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Save NBC's Chuck

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The show Chuck on nbc comes on at 8:00 on Monday nights. It is a great show but nbc might not make a 3rd season. this is to help save Chuck.

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love chuck
I love this show and everyone on it is great, partcularly Zachary Levi. Plese dont cancel it.
Say it ain't so!!
Chuck is like how can I say more than it is lead to be seen. I have watched this show since episode 1 and I think that some people realize they have more in common with the show than they thought. Emotions running high, offbeat humor, crazy styles. As a devoted fan of the show getting rid of it now knowing that we now know that there's more to it, us fans want more of it. If the show goes NBC is going to have a huge open gap between Medium and Heroes because Chuck deserves to be in there, and those who are hooked on Chuck like myself, Monday nights might just happen to lose a little bit of rating and I know that's the last thing NBC wants.
It's real simple: Chuck is the last good thing that is still on network tv. They can't take this away from us too!!!!
Humor, fun, charm, zany, off-beat elusive romance, --- KEEP Chuck!!!
this is BULL...i look forward to the next episode of chuck at 9pm monday night (as soon as its over). what am i to look forward to now? PLEASE keep chuck. this show has EVERYTHING; romance, action, & definitely the comedy! Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know it's not a reality show but those are overrated anyways. I enjoy the good humor of Chuck.
we need chuck back
best show ever!!!
please save chcuk
PLEASE SAVE CHUCK! Chuck is the best!!! patri from spain
Chuck is the greatest show currently running on National Television - by FAR!!!!!!!!
It's the only fun show left on TV!
Please don't cancel it!! This and the office are the only two shows i really follow!
Save Chuck! It is one of the best shows on NBC.
Chuck is the only show i will watch on nbc and its incredible! Don't cancel Chuck! It's the only show i look forward to!
time slot and other channels lineups have prevented me from watching this live,however I have LOVED trying to catch up on the DVDs... Please don't cancel this show! try moving it's date or time slot!!!
Save Chuck!
This is a great that I don't have to worry about the laugh or sexual content. Please don't let it end!
This is why I tend to watch Cable channels. I find a show I like that is fun, clean, and entertaining and the Networks cancels them! Maybe USA Network will be smart and pick up CHUCK. They have other awesome shows like Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Monk, & Psych. Soon I'll just give up on TV and read more.
Chuck is an action-filled hour that also has family integrated values.Would be an enormous error by NBC to cancel.The story line really picked up after his father was brought into the picture.I watch lots of shows on NBC such as:Law and Order ,SVU,the Apprentice,etc...if this show which is my favorite is cancelled I will not watch a minute.I also watch Leno and now Conan...that too will cease.
For sure !
This is one of the best shows on tv I would hate to see it cancelled!
My boyfriend and I love this show please don't cancel!!
244 people is not enough!! I am going to tell my friends, I suggest everyone do the same please.
Also, does the network realize (I'm sure) that on the last show Chuck's dad build another intersect just for him, and now he has other strengths!!! How could they possibly leave us hanging???!!! Bad choice to take it off people, you may lose a lot of viewers.
I am soooo sick of reality shows(actually never seen one, too raunchy), cop shows, etc,. Chuck is an original. It has suspense, comedy, sexual tension, what more can you ask for??!! Please keep it on!!!!! I won't be watching NBC if you take it off that's for sure! You have a good thing going. Why do people always want to fix what isn't broken?
Chuck rocks...can't end this show
This is the only quality show on TV now! Save the only decent thing left!!!
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