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if you really love twilight then you should pledge, because if you don't then who nows if you really love the twilight sags at all.

I pledge to...

always love the twilight books.and i also pledge to protect the twilight books and to hit, kick, or bite anyone who disses or says any thing bad about these absoutly wonderful books.
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did r-patz really a drunker?

ill kill them !!!~!!!!!!!!!!

you should! there was this girl that called me stupid for liking them so i smacked her and i got in trouble!

I'll gleek in their eyes. XD

hahahaha you already do that any way so..... it wouldent be any differnt.

Yea no can touch my books unless i say so xD

totally right!

the best ever


ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! tonight on TBS during Underworld commercials interviews of Rob P.and Kirsten S. from the Twilight movie will be taking place so everyone tell your friends and spread the news!!! It comes on at 10:00pm in Jacksonville, Florida.


vampires are freakin awesome

i already do do my friends...if a vampire is the one biting me i probably would diss the books...that would be awesome, i want to be a vampire...luv the books!!

I am willing to say i dont like the books if Edward is the 1 who bites me. Otherwise i LOVE them (BEST BOOKS EVER)

what!?! why!?! edward is like the perfict guy!!!

I pledge to love the whole Twilight saga whether it ends with the 4 books or with Midnight Sun or with 'future' other books in the saga ;]

oh im all about the hit, kick or biteing thing haha and i have told all my friends about the book Twilight like in 2007!!!! but only now there all like omg this book is good i have hit them so many times and said duh!! i was one of the first to ever freaking read it loser! but i pledge to always and forever love Twilight, New Moon, Eclipes, Breaking Dawn, And hopefully, Midnight Sun and maybe a 5th book i hope =]

I don't know about all the crazy violence, but I do recommend the books to EVERYONE and I've recruited a bunch of people into the Twilight nation.

so have i and just so every one knows i was just kidding with all of the violence!

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