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Save Windows XP

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We, the undersigned, request that Microsoft not discontinue Windows XP on June 30, 2008, forcing us all to move to Vista.  Individuals and companies do not want to lose our option to keep new XP licenses available after June 30.

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You can download virtual pc from microsofr and make a partition on your hard drive and install xp is you have a copy. That way you can use xp only programs and equipment like printers and scanners that only work on xp. You can have as many partitions as u want and have vista, xp, me, 200o, 98SE, abd 95 on the same hard drive. I am not giving up my XP. I stuck with 98 SE untill XP came out. I will stick with XP maybe untill windows 7 comes out.

i am a fan of vista, but xp is the best windows ever so it is to son to make it go away(razvan)

I think it should be put on 1.2.2008

My dad has internet on the XP, has anyone else noticed that whenever you update your computer has loads of problems but this only happened when vista came out????

Non-profits need a way to continue using your products with volunteer members for extended periods of time. This colaboration is vital to our mission. Please keep us in mind with limited support. Karen Willimann; West Chester, PA; National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI

June 30 is too soon

i have window vista premuim can no use internet or some pictures from my digital cameras and trying to install window xp professional and is not possible cause will not star to install window forcing me to not use my pc as i want to or for the reason i need it.

Microsoft don't seem to realise that people with Vista are downloading XP as well because of all the problems with Vista. ie printers will not work navigational programmes do not work etc etc.



I need Xp original


A lot of effort was put by many like me to make XP become what it is today, I'm setting up a new enterprise based on XP and I'm not willing to set up a new system on an OS still under test, I still see VISTA as a Beta on Steroids. Leave XP alone and sell Vista to the new PC users who do not know better.
Justo González, San Juan, Puerto rico

I'm actually a pretty big fan of Vista 64, but I support this petition as June 30 is too soon of a cut off. It should be pushed at least a year.

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