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Save the Midnight Sun

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Stephenie Meyer


After a leak on the internet of the Midnight Sun ( Twilight Saga- ) -

Stephenie Meyer has chosen to indefinitely put the Midnight Sun on hold .

Link to Stephenie Meyer website

We support your decision

At some point the Twilight fans hope you reconsider.....




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Please finish your wonderful book please please please!!!!!!!!!
Please finish your book!!!Please please please !!!!
i know your upset. i would be too if someone did that to me after all that hard work, but you dont understand what you not finnishing is doing to us! please please please please!!!its like your books are a drug i cant get enoughf. my life was so boring and your books acctually gave me something to look forward to at the end of the day. 264 pages just isnt enoughf. i will do anything you ask just please finnish the book....
please finish your wonderful book
Please!!! I L0VE Twilight! So many people do. Pweeeese? *cute look*
Please, you see how many ppl want it.) and it just few of them. I´m sure it will have a great success. Please, write it for us:)
Please finish it! Please!
please continue
Please, please finish it! We are in love with Edward and Jacob! I don't know what to do now that i'm finished! My life is boring and pointless.
i cant live without it PLEASSSSSSSS!!!! im beging
please please plese finish!!!!
you are amazing..i was never a book reader until your saga..i loved how it escaped from reality and edwards words are so perfect,like an angel..i just cant get enough..i think i will just read them all over again! lol...please continue! i know its probably really hard work ..but your fans are here to support you! dont stop writing! your the best!!
That person who leaked it was an idiot and I understand how you feel...but the it's not your millions of other fans fault!! We love you, please finish it! :)
AHHH please! I love the words Stephanie Meyer can string together. The 264 pages of Midnight Sun were amazing. Stephanie Meyer can mix dark and light into a series of beautiful novels. These books are great! I don't just want Stephanie to go against her defence for illegal piracy but I really need her to finish she's a great writer and Twilight is really her creative mark. I don't want her to go against her lesson to those jerks who illegaly read Midnight Sun but I want to read it!
I would love to be able to read Midnight Sun from Edwards perspective... PLEASE FINISH IT
Do it.. PLEASE :( because I really want to read it in Edwards prespective :) so uhm.. write it please? =D
I hope she will release this book soon I was so excited over the rough draft she did. I can't wait to read the finished copy.
I would love to have all the books done from edward.. his voice in the pre book was wonderful
I fell badly that SM's copywrite was infringed but this unfinished manuscript is awsome and I would love for her to finish it. I read the version that SM posted on her official site.
Please Stephenie write it! I think it´s a great idea, write something like Midnight Sun and i believe that all fans of Twilight saga would be unbelievably happy if u will finish it. So please...
I started reading the partial draft Steph put on her website, and it is so fantastic. I am enthralled by Edward's perspective. What a unique and inventive idea. I am so angry at the idiot who stole it. Steph's loving and loyal fans are the ones who are missing out on an awesome experience. I can only hope Steph comes back to Midnight Sun in the future.
omg she needs to finish it!!! i dont know what i would do without another twi book
por dios es en ingles bueno ni modo yoopinare en mi español porq twilight esta en muchos idiomas y aqui en venezuela es CREPUSCULO.... por favor stephenie meyer ahora es q tiene libros por hacer no solo sol d media noche yo quiero todos es expectacularmente bella esta historia me puedo morir, es hermosisima por favor, por favor nosotros tus lectores no tenemos la culpa de salir afectados, todos queremos el libro, pero desd todos los pensamientos d el y todos los demas personajes ahora es q queda historia para contar; y gracias estoy enamorada d estos personajes son totalmente bellos mi robert, perdon mi edward jajjajja...bellos todos d verdad y me encanta bella con todos los libros llore, rei y tuve angustia, extremadamente original...te amo meyer. gracias a todos esos actores por darle vida a esta historia, productores, directores gracias...en especial claro esta a su creadora, meyer.
I refuse to read the short version online. I want to entire book. It would be an insult to Stephanie to read anything other than her final work. I home Stephanie realizes her fans appreciate her capabilities as an author and are awaiting the release of Midnight Sun!
why steph stopped.....there are so many loyal fans around the globe....and every each of them wants to read the whole book.....why steph isn't thinking about us....why?????
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Please Release Midnight Sun. I would totally buy a lot of books and tell all my friends to buy also!
Stephenie write MS please
i think it would be the right thing to write another book because theres so much more that hasnt happened like what will happen to renesmee and jacob and plus the fans are demanding it.
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