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Stop Killing animals for their fur only!!

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Killing animals for their fur should be completely illegal no matter what!!!Sign this petiton if u really care about animals.

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I would like to see a protest started up against Atlanta Housewives.They influence millions just to show off their wealth.There's many other ways.
There is absolutely no reason to kill God's beautiful creatures for fashion.Think about it.FASHION.If you believe in God at all you must realize you will be held accountable for this.
What a mess we are making, killing beautiful innocent animals because of humanity's sick and pathetic ways. It makes me angry and sick to my stomach to see the hunting and cruel ways humanity uses against bears/dolphins/whales/foxes/ and any other beautiful animals on this planet....
yes,killing animals isn't fair to the animals cause they live and die.It should be illigal and banned.
yes, its cruel and it makes me sick. all animals have feelings. lets stop this insane cruelty
people who works at these fur farms or who makes these coats have no heart at all!
i think people should stop killing animals because its cruel and all animals are just like us humans they come in faamilys and have kids just like us it not fare `
shame on china and such countries who have no rights for animals...
those are not to be humans who do this and shame to China and such countries who have no rights for animals....
Ok, This is unfair in so many ways because, How would you feel if you were an animal and your fur waz tourn off while you were still alive. I kno i wouldn't like it very much. There are so many animals being killed every day just for their fur.
I think this should be illegal because your killing gods creatures. This is not fair to the animals because tecnicly your killing your own kind.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fur is not needed! not one bit! my dad's girlfriend wears fur like it is nothing but she doesn't understand that she just took away the life of an animal. an aimal that has no voice to speak up with... well i chose to be that voice! here is to the animals!!!!!!!!!!!
The killing of our fellow creatures for any imagined reason is wrong.We certainly would be healthier if everyone was vegan. Every living thing has a right to live its life out in accordance with the laws of nature.
That is just sick and cruel thing to do to an inocent living anilmal people are making animals be Instinct.
pls stop it...
Stop killing for fur! How would you like it if animals started to rule over us then they killed you for your skin?!
WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE THAT KILL ANIMALS FOR FUR! WHOEVER KILLS ANIMALS FOR FUR IS SICK IN THE HEAD GOD! Why would you kill an inoncent animal for fur?!!!! You make me sick!
There are no laws to stop people from making money the only way to stop people from killing animal for fur is no one buy any fur coat or any fur production that will make fur business become pointless there for killing for fur will stop!
Stop killing for fur, its inhumane and cruel. Look at the snow leopards, they are endangered mostly because of people killing them for there furs. I would never want the snow leopards, or any other animals to go so close to extinction..or extinct.
I totally agree with you
please stop kill the dogs and cats's fur and meat from chine. i hate to see that it. bible say shall not kill. the dogs and cats were nature and beautiful animal. chine men were cruel to kill any anything animals.
i studied about snow leopards once and they kill them for their pelts and fur and its so cruel! the snow leopards is a beautiful animal
killing animals just for fasion is just plain stupid
beka radtke ! holllla i did my entire senior project on peta, and the unethical treatment of animals..i strongly disagree with usage of fur in fashion industry!!!!!
ya you are right!

so only killing animals for thier fur is bad,what about the other things that humans do to animals shouldn't that be illegal too?!!!!!!

Absolutely behind this statement !

Never hurt to kill an animal for such a stupid reason and also stop animal testing.

I agree with what you say right why test things on animals what harm did they ever make to desserve this cruel way of pain and agany.
why wear animal fur its not yours so stop killing animals.

This act is SO despicable....If I EVER see anyone wearing real fur around me; they will be wearing RED PAINT, or worse, on them !! Unless "FUR" has four legs and pee's, I dont want it anywhere near me ! MURDERERS !! They need to spend time in an electric chair for doing this !! Can I pull the switch??

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