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This is petition to stop domestic violence against men. I propose that the goverment take action by making it mandatory for all domestic abuse shelters that offer women support and help, also offer to help men who are being abused by their significant other.

I also propose that all domestic violence campaigns that target women who are bring abused also target men in that similar situation. We need to shed some light on this growing problem, so that the children witnessing violence in the home ,whether it be towards the female or the male, can be helped.

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Demestic violence against men is far higher than most people thing for two main reasons.
1 The attacks tend to be in the form of scratches and slaps which are less obvious as violence.
2 Men tend to feel ashamed and humiliated at allowing such a thing to happen and so tell authorities less.

MY dad was abused by mom for years till his death ,I tried to help Him,but theirs only so much protective services can do,without getting him hurt,my dad didn't leave my mom,she broke his hip ,he developed pneumonia and it was my moms word over his he died in the's been 11years now I will never trust her but do forgive ,I realize you have to forgive to move on.

In Auburn Washington a guy can arrested for snapping his wife's bra. I don't know how far this stupid law goes. They must make an arrest, but, it is almost always the man, even if he has the signs of abuse all over his face and body. Some men just don't hit women back and therefore, the men take a good beating while standing there with their moral convictions. Police just don't seem to care as long as they make the arrest of the guy. My own niece was an abuser and her husband was removed from the home. He didn't say a word about her or the bite marks all over his body! Wrong Wrong Wrong. The right person needs to be arrested, man or woman. The kids need a break in this time of troubled relationship. They don't need to learn to be a abuser or abusee.

My son has a child with a young lady that has often tried to fight him and attack him with sharp objects. There have been times when I've seen scratches all over him. He's grown up in a household with both parents and no physical violence. One night this young lady attacked him while he was completly covered and he reacted for the first time by throwing a punch. That reaction caused the young lady's teeth to come out.Needless to say he now sits in a jail cell awiting trial as soon as tomorrow. Event though she has admitted in court to provoking him, no one in court system cares.

I live in Mariposa California and I don't know if it is only here or everywhere, but the system is failing men and children terribly. Pretty much, whatever the woman says is true and the men pay the price. Each case is different and need to be treated as such. In some cases women are being abused and in some cases it IS the men. Where do you turn when you turned everywhere? Where can men go when all of the programs are for women? What is a man to do when a woman uses the system to control him? Is there help for men? Can't there be help for women AND for men. How hard is it to understand that it isn't the same in every case!

I agree that domestic violence against men has not been treated seriously. There are few resources available to help male victims and the legal system often treats it as a joke. As a one time employee of the Spring - one of only 2 shelters that accepted men in the country when I worked there 10 years ago - I can tell you it IS a serious problem and women kill too. Size & gender have little to do eith lethality when one partner had a gun.

violence must be stopped and the punishment has to be the same for both sexes and there should also be safe houses for men to take themselves and children to when it is necessary as well as counselling services provided.

Abuse is wrong whether it be against men or women it needs to be stopped for the good of society.

i don't actually know what this feels like but i've seen what it can do to others. the abuses must be stoped, be they physical or psychic it must end. we are human beings not animals. and always one abuse gives birth to another so unless it's stopped now it will become a much bigger problem in time.

i can relate to the non physical abuse because my wife has a "male good friend" and that hurts more than the physical abuse that she could give me

Women can be brutal. Men and women can play many different roles. Just some advice for you abused men, or those out of an abusive situation. Look at who you are attracted to. Women that have been abused physically or emotionally as children (and there are many) tend to look for less domineering men. More passive men, men who they will take no aggression or crap from and they determine what is aggression. These women have to be in control and have to have a constant reassurrance. So......if you are out there looking for a woman beware of the seemingly delicate, needy, charity case. She will seem like she needs your care and support. You are searching for someone to care for and nurture. She is looking for revenge. Just so you know, I am a woman. I am speaking from experience. 

I work in the welfare field and see it on a regular occurance. Men who are abused by their partners and/or families, but there is no support for them. They feel afraid to speak out because of a risk to their 'masculinity'.

In Ausralia there is a well known female killer who abused her husband for years before murdering him. His mates just laughed at him when he tried to tell anyone. When will this end.

I have also had enough of domestic violence groups referring to the perpetrator as 'he'. This is not right and I will stand behind any man who is trying to flee domestic violence.
Jess, QLD Australia


I think it has been to long that women can abuse men,thinking they can make it men's fault. It is time that women are held as accountable for abuse as men are, it is wrong no matter who is doing the abusing.Also no man should be ashamed to speak up and say so, but I can understand why he don't because this is a womens world anymore.This coming from a women that does not agree with alot of the women's lib ****!! They have taken it a bit to far. Men are very often missunderstood.  I would love to see help for men being abused without the women trying to play the VICTOM!! They diffently have my support.   B. Jahn

 It's just to easy to ruin a life based on the word of one person, too many games are being played! Now maybe second thoughts will take precedence over imediate retaliation....

It affects both sexes and we should have places for both to go to.  Women can be as violent as men can be so why not protect them too?  It's only fair! :)


I could write a lot on how children suffer because of the abuse their parents dish out to each other and I could write a lot about the abuse a couple of wives have handed out.  I could also write a lot about the gov. vigilante action against people who want to reach out and help other people but thats not the subject here.  Without getting into personal details the objective here is to get government recognition that many people do abuse men both mentaly and physically.  I also believe a seperate shelter for men would be better for all and would help prevent people who are really hurting from getting involved in situations that would only cause them more pain. 

Check out my website at:  h ttp://

i agree that there is just as much abuse comes from women as it does the male...i have seen it personally myself...i have a sister that just loves to cause problems with her fellow then act like she is the victom...and the sad thing about it is that most law enforcers dont see that just cause the female most times is smaller than the male dont believe the males when they tell them that they are the victom.....SO LETS ALL BE FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR!!!!

I work in welfare and the reason women get help more then the men. In my opinion is cause men are not willing to come forward and admit their being abused.  If more men came forward then this issue could be brought to light.

I agree that it about time that there is help for men as well. I have seen so much violence against men that it sickens me! Why should this be targeted for women only? Women get away with so much as it is now. No one should be abused,whether they are a man or a women or a child! JE

As a woman who suffered abuse in ways only one can imagine, I have come to find out that grown men can be so emotionally abused by their mothers. I just couldn't believe my ears when I would hear the words coming out of their mouths. I have made myself a promise, if I ever hear another mother talk to her grown son like the ones I have heard I am going to read them the riot act. Most men won't admit to being abused in any way, but it's about time for them to come out. I am proud to sign this petition. But I do wish they would have a seperate shelter for the men. It would be hard on both sides if they are in the same shelter.

From Italy:stop violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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