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eBay policies and price hikes are making it harder for sellers to offer competitive prices to their customers.  This is making it harder for eBay Sellers to make a decent living.


eBay Sellers should all unite and move to one of their main competitors such as Amazon.  It seems that Amazon offers better support to their sellers by giving special perks to their sellers and treats them with more respect.

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If eBay does not change their ways by April 1st I pledge to leave e-bay and move my store to Amazon.  If a majority of eBay subscribers pledge to do this I will send this to the powers that be at e-bay and this will either force them to change their ways or possibly put them out of business.
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The person at the helm of ebay (and now PP) is nuts. He has destroyed ebay. I'll never sell there again.
for advice on how to leave ebay and your options , google un-occupy ebaby, read the article on my webpage, enjoy qirk
I have had enough of them. I sold a phone for £130, they took £20 in charges and paypal held my money until I got positive feedback. The no feedback for sellers was a step too far. I've switched to CQOut. I have to wait a bit longer but I don't care, it's free to list so I'm loosing nothing. I won't sell any other item again on Ebay and the more people that make the change, the sooner they'll know they've gone too far

eBay continues to walk the line with customers, apparently they feel secure in the userbase and feel as if they can get away with anything. Changes of policy and pricing hikes have definitely hurt those of us that use eBay.

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