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Serenity no more~ Firefly extinguished

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It has been said by both actors and fans that the end of Serenity and its saga is a terrible loss. Both actors and fans alike would do anything in their power to get the show back again, but this time it isn't going to be as simple as pointing to a group of fans and saying, "They are here to stay!" The execs may be convinced by our displays of loyalty, but when it comes down to it Joss Whedon is the only person who can take claim of the magnificent feat of turning a cancled show into a great film. It was his passion and his persitance alone that allowed us to enjoy the BDM. Now with record sales in DVDs and new sales in the collectors edition DVDs it is obvious that there is money left to be made from this franchise, however the sad fact is Joss Whedon has lost hope. I believe that the reason we haven't heard any new sardonic and slightly bitter comments from Captain Reynolds or River's rambling rants or seen Kaylee's bright smile or Inara's glare is for the simple reason that Joss Whedon doesn't want to. As a passionate writer, Joss Whedon puts more of himself in his work than any other writer I am familiar with, and the sad consequence is that when Fox cancelled Firefly they rejected more than a show. They rejected a part of Joss. Similarly when people neglected to get their butts into their local theaters seats, Joss was once again slighted. People today would rather pile into theaters for Saw 4 and see random nonsensical violence than a well written and clearly loved movie. Paul Newman said in a 1994 interview that people today in Hollywood don't shoot movies. They shoot deadlines. They shoot budgets. The love of film is being replaced with the love of money. So now we need to get behind Joss and let him know that America still has people who are passionate about stories with heart. Personally the Firefly and Serenity series moved me greatly and I would like to thank Joss Whedon for the fantastic ride. I hope that he decides to take a chance and continue the story. Because if we want to keep flying it starts with him.

I petition all fans to get behind Joss and show your love.

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This is one of the better ways of putting it....I love Firefly to death, but if Joss doesn't want it to continue, it shouldn't. I wish that he'd want it to....but like you said, he puts so much of himself into it I could see why he wouldn't. Firefly is my favourite series, and the only one I've ever loved enough to buy.

****! The link didn't work... Well, it's somewhere out there on the Net... I bought my copy on eBay. River looking piqued holding two Reaver blades.

someone once said that if they'd have used the same poster for Serenity in the States that they used in Europe, you would have potentially more people interested in seeing it. 2005/serenity_v...

I think I would have to agree...

Firefly is awesome! Why hasn't Fox brought it back yet?! I think enough people like it that it would have been brought back by now....THIS IS RIDICULOUS, FOX!! GIMME MY FIREFLY!
I hope a sequel to Serenity is made!

It's been six years since the series and I only just found Firefly, but I love it - and bought it. This is an artistic, original, well constructed and produced show. It's never too late. There hasn't been much good or original in SciFi in a long time. The large dedicated fan base already in place means you have a proven, time-tested winner in this show. Be smart and bring back a show that is not only artistically excellent (for a change) but commercially sound.

Firefly was great, but it was better than the movie. The movie lost some of the magic when it lost the great cowboy music, a lot of the "Chinese" being spoken, and had a fairly predictable battle sequence. That said, it answered a lot of the questions from the tv show and I wish I could have another one. Though I'd prefer to have the show get to play more with a show, and you get a much better understanding of the characters. I would watch another one (even if it sucked!).

Also, as with Firefly, I think part of the reason Serenity did poorly is because it was advertised badly...the advertisements gave it a really kitcshy (spelling?) feel.

Just watched Firefly again and remembered why it was such a great show. Having the TV series or another movie made would be very exciting for us millions of fans.

I would really like to see firefly/serenity to be back on air... Please bring it back ><

Bring back firefly. Joss Whedon is a wonderful writer and I love all of his shows. Let him have the freedom to take his journey with Firefly/Serenity again. Come on people......

Like Colleen R. below said, I would love to see some sort of closure for out beloved characters aboard the Serenity.
It was a brilliant concept, a work of unbelievable promise only to be spit back into Joss' face.
It sucks but Joss has my full support in anything he does in the future.

Oh man i think it would be awsome if the show would come friend loved the show and the movie and she made me watch and i loved both of them.

I would love to have all the loose ends tied up at some point...i.e, what was the Shepherds deal with the Alliance? What really happened to River?

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please answer these and all other Firefox questions.

I would love to have all the loose ends tied up at some point...i.e, what was the Shepherds deal with the Alliance? What really happened to River?

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please answer these and all other Firefox questions.

Unless there is another firefly campaign which I already commented on before joining this is why I did join. There is a huge market out there not necessarily for a 8 week cinema run but for a modest sucessful first showing followed by years and years of people dicovering a classic with an income stream over decades.

Good morning Mr. Joss Whedon. I am taking time out of my work schedule to let you know that I never heard any advertisement about your show. I of course at that time did not have much money. I had cancer and my husband left me with all the bills and no job. But now that things are better I have bought both DVDs. I watch them every month. I have my boss and sister hooked on them as well. I wish, no would love if this show to come back. I would watch it over any other show and I would have my tivo record it as well. Please bring both of the DVDs out on Blu-ray. Please this show was a masterpiece working. Please bring it back. I may only be in Ga in the south, but we are not all backwards folk.

I don't know how the world could cope without any more Firefly / Serenity stuff. Joss, you are a genius. Every time the SciFi channel has a Firefly marathon we record it on DVR, even if it means we have to delete other shows that are on there already. It's not only sad to think that there might not be any more Firefly, but to think that this particular group of people wouldn't be acting together again when they work so well off each other. Each character is so completely different, but each actor knows his / her character inside and out. That's rare to see during the first season of a program, but they seemed to have their characters nailed from the very first episode. We hope and pray there will be more coming. But if this is the end, we just want to thank you, Mr. Whedon. You've worked so hard to give all us SciFi fans a wonderful ride.

I loved Firefly and Serenity I would love to see it come back, but most of all I want to thank Joss for giving me so much enjoyment with the show and movie, plus all of his other productions. Kudos to Joss

yes bring back firefly and another serenity movie

Every time I watch the series, I still cant figure out why the would've cancelled it. I do wish the series was released on HD-dvd aslo.

This show is so engaging and isn't near finished saying all it could say. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joss Wheden I love u, I have all the Buffies, Angels, and Firefly on DVD. You have such a briliant imagination and have given so many of us so much pleasure. My fave episode was your musical on Buffy season 6,Once More With Feeling. Please start working again. You are too brilliant to not contribute to what is good and interesting on TV. I was also a huge Arrested Development fan-can't believe a show that perfect could ever get cancelled. Firefly was brilliant. And James Marston is SO HOT.

I was a late convert. It is such an imaginative show and the chemistry of the actors is so engaging. I would watch again and even attend conventions if possible. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im confused--is there some recent development that there will be no sequel to serenity. I haven't heard anything recently. There is still a possility that based on the sucess of the movie, Sci fi might evenutally take up firefly as a series. So there is hope. Worst case scenerio he will continue the story in the comics, like he has done with buffy season 8.

The comic book I bought kinda sucked. It promised to shed some light on the stuff that happened between the show and the movie, but it was all action--and JUST action. Really disappointing and a waste of money.

We need Firefly back!!!! Even if its just in the movie version of Serenity, we need great film again. It was the best series on television and fox ruined it completely. We should prove Fox wrong by bringing Serenity back and making it flood the box office with awesome numbers. So come on people, petition your hearts out!!

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