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Save Windows XP

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We, the undersigned, request that Microsoft not discontinue Windows XP on June 30, 2008, forcing us all to move to Vista.  Individuals and companies do not want to lose our option to keep new XP licenses available after June 30.

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Yeah after all the hype about Windows 7, I think I still like XP better. My new notebook came with Vista and I hated it so I went to Win 7 (turns out I don't much care for that either) In the studio, I still have XP pro in the PC down there, and every time I fire it up (deep sigh) I wish I could put it on the notebook (that want's nothin' to do with it) In win 7: Outlook Express is gone, never to be seen again - BooHoo Windows Live Mail is an over-rated gargantuan (slow, confusing) power sucking dinosaur! Win 7 search feature sux eggs and the list goes on. If I didn't hate Macs so much, I'd be tempted jump to the "arrogant dark side" Come back XP! :o)

forcing vista instead of xp for any MS OS pc user shows just how desperate the new marketing team from microsoft is. if ti would be worth it then i would say yes to vista but currently only about 40% of the world's computers can support it (very high requirements) and only about 20% use it since it very unstable, it has a very weak firewall, it is unstable, supports only a few programs in comparisson to xp, it is very unstable, if you are a programmer then you have to install linux since most graphic programs and coding languagesare not supported by vista, oh, did i mention IT IS VERY UNSTABLE? i don't actually understand what they plan on doing by having vista forced on the market...stop piracy by any chance? if that the fact then here's a heads-up for microsoft: U DIDN'T EVEN RELEASE VISTA AND 5 CRACKING TEAMS HAD IT CRACKED/HACKED/PIRATED AND UPPED ON SERVERS!!! doesn't that tell you anything? my opinion: take vista down not XP.

I still want XP. Vista isn't stable enough!

Windows XP still rocks! I stuck with Windows 98SE until I got XP and the stability of XP was just so much better than 98SE. I haven't been that impressed with Vista so far, and it's so much more resource hungry.

I use XP at work and my boss uses XP Media Edition, this machine is running XP Media too. I have used Vista and it's slow not user friendly and uses a ton of memory, c'mon Microsoft keep XP and keep US the PEOPLE who buy YOUR products HAPPY.


Windows XP isi a great product and is and continues to be a better product than Vista . MSFT should start listening to their customers and stop being so greedy! We DO have alternatives and Apple is a far superior computer/program anyway.

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+1 from Russia, SPb

Altavista it is to complicated with authorizations. XP is more user frendly to recgnizes their errorsd and find solutions. I think that Altavista doen't provides such momemntum. Please return to XP and try to solve for better develpment.

Vista is very slow I still using XP

Pls continue developmt an support

Save XP

XP is OK.If XP is no longer available,my choice is not Vista,But Mac.

windows sucks

Now that I m on Vista, I deeply regret XP and think to move on Apple OS...

If they do away with Windows XP, which is and continues to be a better product than Vista I will switch to Apple. Microsoft should work out all of the problems with Vista before making it their only product available. They may wish differently if the ship sinks. Karen in WV

Having recently upgraded memory to 2G in a PC for a family member using Vista, and attempting to use that system convinced me that Vista is not for the average user, in either efficiency or operation. I want to keep XP as long as possible.

They should not do this until Vista works perfectly! And it doesn't yet! Anyway, personal??? buy piracy! Seems MS looks for it! Vista? Sucks, a lot of device still doesn't support Vista environment. I undersign!

i don't want my XP to be a refuse.

Getting rid of Windows XP before all the bugs are out of Vista was a huge mistake on Windows part. I had a DELL laptop that came with Vista and within 2 months I had to call Tech Support 5 times and that is bull****. I have a desktop that I have XP on and that thing runs perfectly and I would not trade it in for anything.

i prefer windows xp to windows vista anyday

Good XP for everybody

Hmm, I will consider installing Apple's OS X fopr Intel and AMD on my system. I tried it and it works great. Saves on having to buy a complete new cxomputer, and I am not too keen on linux..

If XP is no longer available, the choice is not Vista, but Apple.

Windows XP is Okay

Windows XP is Okay.its not as complicated as vista.its compatible with most software for plug in hardware like mobile phones

XP is far better and user friendly than Vista. Vista is much more complicated rather making ordinary tasks and commands cumbersome and irritating. While XP never had such complications and provided smooth tansition from older versions of OS.

Windows XP is more suitable for my software & hardware than Vista

good xp for evrery body

windows xp download plz some time in ezze and harry up.

Windows: XPsp2, 2000sp4 & 98se =that is real application up system!!

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