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Save Chloe Sullivan

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We, the undersigned fans,want to see Allison Macks contract renewed for a 8th season of Smallville.

Smallville will never be the same without Chloe Sullivan. We love Allison and her character too much to let her go without a fight.

Please sign this petition and show your support for Chloe Sullivan/Allison Mack in season 8 of Smallville. Send it to your friends, family, co-workers, put the petition widget on your MySpace and FaceBook page. Let's not see another great character become a memory. 

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i love Chloe Sullivan, plz keep her on Smallville!!!

I have liked the character Chloe Sullivan from day 1 season 1. She is very well written and Allison Mack does a fantastic job portraying her. For seven years the character Chloe Sullivan has made her mark in the Superman universe. In the latest episode I watched, she said it best when going to rescue Kara in season 7 episode 14, I'd climb Mt. Everest to save Clark show how devoted and dedicated she is to her fried.

I want her to stay on Smallville. She is amazing, and in my opinion, better than Lois Lane, since to me she IS more like Lois, than the actress that plays her. Lois and Clark are canon, but canon in the fictional world can change and Chloe Sullivan is that change.

I love Allison Mack and would really hate it if the character of Chloe wasn't in season eight of Smallville.

i leave mi mail allison stay in the show.

We need chloe on the show.

I've been watching Smallville since it's inception and I couldn't bear to sit through a single episode without Chloe Sullivan and, by extension, the incredibly talented Ms. Mack.

Margaret Bates

Allison Mack is th only reason i actually watch Smallville now. their story lines are lacking, but Chloe never does... If they don't have Chloe in the next season... I WILL NOT continue to watch Smallville. I mean yes it will be tempting... Smallville is my favorite thing in the whole world... but... if you think i will watch that show without Chloe... you are wrong.

Plus... the show will seriously loose a lot of viewers... and a season 8 will be worth nothing... so yeah... Chloe to me... keeps the show Together!


Chloe Rocks! Smallville needs her!!!

No Chloe = No Smallville. And it's as simple as that for me!

Allison Mack is the only reason I continue to watch this show. I know the shows main character is Clark Kent but with the continued regression of his character, I've had to depend on the character of Chloe to keep me tuned in every week. Allison's portrayal of Chloe has made the character one of the BEST female fictional characters on TV for me and I as well as many others would like to see Chloe's story on Smallville end with what was foreshadowed since season 1. Her climbing to the top of the DP.

Keeping Allison for the final season of this show, will keep me tuned in.

There have been more than a few times I've wanted to stop watching Smallville(endless Clana storylines) but one thing stopped me every time. Allison Mack. Her portrayal of Chloe Sullivan has made this show for me. Now matter how many times she is pushed to the side in favor of Lana or Lois, Chloe never gives up. She fights for what she believes in and I think it's about time your fans did the same for her. Without Chloe/Allison this show holds very little appeal anymore. Keep her and you'll keep a loyal fan.

Chloe is one of the best characters on the show. I want her back for the 8th season.

We want our Chloe back for 8th season!!

There is no way that Smallville can survive without Chloe Sullivan. Furthermore, no one else can play the character of Chloe Sullivan better, or even as good as, Allison Mack. More importantly, I honestly don't think Clark Kent could become the hero he needs to be without the help and support of Chloe Sullivan.

i am a 30-year fan of Superman and have watched every season of Smallville. However, the only reason I have contined being interested in the series is due to the Chloe Sullivan character as portrayed by Ms. Mack. I find her to be the most heroic, self-sacrificing and noble character in the entire show.. Clark is a whiner and a full-time self-pitying jerk. Writing Chloe out of the series before season 8 would be the enormous mistake. I certainly would stop watching.

Allison Mack es la mejor.

I don't think Smallville will survive ratings through Season 8 without Allison's character. Chloe Sullivan is a huge part of Clark's life. She's one of the reasons I have been a loyal fan for 7 seasons. Renew Allison Mack's contract!!

Chloe needs to stay!!! Clark would be lost without her..he needs her in season 8 to help him in his journey to become SUPERMAN! Plus, Allison Mack Rocks!

Smallville has done a few things right and Allison Mack's Chloe Sullivan tops the list. She is so integrated with the series that I cannot imagine the show succeeding without her.

I agree with you guys!

There's no Smallville without Chloe! Keep our girl.

be sure... without Chloe... Smallville is nothing!!

I love Chloe. I like her be on season 8.


Chloe Sullivan is too lovely and well developed a character to be ditched, and deserves a glorious destiny just like Clark does. This is due to excellent script writing for her character and for the lovely performance the adorable Allison Mack provides. Give her a happy and open-ended finish at the end of the Smallville series!

Yes, please keep her character. She's one of my faves!

We love Allison/Chloe and want to see her in season 8.

Taylor and Nicole

I would like to see Allison Mack continue the series, she is a HUGE part of Samllville.

Keep Allison on the show, we love her dearly!!

Andy Ledford, Califonia.

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