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Supernatural Body Swap

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Eric Kripke, Creator of Supernatural


Everyone I have ever had a conversation with who was a huge fan of the show has wanted a body swap episode featuring Sam as Dean and Dean as Sam. We only have two seasons left, and still no body swap! Come on, Kripke! Work your magic! We want body swap!!!
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yeah! i bet it'd be one hell of a funny episode! i would love to see how the boys react and behave in each other's bodies! SO GO FOR BODY SWAP!

They should do a swap episode defenitely!!! Everyone'S waiting for that...

I think it would be cool

That would be awesome =D

I would love a body swap episode! I bet it'd be hilarious!

I would love a body swap episode! I bet it'd be hilarious!

Sounds like a great idea! I love this show!

Yeah - body swapping is a fantastic idea. We've already seen Dean freak a little when Sam went into his dream. Imagine the havoc he could reek if they swapped bodies!


It would be so cool to see what they would do in each others bodies!!!

I love that idea! We need to have a body swap episode! that's gonna be fun! :D

A body swap ep would be AWESOME! Not to mention a fun challenge for both of the boys :)

Aw Kripke you know we'd all absolutely LOVE to see that, and you'd enjoy it too! It's be fun and a great experience for everyone, the writers, producers, cast... well everyone except the makeup artists lol. :P But seriously, BODY SWAP IN SEASON 4!!! :D

Kripke has been discussing it...but no sign of it yet.

I watch the show and it sounds like a interesting storyline

Body swap episode--yes! It would blow my mind!

This would be a very fun humorous episode, and a great opportunity for Jensen and Jared to challenge themselves as actors too.

Body swap!

Oh that would be so cool and hilarious ;)

Please make one like that for the season 4 funny funky weird episode.

In season 1 there was Hell House, with the guys pulling pranks on each other, in season 2 the was Tall Tales, slow dancing alien anyone? In season 3 we had Bad Day At Black Rock, so for season 4 why not a body swap?? Would be interesting. :)

A body swap episode would be so cool! I'm sure Jared & Jensen would do an excellent job. :)

I think that it will definately be great to see a body swap. So you can count with my vote.

come on i wanna see a body swap of sam and dean

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