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Twilight Saga: 5th Book?

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I Want To Know How Many People Would Love Another Twilight Book To Read, Except Midnight Sun (Which Will Hopefully Be Published!).

 My Sister, Hazel + I Were Thinking: Nessie's POV, How She Deals With Her Being An Imprint-What Happens, The Volturi-Do They Visit?, Do She Love Jake?

I Would Love To Read That, Since SM Has Left It Open For That To Happen, Which I Hope She''ll Take The Opportunity And Also Realize: We Want MORE!!

If You Agree With A 5th Book, Please Vote!! + Leave Your Ideas! x

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everyone in my family loves the twilight saga i mean even my fiance. i want to see what happens with renesme as she gets older i mean this cant be the end. i hate it when artists leave an open-end to their stories without giving us something.... it would def let the fans down to not see anything else
i love the twilight saga and how breaking dawn ends leaves many people including myself on what happens to bella and the cullen family. does she mature? does nessie stop growing? does the voluri do they revisit? does the cullen family go to south america? does renee get to know what happens to bella? does tayna and the rest of her family get the revenge that they want?
Yes!!! I think it would be awesome to follow Renesmse grow and read about Jake and Renesemes' relationship and see if Bella is able to control wheather or not Edward reads her mind without much effort now. I bet by then end of the series, this series will be longer and more popular then Harry Potter by far!
If you wanna read a fifth book to Twilight check th9is one out. It's a 15 chapter continuation to the sage that I wrote myself. http://solsticetwilightfa nfic.blogspot.c...
please plublish the book everione love the series......................PLEASEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Of course we want another book surrounding Nessies choice between Jacob or another vampire hybrid......and SM would be evil to leave us in such a horrible cliffhanger. Oh and if Nessie doesn't want Jacob I'd be glad to take him in my loving arms(;
YES there should be another book in the twilight saga - i read a comment that said that you stephenie meyer said (the saga is finished there is no more to tell in the story) you wrote the twilight saga and they are wonderful books i bought the first one before the saga got popular after i bought the first one and read it i went back got the second one and preordered the other 2 online i started reading and could not stop till i finished..... BUT you leave it so open that you have plenty more you could wright!!!!!!!!!! 1- start with the battle give some details about that and who wins. 2- what happened to the baby. 3- explain exactly what the baby is..... is it half human half vampire or all vampire but with a pulse or is it human that will grow old and die but has to live off blood. 4- you could bring bellas parents back into their life and how she explains what she has become ect.... 5- what happens with the wolfs after the battle do they try to do anything about the treaty since it was broke or do they let it go because if they had not of turned her she would have died....... 6- cant remember if this was in the last book or not but (dose bella have any other powers besides everyone elses powers wont work on her since she was turned)..... thats all i can think of right at the moment and i would probably have to read the last book again to see what else but you do have enough of room there to have a 5th book....... and I REALLY REALLY HOPE YOU DO DECIDE TO WRIGHT ANOTHER BOOK AND I AM SURE A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS THAT I MENTIONED!!!!
No other books compare, please write more.
cant wait for midnight sun
I want! I want! I want!!!!!
I really want Midnight Sun!
i wood love a nother book cuz when i read these books i can picher the set in my head these books have helpt me throw a lot thanks stefany ps sorry 4 the spelling
I would absolutely love to read another book about Edward, Bella, Jacob and of course little Nessie...keep them coming
Absolutly YES.. I hope twilight saga NEVER ENDING. but I know it will be boring and impossible.. BUT if can be 5th book.. WHY NOT, RIGHT?
Absolutly YES.. and I hope it will be NEVER ENDING.. but I know thats impossible.. but if cna be 5th book? WHY NOT, RIGHT?
Absolutly YES.. I hope twilight saga NEVER ENDING.. but I know thats impossible.. but if can 5th book? why not?
yes, i would like to see a 5th twilight book,having more to do with nessie aswell,see how the whole lot do after the endin of breaking dawn
Yes I would love to read about Nessie and the life she will have....I am waiting for it to come...I have read the series 5 times as is I need to know more!!!
Uh.. YES?!?!?!? I crave the Twilight Saga and i nearlu cried when there were no more. I say yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
i would love to read another twilight book were bella is a vampire and i would pay up to $100 for a preview copy
There is a 5th book coming out it's called midnight snack but it's not gonna be realesed until breaking dawn movie come out which is around november 2010 or jan-feb 2011!! it's about the family and how their life is.o and did i mintion bella gonna tell charlie about the vampire and werewolve story jacob told bella when she was human and then she gonna tell him about her and nessie's history as a vampire.(PRESSED)
I Personally would love to read another twilight saga book! Ive been dying to meet the twilight cast in Real Life!!!! They are AMAZING every one of them! I really would love to read a book from Renesmee's POV
well i think midnight sun should be about there child and how she grows up
I think she should start a new series about bella's life as a vampire and her being with edward
i think she should start a new series about bella's new life as a vampire and being with edward
I think that she should publish the fifth book. "Breaking Dawn" is just the begining to Bella's, Edwards, and Renesemee's new life.
I think that sm should write a fith book because she ends breaking dawn kind of wierd. And also if she did write a fifth book i think it should be on nessies or renesseme's point of view on how she feels about bella and edward and everybody elese, and how she felt about the vulturi visiting and how she didn't know why bella wouldn't tell her why she was going to have to leave her and edward when the vulturi come!!!! It would be and exciting book to read and + she would get alot of money out of it because i think that millions of more people would like to read a fith book like i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE AWSOME.
I think that is a good point. She couls make alot of money. If she published this book, she might even write another.
I would love sm to write another book,because she leaves breaking dawn at bella and edward in their cottage. And i would love it if she would write another book and she would get alot of money for it too i beat millions of kids would love it if she would write another book on nessies point of view!!!!!! AH
When Twilight first came out I personally was not interested in reading the book. Same when the other 3 books after that. But one day I got curious and I found out that I LOVED the T wilight Series. I read all four books in a week. Imma fast reader but thats still pretty good coonsidering I work fulltime. Yes I WANT MORE. And speaking for true Twilight fans WE WANT MORE.
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