Rosie O'Donnell on Celebrity Apprentice

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Donald Trump has reportedly invited a celebrity he would love to have a boardroom showdown with -- Rosie O'Donnell-- to be part of his fall show - Celebrity Apprentice. Rosie has not-so-politely declined.

If you would like to see Rosie and the Donald mix it up on this show, sign this petition.

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I agree....but as you know,

I agree....but as you know, it brings publicity to people who need attention. That's pretty much anyone involved with Hollywood.....and the Trumpster needs attention!

NO NO NO. What he says is

NO NO NO. What he says is true about her NO NO NO. Why would anyone put stupid peole like her on TV, we dont care about her!!!!!!! Dont give her attention. it would be a wrog move!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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