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Should Lindsay Lohan go to Jail?

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Lindsay Lohan's second DUI, driving with a suspended license, trying to run down her personal assistant, cocaine! Her estranged father was recently released from prison after serving time for drunk driving and attempted assault. Hmmm...Sound familiar...Like father like daughter?


What has been tried hasn't worked. What would you do?
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Ew i dont like lindsay lohan..

I dont think Lindsay Lohan should go to jail. I think she should just go to rehab. Think that people pick on Lindsay too much its Britney Speirs I have a problem with.

I believe Lindsay Lohan should serve jail time with more than only a few days sentencing because she's tried rehab, hasn't learned anything from her Dad's mistakes and isn't learning anything at all from her Mother evidently that's even near a positive attempt to try and help her daughter.  I think she is going to continue with this downward spiral unless she experiences something that will make her stop and think about how she's destroying her life, and could possibly kill someone else with her eratic behavior.  Jail time works for many people, and she's not above the law.
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