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Stop the slaughter of America's Wild Horses

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Every year, horses of all types, including ponies and domestic horses are sent

to slaughterhouses all over the globe for human consumption. Please end this

unnecessary brutal killing.

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leave the horses alone
wow.. arent we selfish?
This is a horible thing and needs to be stopped!

i have to sign this or my sister and cousin would kill me. they both ride horses. and im thinking about buying one myself if i ever got the land.

we came to this land and long with it we took the horse with us to work the land to tame the wildress.Now that we are at this time and dont need the horses,cause its below us now we want to kill this wild,free spirit and put it out of our minds. I say hell no.. they helped us to get were we are and they are oue history and if we do away with them then we are doing away from our pass our history.But if you stop and look at the pass the history it isnt something we should be happy about.

Okay nothing pisses me off more than this, okay choice of politicians, yes that's important, but seriously? this is ****!

save the horses!


Save The Horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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