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save midnight sun long live edward!

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stephanie mayar


c'mon people the twilight books are amazing and everyone whos read themcan agree w me so help us convince stephanie mayar to ignore what her freakin friend did and contiue with and finish midnight sun.

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I really want to be able to read edwards perspective. before the crap even happened and i herd she was writting a book i was so excited. then somebody messed it up! She shouldent take it out on everybody else for something one person did!
I so wanna read midnight sun, I'm dying here! The first chaps were so awsome and edward's perspective was awsome too. I wanna read it 'til the end. So, please, I beg you, write and publish it. All your fans would be grateful. Sure, it must have been hard on you knowing what your friend did, but we all stand behind you. Don't let it get to you any longer. The leaked part has nothing to do with continuing to write on it. Go for it, we all believe in you.
Please finish writing midnight sun!!!
please continue to write midnight sun!
Has a hugh fan of yours I was upset and disgusted to read what had happed to you but if the person who leaked midnight sun did this with the right intensions has it is stated on your website then why allow this persons stupity to ruin it for all the people who really count, the millions of fans around the world that fell in love with your beautiful characters and your wonderfull way of allow your readers to become encapsulated into forks along side Bella and Edward, i have read everything thats on your website and even thought ive read the saga numerous times find myself wanting to know more bout all the characters. Your fans understand your disappointment at what has happed to you but we are all hoping and praying that you find the inspiration to continue with this. Please, please, please finish what you have started and Thank you for the wonderfull books you have already wrote and hope that if anything this petition not only gives you the hope to continue Midnight sun but to inspire you to write all the other stories that have not yet fpund there way to paper. Helen Hesketh, West Yorkshie, England.
I am a absolute Twilight Fan and was deeply upset to find out what some horrible person had done to Midnight sun and even if the person had the right intensions to do that without stephanies permission was just wrong, but if it was done has stephanie writes on her website then please do not allow the stupidty of that person to effect the people who really count the millions of fans around the world that have fallen in love with the characters and story and who would be deeply disappointed if this book did not come to fruition, all stephanies fans understand how upset she must feel about what has happed to her but we are all still hoping and praying that you can find the inspiration to continue for all our sakes, i have read everything on stephanies website including the 12 chapters of midnight sun and was left wanting to read more. Please, please finish what you have started and allow Edward to have his thoughts and feeling to be captured on paper has you did with bella's i honestly believe that stephanie has a author deserves to finish this book in spite of everything and prove to that no matter what a true author always does what shes knows is right. Please, please, please continue. Thankyou for your wonderful writing and if anything that this petition may give you some hope and inspiration to continue writing not only Midnite sun but all those other stories that have not yet made there way to paper. Helen Hesketh, West Yorkshire, England.
I loved the twilight saga and would love to be able to understand Edwards point of view from everything ive read on stephanie website im intrigued 2 read more and am hoping and praying that she finds the belief to continue writing Midnight sun after the horrible and nasty leak that was made i just hope that for all the true fans sake that she will be able to put this horrible event behind her and continue has their are so many true and real fans that will rush to the stores to continue their twilight fix. i know it maybe difficult to continue after what happed but please, please finish Midnight sun. thankyou very much for the brilliant reads so far. Helen Hesketh, England.
You are a fantasic writer, I loved The Twilight Saga, and The Host. I know alot of people who have read your books and they thought they was fantastic, i told them about Midnight Sun and they were really disappointed about the idiot people who would spoil such a good novel. I hope you do finish writing Midnight Sun as I cant find any other books quite like the standered of your writing. I have read The Twilight Saga 3 times and still cant get enough, please for all the Edward Cullen and Bella Swan fans out there PLEASE finish writing Midnight Sun. Thank You, Shaun Robinshaw, England.
PLZ im beggin you finish writin Midnight Sun!!!!!! I love your series don't let anyone stop you 4rm finishin it!! Think of all the fans your lettin down just because of one persons mistake don't allow that person to determine the fate of Midnight Sun!!! You should always finish what you start!!! Plz continue what you started, not only for this book, but for the other books in the future as well!!!! Your jepordizing your career just because of this so called "friend"!!! Crap happends, but it is up to you to decide the outcome!! Dont allow someone elses decison to affect your own!!! Please finish the book!! you never know what is in store for you in the future, but you do know the future of the characters, only you can control it!!! Make the right decison,and FINISH THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


please I loved the twilight saga!!!!! Save Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt read midnight sun but people are loving it!!!!! please!!!! I will do anything to save Midnight sun!!! Stephanie why do you care. You write books so that you can express feelings and to be describtive!!!! It takes a lot of hard work. I know I try to write books and its difficult, I under stand.

i think if stephenie doesnt finish midnight sun i will go crazy and if she doesnt gop on with the series forever i will cry i absoutl7y6 love twilight and i will be devistated if there are only 4

stephenie should defenetly finishh the book!! she needs to keep the series going onnnn !!!!

these arent exactly 'my' typoe of books. but aftyer the first few chapters of twilight, i was an addict to it. the first description of edward had me wishing he was my boyfriend.

i honestly began to cry whe i finished twilight and didnt have new moon.

i had to go get them all to read. and so i did.

i finished tem all within one week. a new record, this only occurs with amazing books.

i soon rushed on the internet to find out about whether there were more books. and then i find out information that she doesnt want to finish it?!?!

how could that be. i can honestly say that if the book doesnt get finished and published [and moany more books come out] i will find it hard to live with my lifee.

pleasee save midnight sun, its a neccesityyy,,,!!!

i really enjoyed reading all of the books probally becuz its the way she writes the stories you can really tell how much thought she puts in them and how much she really loves writing them i read some of the chapters on her website today and i have to say i would love to finish it someday i really am sorry someone had to mess up the book for her and her devoted fans....

stephenie please dont change your mind about publishing midnight sun
i have been looking forward to reading it since i heard she was going to write it but now because of the leak she is changing her mind !!!!!!!

please publish it


Ok I understand where Stephenie is coming from as far as hard feelings go towards whoever leaked the first 12 chapters of midnight sun. But rather than thinking about the betrayal, rise above it and think about your millions of fans who are absolutely dying for you to continue the saga! Your fans are what make you the writer you are essentially. You have the talent, but you need us, your fans, to make it a success. We will do our part as long as you do yours. We love you Stephenie! You have a brilliant mind and this story isn't over yet! If you aren't going to finish Midnight Sun, please continue the saga! There are so many unanswered questions and so many things to continue on about that we would all love to read and experience! Reading is an escape from all reality. It takes us to another world of our own imagination. Please allow us to escape more with Edward and Bella!

please i need more of these books

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