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Ivan E


Wanna Bring the OC back to life?
Well then sign this petition!
our goal is 2,000,000 people!!!
And we need you!
I'll turn the petition in to Josh Shwartz and see if he'll air again, when we reach our goal.
Post any ideas you have for the show, I'm very open.
Even on bringing Marrissa Cooper back to life!
as long as it doesent all turn out to be a dream
So go ahead sign our petition!
visit out myspace:
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I never looked at the show when it was on because other things were on. Since the show comes on Soapnet, I have been looking at all of the episodes and I am a fan of the show now, so I really would like to have the show to return

Bring back the OC! I discovered the OC on Soapnet and loved every minute. I have to admit I dont get the "bring back Marissa" thing. I think the character ran it's course and her death was a catalyst for a lot of interesting character growth for those who remained, but that just me!

Well to be honest with you, at first i never even heard of the OC until i met my girlfriend in June, she showed it to me and said that i need to watch it with her, and now im like halfway throught the 3rd season and i love it sooo much, Ryan is my favorite cause he figths all the time and Summer, Oh the times i wish i was Seth Cohen haha! but ya im not to happy that there is no more OC! its a really good show and its stupid the way that Marissa dies, and what not! so i think that you should bring it back cause its an amazing show and obviously there are many fans out there that love the show! so im taking it that it was an american hit! It makes 90210 look like nuttin you kno what im sayin! so Director Jon Schwartz you need to get on top of this and start thinkin of a season 5 damnit!!!!

I would do ANYTHING, for bringing O.C back.. ANYTHING.

well they could bring back zack from season 2 and lindsay and teresa from 2 and then ryans kid and also the only thing that will get the show TOP RATINGS IS MARISSA (MISCHA BARTON) everyone knows she was the star of the show and when she was killed off the show got crap ratings i wonder why ???. So she could be with her dad after all and run away from the crash after ryan leaves and runs off. but obviously you guys will not bring her back so I don't even know why I am writing this. But it still would be good if the show came back on even without her.

i love the o.c

i think we could bring back mischa barton as differnt
chartter that will the problem cause marrisa is dead
it is fact to coma or not she is gone

Bring it Back and all so Marissa

i want the oc back as well even without marrisa
steh ,ryan,taylor and summer so please bring back
it is the best show ever

i dont care what happens
i just want oc back

i want marissa and ryan back together again forever....please..bring
the OC and marissa back!!!!!!BACK!!BACK!!

i want to bring marissa cooper back!they could just say it was ryans bad dream and that he has to prevente!

please please please keep OC i love it. it's the only thing that gets me threw the week

Sylvia G. Sevierville , TN
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