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Return Firefly and Serenity

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Firefly and Serenity fans! This petition I created in the hopes that our aggressiveness, and loyalty to bring back our favorite tv show and movie are noticed. Joss Whedon has created an extra-ordinary universe that was stripped right from under us loyal fans, and a movie that could have potentially been made into a sequel and prequel. I urge every Firefly, every Serenity, every Joss Whedon, every Western and SciFi fanatic to vote for the return of Firefly and Serenity. If the fans of Jericho can bring back their show from hibernation, then we should be able to resurrect ours!

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I'd love this show to return. Have the studios seen how many dvd sets of the TV series were sold?! A huge f*cking pile, that's how many! I want Kaylee back, I want her and Simon to have awkward moments where he's constantly screwing up. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE STORY IS WITH THOSE CREEPY GUYS WITH THE BLUE GLOVES!!!! I want Wash back. I want them all back on my tv. Yell

It was the greatest show ever mad and thats that.

The Movie was great to 

Show rocks.  There is so much crap on TV that I can't believe something with clever, funny and with limitless storyline potential would get shelved. 


I'm not a fanboy of Joss Whedon by any means but Firefly was great. 

The TV-show was a great. The episodes were exposed on "Fox", and out-of-order. The episodes were canceled after 14 of them, not all of them showed. DVDs found an enormous fan-base. Joss made advertising videos for film-promotion for the film, which is Serenity. His directorial big-screen debut, Serenity, was solid and perfectly complained about by critics hardly-to-be-trusted (by me, anyhow). He made comics about the Firefly 'verse, all top-knotch. He is conspicuously creative and has enough intelligent friends to bring back Firefly as a TV show? "Why was this canceled?" simply asked the star, Nathan Fillion (or Alan Tudyk, I'm not sure), after all.

If such a return happens, Firefly history writes its rare piece yet again! As is constantly floating in my head: What channel would the return happen, if Joss seriously plans on not working with "Fox" any longer when it comes to TV as I've heard? How old would everyone look or be? How heroic and supernatural would River Tam get? The population of fans ("Browncoats") still increases, another odd piece taken from history's pages. Does the big screen picture Serenity, something disappointing to too many, have any affect on the decisions?

 Seriously, after witnessing the responses to this thing, I weirdly want the Firefly/Serenity 'verse to return to screen!

How Firefly got cancelled I'll never know. I can't wait untill the day someone brings it back!

"2 by 2, hands of blue" (River)

I want to know all of the Shiny things that stewed in Joss' brain for all of the main Characters.  Especially about Books' Past!
How could they cancel firefly... i do not know, firefly really draws you in, its an amazing show would love to see series 2 :) or serenity 2
Firefly is great. I liked every episode and I enjoyed every moment this series had to offer. Funny, with lots of charme, sometimes even serious, but always with heart. I think Firefly is Joss Whedons greatest work. And it is a shame, that his greatest work, had to be cancelled so soon. Because we could clearly see, the potential. However maybe it couldn't live up to it's hype. Maybe we wouldn't like it so much, if it would be a couple of seasons long. But I have to think of Heroes. The series who gets worse with every day, since the season finale. Even this huge disappointment has more episodes than Firefly. I rather watch some more Firely eps, than Heroes.
I have come late to Firefly but think its brilliant. Only found out halfway through watching the series that no more have been made - couldn't believe it! Bring it back!
I can't live without my Jayne!!! Give me back my JAYNE!!!
TV is boring, we want firefly **** it!!!Yell
Firefly is a fantastic show,how could they scrap such a great series.
Bring Firefly back, eventhough i didnt saw all the episodes, it was awsome it had everything to make a series perfect, not like the power rangers that are the same everytime. The movie Serenity rocked and there could be made more episodes from the movie. Firefly still lives on, please bring it back. I bet Joss had more plan but those idiots didnt want to aprove a show that pack its perfection.
I think now that there's so many fans of the show it would do great 
Don't you know that the tragedy of 9-11 overshadowed the success this show could have had.  In a way the reality of the tragedy prevented us from fully enjoying the freedom of detatchment that we so love about a good sci-fi.  I find it ironic that the underlying emotions of the Firefly and Serenity story line so vividly portray and parallel our own emotions during that time.  How I wish we had a Serenity.  It was so much greater than it was allowed to be during those dark days.  Seriously, I really loved this show.  Pass the word, "BRING BACK THE SERENITY!!" 
Hands down one of the better shows....that should/would thrive...especially in the wake of the probable last season of BSG
What a great show.Hope it gets the credit it deserves!
Absolutely loved the show! Saw it on DVD first but would love to see the program return to tele! I have watched the series (as short lived as it was) four times and hope to watch it again when I get it back from my friend. (Who I have just turned onto the show and she is already seeing the actors on other programs and freaks!) I bought the comics but haven't opened them up in case they will be worth something some day??? One never knows.
Please please please bring back this wonderful verse/western with all it's charms. Will miss Wash and Book but I am sure Joss can come up with some great new characters! 
Best Sci-Fi ever made get Firefly flying again

I can only agree...bring Firefly back...I miss it!!


Browncoats may have embraced firefly, but first the show embraced us. That's the feeling one gets from watching firefly - like settling into a comfy space and hanging out with friends. The environment was rich, combing the known with the exotic in ways that were entirely believable. We wanted to be there. We still do. The characters were people we knew, or had facets of people we knew, or really, seemed like people we would love to know. And we would love to know them better, which means we need this show to come on back! We are waiting with open arms...

I heard about the hype, so I had to check out Firefly for myself.  These people are not wrong.  The show is very good, and it is a shame there are so few episodes.  If they broght the show back, I would definitely watch it.  It's really too bad  that that show didn't make it, and reality TV did.

This is by FAR the best SciFi TV-series evercreated. It has everything. Mystique, thrill, great acting, cool charachters, beautiful females, many funny sentences, a super universe and world description. Made me laugh so much my stomac ached.

 I really hope firefly series will return. Thank you for a wonderful show guys !!

The 'verse makes for a far more interesting setting and premise than that created in any sci-fi series or movie thus far. And on top of that, the characters of Firefly and Serenity have more depth, edge, and likability than any other show that I have seen. Perhaps Firefly didn't garner the cult following it deserved when first aired (though that may have had something to do with the fact that the episodes were aired out of order), but based on the continued response of fans, and the continued growth of the number of fans, now is the time for more Firefly. Bring it back!

Yes, bad starting order is what doomed our favorite video pasttime to be cancelled...the networks have such Genius in their programming.   Frown  But, HEY, we Browncoats got the season extended when it was slated to be cancelled, and provided the impetus for the movie!  Even the space monkeys and reevers couldn't stop us!  Yell  The signal lives on through US!

Now, um, where is the new DVD?  TIA




One of the best shows ever. So many questions are still not answered completely so it could easily run for many more sesons. Also i hope some day a MMORPG will be made because the "world" is perfect for such a game.
please bring back FireFly It was a great show

Never before has there been a show with such heart and character. Truly one of a kind! It's resurrection would be a dream come true for die-hard fans. Firefly rules! Fox sucks! That's all ah got to say about that.

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