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Secret ACTA Must be Made Public

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ACTA negotiators


We, the undersigned, demand that the ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, be negotiated in an open forum with public scrutiny and comment.

This treaty threatens to go beyond "counterfeiting" to encompass ISP filtering, DRM rules, Three strike laws, and less privacy for IP addresses.

This lack of transparency in negotiations of an agreement that will affect the rights of people around the world is undemocratic. And the perception that lobbyists from the music, film, software, video games, luxury goods and pharmaceutical industries have had ready access to the ACTA text and pre-text discussion documents through long-standing communication channels makes matters worse.

Based on leaks on the proposed treaty, ACTA may potentially:

  • Require Internet Service Providers to monitor all consumers' Internet communications;
  • Interfere with fair use of copyrighted materials;
  • Criminalize peer-to-peer electronic file sharing; and
  • Undermine access to low-cost generic medicines.

Sign this petition if you believe these negotiations should be open to the public.

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