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Do you know any guys that have read Twilight?

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I have. Those books are gay

A BUNCH of my guy-friends... Including my ex. :O 'Course my whole 'clique' (omgwtf??) is into that vampire stuff, so it's really no surprise how many of my guy-friends (straight or not) have read it. ;]

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! tonight on TBS during Underworld commercials interviews of Rob P.and Kirsten S. from the Twilight movie will be taking place so everyone tell your friends and spread the news!!! It comes on at 10:00pm in Jacksonville, Florida.

the guys i know read car,motorcylce books. i almost think they cant read or it would kill them to read a real book

Heck yes!!!!!!! the ppl in my grade...its turned into Twilight mania!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know 2 guys one is nice and my cousins boyfriend (my cousins a girl) he luved it...the other guy is a person who is a jake fan and he isnt that nice...but still he has read it and that makes me happy no guys who are in my class or are my friends are going to read it...they dont like romance...boys

I know a couple high school people (in like 10th 11th and 12th) who say they love twilight!

yupp my brotha

I no a fair few lol. My two friends who are boys have read it and they loved it, one kinda fancied Edward (lmao, weird i know) but he much prefered Alice so it was ok. Oh and my boyfriend has practically read the book just by me blabbing on about it all the time.

The only boy who I've met who read them was at the midnight release party for Breaking Dawn...He was a Team Jacob person...I thought that was weird...

Well my friend let me borrow the whole twilight saga.

dunno anyone

my brother wants to do a book swap - me read his Michael Connely books (about crime n stuff) and him read twilight
and im like nooooo its for girls!
hes like ''how do you know i wont like it?! you've shown me the trailer, i know what its about - adventure and action!''
im like..... no its really NOT XD
it would be awkward with him if he read the 4th book.... with isle esme.... yeah :L

I don't know any guy personally who has read it, but Ryan Seacrest is reading it and he talks about it on his radio show and he says he's into it!!! Guys could learn a lot if they would read it.

He's gay so he doesn't count...jk

that is soo not true, im not gay and i love the books, just becuase there a a few sensetive scenes does not at all mean the book os for girls, tht is sooo stereotypical, i LOVE them, they trach you soo much and have depths of meaning, i mean WOW a bit of sex, not that umuch anyway, and u assume us guys wont read it, it was GREAT, cnt wait for book 5!!,

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