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Information About Chuck (NBC SHOW) :With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency (Adam Baldwin, "My Bodyguard") assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA's top agent (and Chuck's first date in years), Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strzechowski, "Gone"). They'll try to keep him safe by trading in his pocket protector for a bulletproof vest. Also starring are Joshua Gomez ("Without a Trace") as Morgan, Chuck's best buddy, and Sarah Lancaster ("What About Brian?") as Chuck's ever-supportive sister, Ellie. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak wrote, "Chuck," which is produced by College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Sign this petition if your want to see another season of Chuck.

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On Imdb it seems that they havent closed the serie for new seasons this just gives Me a bit of hope, I highly hope for another season just one to explain what happends between sarah and chuck and what about casey wheres he gone to ? Bring Back the show ! BTW is theres a facebook group we must join to ?
Hi Jim, what do you mean with lmdb?
Its the best series of all time. I finished the last episode right know. I could cry. Please bring Chuck back. With your help Guys we can do this. Let´s do this.
I believe, NBC can bring world more new seasons of Chuck, and what is more important for NBC, they can make much more money. Just follow BBC and their project, and a series that has lasted for decades, Doctor Who. They giving us Doctor Who seasons since 1963. and what is more important, they giving us more, and today, and tomorrow, and they will. Please NBC, give us more seasons of Chuck Bartowski. Thats the most awesome series I ever watched in my whole life. You will not regret, I promise. People loves Chuck. Save the Chuck Bartowski.
It's very hard to find good tv and chuck is very refreshing and funny. I want new season of chuck!
Chuck was a great show that was fun to watch. Although I think a relaunch of the series is unlikely. I would like a 2 hour movie on TV or even a theatrical release. But in any case it would have to have the real cast. That should be in the realm of possibility, after all there was an X-files movie.
I REALLY WANT CHUCK BACK, I dont think that this will help but at least I tried
I REALLY WANT CHUCK BACK, I dont think that this will help but at least I tried
Hallo @ all!!!! first of all, i want wish here ererybody "happy easter" and second: i am still planing for "get back CHUCK" so plz stay tuned and wait. c u guys
Chuck can not end like this ... we want a sequel to the questions of the fifth season
Chuck can not end like this ... we want a sequel to the questions of the fifth season
season 6 please!! this show is amazing theres so many things left unclear
@ Markus M. Try to organize a flash mob in your country.
@Markus M. I have not received any email. I sent you the profile. Give me your please?
Give us season 6 !!!
yes!!! and more!!!!!!!!
I dont know why this link dont open. but its written that Zachary Levi will do a Chuck film!!!!!
Hi @ all !!!! @ nin f.: send you an e-mail. Did it arrive? Its nice to see, that every day, more CHUCKSTERS signed here. Bravo!!! I am starting now, here in Germany, to get contact, with the German-CHUCKSTERS. and i will start to unit them. To all CHUCKSTERS here at youchoose. Stay at ball!!! Don`t sleep. Try to find friends and familie members which want to get an CHUCKSTERS. If someone get friends in the USA or is from USA, do it also. it`s very important, to get CHUCK more popular!! only if the interess grown up for CHUCK, we got an chance to get back CHUCK. If i got new news, i am coming back and tell it to you all! Have fun with CHUCK and don`t forget him!!!!
@Markus M. hello agree with everything you said. In Italy we are going to make u flash mob on July 6 in Rome. You should try to contact the fan of your nation chuck so that you too faciate a flash mob in your country. Unfortunately Petitions do not need much more, but now the lens and contact chuck and yvonne for the film. The next goal will be a warner bros. Zachary seems to have the desire to do the movie, but also depends on the manufacturers. Now see what they tell you other fans and try to organize the flash mob for chuck. Or come here in Italy on July 6. Contact me. I'll give you all the information and news. Go on messages
chucksters. look arround and find more friends or members of the family to be also a chucksters. show them how funny and romantice and many action in CHUCK is and that they join our community. its a show for young and old. for all kind of people. till yet, we only lost a battle, but not the war. but we should not give up and forget this greatest show. we got time, to grown up our community and unite with other fanclubs all over the world to be, one powerful voice!! and so our voice are bigger and louder, day by day. and perhaps some day, they´ll see and hear us and can´t look and hear away any more. we will show them, how powerful chuckster can be. we got an iron will!!!!! We all must start the next battle, together!!!
we must know, how many chucksters (chuck fans) are in the world. We need to show NBC, that there is not only a market in the usa for chuck. all in the world are many chucksters, who want new seasons, and many from them, are ready to pay for it. and not to forget the producers. we need them and the stories of them
we need hardcore fans in the usa, which are nearly to all. we need one or two actors from team Bartowski (Y. Strahovsky, Zachary Levi or someone else, to find on twitter) which help us. And last but not least we need "subway" as a sponsor, that they fight with us for more seasons of chuck!!!
come on guys. don´t sleep. we must stay on ball, how we germans like to say. we need a plan, to get all chucksters from all in the world, together in one voice. we need to show NBC and Warn. Bros. that they can earn a lot of money with new Chuck seasons. There a many, many, many fans on earth.
@ nin f. i cant go on your facebook link! how far are you with, bringing all petitions together?
We need more Chuck seasons. so it cant be ending. such a great show. All fans in world have to get together and show nbc, that there is a busines with Chuck seasons!! I will see it in TV and after that will sure buy the DVD`s
I must point out the flash mob organized in Italy for July 6, go ahead in your country and we will get what we want. events/28803285...
In Italy we are creating a coalition between the mega fan of chuck to achieve the goal of the film. I propose to bring together all the petitions of the world in a single petition and create a larger one. If you are interested we are here m/una_firma_per.... Go to comment and ask for chuck 6 °.
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