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Terminator:The Sarah Conner Chronicles

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I love this show. It has to do with time travel and with what may be our not to distant future with the machines. It took just a short while to connect with the characters, but then it really started getting better.

Save Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

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What am I going to watch Friday nights now? You cannot just leave us hanging.
You can't just leave it will John going to the future and Derrick lying dead in the past! Bring TSCC back.
I LOVE THE SHOW!!! do not close it!!!! It is the best among sci-fi!! What do you want us to watch. LOST and brainless Gossip Girl!!! =!
please renew the show
PLease Renew the best show on TV!
The only show I take the time to watch, it has everything! There is so much left to make!
Please renew this great show :)
FOX pleeease.... renew TSCC Support this tomorow (may 15.) -> .com/page/Unite...
i love the show we need a season 3!!!!
The season finale was great! There is so much more story to tell.
This how is awesome. How can anyone even NOT want to renew it? Please bring it back!
I love this show! Please bring it back for another season! I'm addicted to it and can't wait to see what happens next. I got my friends addicted to it also, it's contagious!
please dont stop the show, its one of the best recent sci-fi shows.
please dont stop the show, its one of the best recent sci-fi shows.
Please don't let fans hang onto this cliffhanger forever!
Don't terminate the best show on television. The writing and acting is flawless. It needs a better time slot, else, a better network. Do something about it!
Im one of the many viewers in the UK who love this show, please dont cancel it. Its just getting better all the time and we're totally hooked. please renew this fantastic series.
Save SCC - - With the strike in Season One and then the evidence of lackluster writing as a result in the first half of Season Two - - the GOOD STUFF FINALLY came through on the story arcs only to have the threat of cancellation - - crap! Fox should have better leadership or realize a show like this has complicated story arcs and GIVE IT TIME to find its audience. Please do the right thing!
Best show ever. I look forward to every episode.
Love this show. It shouldn't be punished for writing mishaps. And has there ever been this much fuss about any other TV show's (possible) cancellation (not complaining, mind you)? Solid effort, solid reason not to cull it.
I am a new fan. I started watching AFTER the live airing of the season 2 finale. I'm hooked and I'm working on hooking others! Please, FOX, give me a chance to rally some viewers!
I am writing as a fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to thank FOX for the support they have shown the show thus far. I have been following this quality program since the first season and have watched avidly as it only got better and better. I hope that when the decision regarding renewal is made for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, FOX will take into account the quality of the show it has on its hands, its potential for growth, and the support of its very loyal fan base.
do not believe that FOX gave TSCC a fighting chance this year. Friday's??? they could have done so much better!!!! This is your fault FOX, FIX IT!!! If you don't you will probably find a pissed off TOK-715 at your door with some VERY choice words for you
save tscc we need to know whats going to happen now there in thr future.and if summer is cameron or allison.and if sarah folloewd.
Save TSCC!!! from jordansolid
Save T:TSCC!! It has to be done. There's no way it can be left at the end of season 2?? It's one of the best shows on TV right now, and very popular in the UK!!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is one of the best shows on tv at the moment. It's got drama, comedy, romance and more. The acting is superb especially Summer Glau as Cameron and the show deserves to stay on air!
This is the best show I've watched for a long while, please don't cancel it. Especially not after the way season 2 ended. We have to know what happens.
My wife and I BOTH love this show. Some demographics for the suits at fox: Me: Male / 39 / College Grad / Full-Time IT employee / NY Wife: Female / 29 / Some College / Part-Time healthcare worker / part-time housewife / NY
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