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Save The 4400

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This is one of the best shows out there.
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The show must to continue!!

Back 4400!! Nowwww

i wish that this show was never stoped, this was a very good show please make more seasons

Let the war begin...

it is SSSOOOO good ! I hope they keep it!

Here is another good show no, Great show. Why is it that every time a good show comes to Television it will last two or three seasons then all at once they just dissapear. True calling is another show that up and just dissappeared along with Medium, also
Dead Zone

USA is disappointing millions of viewers that watched great shows that the have cancel or quit showing. I love the show The Dead Zone, The 4400, Supernatural, and Charmed....And so on.... I know USA are and still looseing fans and viewers. ................T.P.

I will not be watching usa anymore. You have gotten rid of the 2 best shows out there. The 4400 and Dead Zone. I am very disappointed.Bring them back.........

I loved the premis of the 4400. Last year got a little murky, but the show definately had some surprises that made it worth watching. It was one of the few shows my son and I still watched together. You definately need to bring back the 4400, if nothing else, to tie up the story.

Dear Sir or Madam... As a hard-working computer programmer, husband and father, I appreciate being able to sit down to watch my favorite shows, including the Dead Zone and the 4400. Please do not discontinue these shows! I have been hooked on these. I hope you will reconsider. For your information, Monk may have won awards, but I was never interested in that show. There is a strong base of viewers that enjoy science fiction, and these were 2 of the best.

Thanks for your attention to this email.

what!!, when did they decide to cancel the dead zone and the 4400 hundred? if this true i'm outraged. those were two of my favorite shows. it't time the networks stop screwing with cancelling tv shows so much. it seems you just get start getting into a good tv show and it's canceled and replaced with stupid tv shows, like all the STUPID reality shows. who needs that extra drama in their life there's enough of that in every day normal life i don't need to watch someone elses crap. And if you're going to end a show you don't leaving you hanging at the end of a season and let the viewers think another season will be back only to have it cut just like that. don't you think it's time to listen to viewers or at least have a number on your tv station screen with a survey of what people think if you're considering cancelling a show and at least warn the viewers that a show is being cancelled at the end of a season. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!! i watch you're station all the time and now i think i'll reconsider, if i do watch it, it will only be for burn notice. i can watch monk on abc and the movies you've been playing lately have been crappy or constant reruns anyhow. i don't know if you've changed the person in charge of the network lately or what but you station has been going down hill lately!!!


Please bring back the 4400- This was my FAVORITE show- I have so many question as to what happened to everyone. Bring The 4400 back for at least one season to answer the questions everyone has.

this was one of the more creative and addicting shows in a long time. I am devastated by this news.

This is the best show on TV!
Give us a final season!

please don't cancel this series, i wait all winter long just to watch the 4400, i really enjoy it!!

The 4400 is an excellent tv series that keeps me watching week after week (and buying the dvd's). Please let the 4400 story-line continue!!

The only shows I watch on USA are The 4400 and The Dead Zone. If they go.. so do I.

the 4400 is one of the best shows there is please bring it back

I WANT MY 4400!

I had been wondering why the show hasn't come back on I have watched it since the first show. Before Burn Notice and Law and Order CI I didn't watch USA unless the 4400 was on I can't see how they can just end the show this way. BRING BACK THE 4400!!!

This show is the best around, there is so much going on, so much to write about how can you get rid of the show like this. I agree with Stacey B, forget about USA your a no watch network for me unless you bring 4400 and The Dead Zone back, at least for one more season, to wrap things up. Where is your minds, these are not good shows there GREAT SHOWS.

Now there is no reason to watch USA network this summer. You cancelled the best shows on TV.

I cannot believe you idiots cancelled the two best shows on tv-The Dead Zone and 4400!!! I will NEVER Watch USA again unless you bring them back!!!

The 4400 is one of the best shows on tv right now... it's one of the best that I have seen in a long time. Don't cancel it.

Please bring back the 4400 and Dead Zone they were the most interesting shows on USA ..

My kids and I have waited all year to see this show, only to find out it was cancelled. I don't know who runs USA, but they are not too bright.

This was a wonderful show. USA did a horrible thing by canceling this and Dead Zone. I was a huge fan of both and would never miss a single episode. We need answers!


This really is upsetting. Another great show bites the dust. Any hopes of it getting picked up by another network?

Man! They are just getting rid of all the interesting shows! Bad USA.

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