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Save NBC's Chuck

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The show Chuck on nbc comes on at 8:00 on Monday nights. It is a great show but nbc might not make a 3rd season. this is to help save Chuck.

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We love CHUCK here. It is a show I do not mind if my kids watch it, I can not say that very often. Jennie in AZ
MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE OTHER ONE AS WELL! It has more votes so you should definitely make sure to vote on both. SAVE CHUCK!!!!!!!!!
Save Chuck!!! One of the Best shows on Monday nights!!
Just can't believe they are seriously thinking of dropping such a good show. They shouldn't leave us anticipating what comes next and then let us all down. Hoping our voices are heard to save CHUCK.
With a season ender like that, how could NBC not think we'd want more? That was awesome! Get ready for Chuck 2.0!
I will never watch NBC again if they cancel Chuck. But if they do I still believe Chuck is not over.
This show is the best thing ever!
One of the only good things left on TV!
Please save Chuck!!! It's one of the best shows on NBC, it would be a big mistake for NBC to get rid of Chuck. SAVE CHUCK PLEASE!
SAVE CHUCK! I get to laugh on Monday night thanks to this show!
come on this show is really one of the few bright spots on TV right now. Entertaining, funny, good story telling. SAVE THIS SHOW!
SAVE CHUCK!!!! This show is too good to cancel. Its the best thing on NBC at the moment and only show I watch on the network. Don't lose a good thing NBC Execs.... Move it to a better day / time slot and you can rebuild your line-up around it.
Please do not cancel Chuck. It is the funniest, smartest show on television now, the only one worth recording. We need more Chuck!
This show is one of the truly unique shows out there! Charming, funny, action, and romance! All the characters are AWESOME and oh so memorable. One-of-a-kind tv shows like Chuck deserve to be renewed. PLEASE BRING BACK CHUCK!
I LOVED the season finale of Chuck last night. I'm so excited for it to come back on next season. Please don't cancel it!!!
Very funny show!!! Great actors..please keep it on the air! We want to see more!
Please don't cancel this amazing show! The finale really set up for an "awesome" third season. Bring Chuck back in the fall!
Please do not cancel Chuck - it is one of the best shows on TV.
save chuck. please don't leave us fans with a to be continue. pretty please
Save Chuck!
Save Chuck!
Save Chuck! It's a smart, funny, intense show that is fun to watch. I want to know what Chuck, Sara and Casey will get into next. Do the smart and right thing! Save Chuck!
keep Chuck on the air.
Please Keep Chuck on the Air!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the best show on TV
Keep Chuck on the air NBC! It is the best show on air!
save chuck! One of the best shows on tv ever
Save CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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