on today that they still LOVE the ol' show. And I am sure they would all come back easily to do it again.
Firefly is the best SciFi show ever, please bring it back to us. PLLEEASSEEE.
Firefly is the best SciFi show ever, please bring it back to us.
please bring it back! life just isnt as good without Firefly, and show it in the right order this time..
give it back
It's a western set in space. How much more do you need? Anyone with half a brain would watch this show.
big scifi fan, scene nearly all scifi since the 60's. i know im not alone here but i gotta say firefly is bar none the best ever made. perfect synergy between characters, shows told a good story and left you with a good feeling. Bringing the show back would raise the bar on everything being televised.
Hello, I would also like to join the petition for restoration of Firefly and Serenity because it is a great series that got a good chance.
I would trade about 10 other shows just to see Firefly return. It's one of the few I don't feel dumber after watching... Please come back... HBO, Showtime: Hire Joss Whedon. You won't regret it.
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