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Edward repeatedly says he’s trying to keep Bella alive, that her number was up the moment they met. What is he saving her from, exactly; just himself, or something else?

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Both cuz he nos that he will like never hurt her he is just worried cuz she is a klutz and cuz other vamps are tryong to kill her

both, himself because her blood is so attractive to him & yes other vampires & * in edwards words here * the fact that she cant walk across a flat and stable surface without finding something to trip on... haha i mean from when you start reading twilight she was suposed to die the moment edward smelled her, then she was supposed to get hit by tylers van, then she was supposed to be raped & murderd by those guys in port angleas, THEN james came around... i mean come on!!!! you have to admitt the girl is a death magnet in the 3 books that follow the near death experiances list go's on & on & on haha


just himself - they didnt know that james/laurent/victoria were coming until after edward had spent some time with bella at school

He says that its his fault that she keeps ending up in danger but when he says that her # was up the first time he saw her was because of how she smells to him.

everything! himself and every thing that goes alone with it... 4 example james,victoria,laurent,the volturi!

im not gonna vote cause i think its both

i think it is both

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