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Should Stephenie Meyer continue writing Midnight sun? I think she should!!! Its not fair just because those jerks who put it on the internet doesnt mean she has to stop, i really want to read it and i hope she continues.

I cant wait till twilight movie comes out, but the books will always be better..

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steph, u should continue writing the book, ur fans will really appreciate it and forever thankful for ur kindness. For watever that had happen, not dissapoint us as a fan..thanx!

errrrr. i hope stephenie publishes it- i'll be so depressed if she doesn't. =/

Twilight fans! i have 20 campains!! and there all about twilight! come check them out!!!!!!!!!!!

She should continue midnight sun not only that but the saga i have created a petiton for that by the way so check it out plzz.

Of course, i thinkshe should contiute writing!
She should know by now that no matter what it will be a big hit.
i mean come on, its related to twilight!!!!!!!!!
and i love all the other books.
simply amazing.
she should definally continue.

i think stephanie meyer should finish midnight sun soon, but twilight fans out there we shouldnt have to rush her to finishing the book so quickly.... let her take her time in my perspective so the book will be even better even though no it will be totally awsome anyway!!!

Good News!! Stephanie is still writing Midnight Sun and it will most likely come out after the Twilight movie.

Stephenie Meyer should totally finish Midnight Sun just so those jerks who leaked it can see how tough she is. She owes it to herself, not the fans but herself to show that a great writer can do anything she wants to do ecspeacily write another book in a series that has made her my favorite author.

I read the 200 and some odd pages that she has written so far (posted on her website) for "Midnight Sun" and fell in love with it immediately!! I was so disappointed when it stopped, I wanted so much for it to keep going!! With all the support of her fans, I hope she decides to continue with it! Even though we "know how it ends" its so fun to hear it from Edwards point of view!!

please please please keep writing please

I read the leaked draft and it was great!and i was left hungry for more. I think it would be totally interesting to see the whole series from Edward's perspective. I know that is asking for a lot but hey, he is just as big a part of the story as Bella and he should have his say. Its also great to have all the little details explained, like fight he has with his family and what happened to the guy from Port Angeles. I hope that Midnight Sun is published and that Stephanie dosent stop there...for all our sakes!LOL

U r the best author i have ever read, aside from shakesbere of course, and I would love to c midnight sun be published!!!!!!!!!!! I am posting comments in all of the websites i can find (as well as many other fans) to try to convince you that you should continue to write and publish Midnight Sun.(Dont be surprised if everyone of the websites you c has a -B at the end. that will just tell u its me) I have tried to be patient about this but im not a very patient person. I am jumping up and down waiting for the movie to come out(two weeks after my bday) and now i want to know wut edward is thinking. His insight in this is so much more interesting than bella's in the first chapter alone. (sorry i read the leaked version off of your website. told u im not patient.) Just plz plz plz plz plz plz plz publish it!!!!! -B

I do not think that Stephnie is reading this. My apologies if I had upset you with this comment.

The best present i'm gunna get this year is a week after my birthday. #1- Wall-E comes out on DVD and #2-(the most important) Twilight comes out in theaters!! I get 2 go 2 the midnight showing on the 21st of November. Yah! Jacob Rulez! Team Jake all the way!

i just dont want the twilight series to end. i'll agree to anything that will keep it going. More Jacob is a good thing in my book, so yah let Eddie tell his story, i wanna know what he had to go through.
i'm the type of person that waits for the book to come out to read something (a dying breed, yes i know). dont let us non-high-tech ppl down Steph! we wanna know what everyone else knows! we're outta the loop and we dont like it.

Dont let those people discourage you !!! Bella had her turn to tell her side of the story , in breaking dawn jacob had his !!!! now let edward say waht it was like for him !!!!! please!!!!

I will be soooo upset if Stephenie Meyer decides to not publish Midnight Sun. I have read the first few chapters of Midnight Sun and can't wait to read the rest of it. For you twilight fans (such as myself) if u didnt know the twilight soundtravk from the movie is being relaesed November 4th.

HOLY SNAP! I really want her to finish Midnight Sun, I really, really want to read it!

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