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SAVE moonlight we want season 2 to air cause it is the best show
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There are hardly any decent vampire shows on TV anymore. Bring back Moonlight!! I was wicked awesome, and Mick St. John is not hard to look at ;P Totally worth watching.
Moonlight is one of the best shows I've seen. The duo of crime and vampires this show is one that has suspense and leaves you on the edge of the seat. This show was far better than true blood. The end of season one left us with question that we want answers to. We want a justice for this show and to see it have a proper ending. The ratings if a new season was to arise would be off the charts. Even in 2015 people are still watching this amazing show. Please give us some peace of mind and bring back our beloved show!
Bring it back! They must bring season 2 to table for 2015 yes it's been 5 years since it's been off but it could work bring it back CBS! Least for the fans I bet it will be number one in its time slot for sure!
PLEASE BRING MOONLIGHT BACK!!!! I was six when I started watching it and yea now I'm is still my favorite show even though it's not on any more I watch it on DVD a lot but come on!!! None of us knows what happens with mick and Beth or micks ex wife!!! Please bring it back I love that show soooooooo much!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!
Please bring back Moonlight season 2! I love moonlight. Best show ever!
I love Moonlight! Please bring back season 2!
I love moonlight- It is by far my favourite tv show. Please bring back moonlight season 2 and at least give it an end.
I would seriously do anything to get moonlight back on air!!! ANYTHING!!! They can't just leave a show off like that!its not fair to the people who actually like the show!!!u could have atleast let us off with it being satisfying but. You didn't! PLEASE BRING MOONLIGHT BACK!!!!!!
Moonlight has to come back...i want more episodes
I loved Moonlight, and if they don't go on with the series, they should at least make a movie instead of season 2!!!
I love this show! I hate that they canceled it right at 1 of the best parts. BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!! I want another season!
Best vampire series ever on television and it smashes idiotic Twilight and wack ass Vampire Diaries and also sex crazed True Blood. None of them compare. Great storylines, great chemistry between Mick and Beth that it gives me goosebumps. Josef is hilarious. What can i say? Moonlight is the truth and CBS made the biggest mistake ever. Literally i refuse to watch anything on CBS because of this unfathomable mistake of cancelling Moonlight, which includes that deadbeat remake of the successful cop show Hawaii Five O that they have Mick in now. CBS are losers. WE NEED TO RESURRECT THIS AWESOME SHOW!!!
BRING THIS SHOW BACK!! its more than just worth it!
SAVE MOONLIGHT (yes all capital letters thats how serious I am)
Hell ya save moonlight i love that show
yes please give moonlight a second season!! it deserves it!!
im from the philipines !!best ever vampire series!!too bad it cut and my family were too =inlove with the show!!!get it back its deserving
I am a fan from Hungary. I love Moonlight. I think it's one of the best series. I want it back!!!
I am a fan from Hungary. I love Moonlight. I think it's one of the best series. I want it back!!!
I would love to see the second season. I just discovered Moonlight a week ago, and I think it's a great show.
i didn't know what moonlight was til a couple of months ago. i work a lot and hardly ever watch tv. but i love moonlight and think there should be a second season
I would like for Moonlight to Return back. This is a great, interesting, romantic, sopontanious show. I have wondering why it was discontinued......? Please bring it back I know the ratings were not low.. Moonlight is the most popular show. Also those who do not have internet access are asking for Moonlight to return.. Please listen to the viewers that are asking for This show to come back. Amanda G. Milwaukee,WI
We all want MOONlight season 2 now! Pleaseeeeeee give us the LIGHT! VaNNiLLa from Portugal
We all want MOONLIGHT season 2 now! VaNNiLLa from Portugal
you still hoping for moonlight season 2 coz im verry much willing to wait

plz bring back moonlight
season two....

Please Moonlight come back!!!!!!! It's the best show in the world XD

why do they keep canceling vampire shows? moonlight and then blood ties. its not fair! Please bring back moonlight!

We want Moonlight BACK!

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