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Return Firefly and Serenity

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Firefly and Serenity fans! This petition I created in the hopes that our aggressiveness, and loyalty to bring back our favorite tv show and movie are noticed. Joss Whedon has created an extra-ordinary universe that was stripped right from under us loyal fans, and a movie that could have potentially been made into a sequel and prequel. I urge every Firefly, every Serenity, every Joss Whedon, every Western and SciFi fanatic to vote for the return of Firefly and Serenity. If the fans of Jericho can bring back their show from hibernation, then we should be able to resurrect ours!

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Best Sci-Fi ever made get Firefly flying again

I can only agree...bring Firefly back...I miss it!!


Browncoats may have embraced firefly, but first the show embraced us. That's the feeling one gets from watching firefly - like settling into a comfy space and hanging out with friends. The environment was rich, combing the known with the exotic in ways that were entirely believable. We wanted to be there. We still do. The characters were people we knew, or had facets of people we knew, or really, seemed like people we would love to know. And we would love to know them better, which means we need this show to come on back! We are waiting with open arms...

I heard about the hype, so I had to check out Firefly for myself.  These people are not wrong.  The show is very good, and it is a shame there are so few episodes.  If they broght the show back, I would definitely watch it.  It's really too bad  that that show didn't make it, and reality TV did.

This is by FAR the best SciFi TV-series evercreated. It has everything. Mystique, thrill, great acting, cool charachters, beautiful females, many funny sentences, a super universe and world description. Made me laugh so much my stomac ached.

 I really hope firefly series will return. Thank you for a wonderful show guys !!

The 'verse makes for a far more interesting setting and premise than that created in any sci-fi series or movie thus far. And on top of that, the characters of Firefly and Serenity have more depth, edge, and likability than any other show that I have seen. Perhaps Firefly didn't garner the cult following it deserved when first aired (though that may have had something to do with the fact that the episodes were aired out of order), but based on the continued response of fans, and the continued growth of the number of fans, now is the time for more Firefly. Bring it back!

Yes, bad starting order is what doomed our favorite video pasttime to be cancelled...the networks have such Genius in their programming.   Frown  But, HEY, we Browncoats got the season extended when it was slated to be cancelled, and provided the impetus for the movie!  Even the space monkeys and reevers couldn't stop us!  Yell  The signal lives on through US!

Now, um, where is the new DVD?  TIA




One of the best shows ever. So many questions are still not answered completely so it could easily run for many more sesons. Also i hope some day a MMORPG will be made because the "world" is perfect for such a game.
please bring back FireFly It was a great show

Never before has there been a show with such heart and character. Truly one of a kind! It's resurrection would be a dream come true for die-hard fans. Firefly rules! Fox sucks! That's all ah got to say about that.

I believe this show should be braught back before i start going into withdrawls, seriously

this show is amazing, and should come back, for all of us to enjoy 

 :) please? before I break down and start buying the comic.




Bring it back, Bring it back! How can you cancel Jayne!!! HOW!
This show was great!!  They need to bring it back, hope they actually read this so they realize that this show has tons of fans that want more.
Bring back Firefly. I miss the show and i miss River! I think this was the greatest show to ever hit any screen!!!!!

I just discovered Firefly a week ago.  This show puts the mark way up there.  This is how I always envisioned Sci-Fi.  I want more.  

the execs are fools for cancelling a great show like firefly.  if they want to bring in the views then they need to bring back firefly.  so many people fell in love with the show when it aired and so many more fell in love with it after the movie.  we want firefly back.
A few days ago i have watched FireFly. It is one of the best films, I've ever seen. Please return it!!!!
How can Fox destroy a show with so much potential? For once a show that can advance through character development alone, with a fan base this big after it's defunct? Fox, get new executives because you prats obviously don't know what you're doing. Any kid could do the job better.
Please bring this great show back!  This show has SOO much potential.  Bring it over to SciFi.  Fox destroys so many good shows.  This is one of the great casts that has been assembled its such a shame to see it destroyed.

Please return this show.  It was such a huge mistake to take it off the air as there are obviously so many passionate fans out there that made such a big stink about it they helped to bring a movie into being.  This type of fan response has brought back several shows and Firefly is definetly one that needs to be back or at the very least a second Serenity movie.


Ever found yourself in the video store trying to find something just as satisfying as Firefly then walk out because there is nothing with that very same quality as firefly. why should we put up with watching crap when we have witnessed something with quality as firefly had.

I mean they could at least put on repeats to satisfy us until there is more new ones to watch.

I am a huge Sci-Fi buff, but regret to say that I never saw Firefly when it was on tv.  After renting Serenity on the advice of a friend just last week, my husband and I immediately went out and got Firefly on dvd.  It is AWESOME!!!!  With the shock and outrage I feel about it's cancellation now, I can only imagine how the fans felt at the time!  Though a little late, I'm a browncoat now and forever!!
be a browncoat! bring back the wonder that is firefly! bring back the sci-fi/westerny goodness!

I miss the feeling of Serenity that would embrace my body while each week a new episode would air and I would spend an hour aboard my favorite Firefly.  I miss my Captain and his quiet, gruff way of showing he cares.  I miss my First Mate and her solid support of my Captain.  I miss my Pilot, may he rest in peace, and his comically animated way of flying our home.  I miss my Mechanic and her loving way of taking care of the ship that we all call home.  I miss my Public Relations man and how his mercenary ways, even though troublesome, would always be fun to watch.  I miss my Companion and the way she could help us get out of trouble just with her status.  I miss my Shephard, may he rest in peace, and the intriguing way he always seemed to know what our enemy-The Alliance-was thinking or what they would do.  I miss my Doctor and the way he was so stupidly-but adorably-missed all the hints and signals our Mechanic gave him.  And I miss my Reader, for everything she is and will always be to our crew.

I am grateful that Firefly is available on DVD and that I was able to pick it up the day it was released.  I am grateful that they allowed Serenity to be made so that I was able to go see it the day it premiered and so that I was also able to pick it up the day it was released on DVD.  I am also grateful for the 2-disc Collector's edition of Serenity that has great bonus features and that I was able to pick up the day it was released. 

However, I would be more grateful, extremely more grateful, if you brought back the show.  I wish my Pilot and my Shephard could be there-even though I know that's not possible, but I would love to see the rest of the crew in some new adventures.  And maybe an addition.  Hint, hint:Zoe did want a baby with Wash.  Who's to say they didn't make one before they went to Miranda?Wink  Thanks for your consideration.  And I expect to be seeing Firefly on the small screen soon!!!!!!!!!!!

joss is a genius...he just seems to be ahead of his time and the stupid networks can't see that his shows rock! Bring the mischief back...yay the browncoats!

Return the fly.
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