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Twilight Fans!!!

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I am doing a survey and I was wondering the ages that read the Twilight series. Cause I am really curious as to what age groups liked it and who didn't.

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my order of favourites are: The 4th book (thats like the best book in the world) the 3rd + 1st book joint, then the 2nd book -- too sad!

realy i dont like them...


I am 43 years old and I read all the books in 1 week. I could not put them down and when I did all I could think about was what was gonna happen next. LOVED THEM ALL!!!! HUGE TWILIGHT FAN!!!

I am 28 and my friends are 27 and 26 and we all read the books. We already bought our tickets for the movie and I love everything Twilight. I would think about it 24/7 and I still do, I have the calender all 4 books, and a t shirt of Edward, I love it. I think its great for any age, & any person! TEAM EDWARD!

im 14 and i am in love with the books i love the 4th book the best and i hope she writes another one

I'm 19 and love to read, especially love the Twilight series!

I'm 14 and I don't like to read...EXEPT FOR TWILIGHT!!!...i hated to read then i read twilight and here i am later a very obsessed person who has read the whole twilight saga 4 times (4 each book)...i can't wait to the movie comes out but it probibly won't be as good as the movie!!!

I am in my 30's and I love the series,the book is so great once you get one you can't put it down.

24 yrs old, and this is by far the best book ever.

22yrs old and they are awesome :)

im 21 and my sister is 16.. we really love it!

im kinda the opposite about my mom cause i never read and my mom got me to read the twilight daga and its the first books that ive ever liked my mom isnt as obssessed as i am but still...

I am 14 soon to be 15 and I am extremely obsessed with Twilight.

oh! I'm 17...that's why I think most twilight fans are around my age too...but it's really accommodating to all age group...:)

I am seventeen and first read the books like before Last Christmas I think...Anyway I borrowed them from my best mate and then I kept on borrowing them to read. I finally got my copies of all of them for my birthday. And even now, I don't read my other books at all, I jus keep rereading the Saga!!!!! As soon as I finish Breaking Dawn, I go right back to Twilight again!!!! My mum gets annoyed cause I'm leaving my 200+ books to get dusty, while I read the Saga!!!!!!

And yeah, I'm trying to get my mum to read them cause so many adults are reading them, but she says she's not into that sort of stuff...

But man is she missin' out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to get my mom to read Twilight b/c when she does she will go as crazy as I she thinks they are just some ordinary books. Boy isn't she wrong!Meyers doesn't publish "ordinary books"
Love ya

I thought about getting my mom to read them too.. when they very first came out but when she started reading Twilight she was exausred and fell asleep. I got mad but did'nt push her. When Eclipse came out I felt that my books were too personal for me to share them with her. She doesn't really care though because when she started them she only got to like the 3rd page so she didn't think that they were very exciting...HA!!!

my mother has read them all and is now reading them to my father... my mom wanted to see what i was reading and now she likes them my dad likes them and lots of my friends like them...lots of my friend have or are trying to get their parents to read them

I'm thirteen and i read them in half of a week...haha i love these books to death and so does my mom. She even has a shirt...embarassing. Anyways i cannot wait until to the movie comes out! It will be amazing like the books. I think that it is funny that the books were written for teens but so many adults read them. Oh well, the books are amazing.

25, married... jeejejej and read the 4 books twice in 2 months.... and of course thinking of them even at work....

im 13 also and my sister is 9 she has not read yet but like liz said my sister fell in love with it by just reading the cover...

I'm in my 30's and I love this series. Did tail off a bit after the first two books (which were fantastic). But all in all, they are great.

by the way it seems like most of you lot are 13

I know...eerie

i am 13 i no this sounds weird i actually think i am obssesed with them which i find a bit creepy myself but i cant help it they are amazing books i have ever read. Now this is gonna freak you out but i spend most of the day just thinking about it like when the movie is gonna come out or somehow trying to persuade stephenie to write more books etc

i am 13 and i LOVED it, it was dazzeling (LOL)

my sister is ten, and she fell comepletely in love with them after she read the back passage of twiligh, " of three things i was absolutely certain..." i really never thought she would read a book that long! she only read like 30 page books. sometimes i think she loves the saga more than me...jk!!...or maybe she does??... disregard the last two coments.

im 12 and these are my fave books in the world...not kiddin here i think age doesnt matter as long as u liked them and u like to read

I am 30 and I LOVE these books. TEAM JAKE!!

I dont think it matters what age you are im 13 and loved them!!!!!!! these books are soooooo good it really doesnt matter! not for me any way =)))))))))

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