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twilight spoofs

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I've watched this Twilight spoof and I find it very funny but at the same time somewhat offensive. go watch this and vote afterwards.

I don't find it very very offensive but just a tinsywensy bit.

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scratch what i said above about me finding it offensive...i still do but in a good way...they are making fun of somthing people luv... after about the tenth time seeing it you cant not like it.

I've been a big fan of the Twilight books from the beginning. I bet this spoof is meant to be light-hearted fun! The books always tell the story better than any movie can (hello - time constraints). I just wish the movie was longer (closer to 3 hrs.) to show the depth of what is really going on in the Bella-Edward relationship. Too bad every girl can't have her own personal Edward Cullen. I'm married but I gotta say - I adore the fictional characters of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black! Edward is so intense, magnetic, and protective. Jacob is so lovable, dependable and protective. Bella is lucky to get both in her life!

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The first time I saw this was on Stephenie's myspace page. I thought that it was hilarious. If you are a true Twilight fan you can see the humor in it. This video was made only to make people laugh. It was not made puposely to insult the book, the fans, or Stephenie herself. If there is anyone who was truly offended by this, they should probably relax a little bit.

even though i think its a bit offensive doenst mean a thing its only offensive because of the bits of the things i like from the book...i like it mostly its just a bit offensive and i wanted to see what others thought i agree with you ppl should relax even if they think its offensive and have a laugh for me i dont care to much and i change my opinion fast...i luv how make fun of james in this movie but making fun of edward it wasnt the actions that made it offensive just how utterly repulsivly ugly the dude was who was pretending to be edward was really

I agree. he isn't the prettiest thing to look at but truthfully I don't think that Rob P. is great either. He's ok but not at all how I picture Edward!

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i thought it was funny. people need to learn how to stop being bitter, learn how to have fun and stop scrutinizing everything. dont watch it if u dont like it. live a little and stop picking everything apart. there are worse things out there that people watch!

i know i know its just as a twilight fan i really dont want people making fun of vampires or the book, or the movie. its me personaly. i know peple who dont care but as a twilight fan i find it somewhat offensive. stephenie meyer may find it funny and i do to its just i no steph doesnt find it offensive its just i do

I dont think its funny i think those people need to get a life .... if thats the all they have to do too entertain them selves. i just thought it was stupid .kind of offensive but not to me personally it was just kinda laim.

Stephenie even posted it on her myspace... she thought it was funny and why would she post something she takes offensive on her own myspace?

To me this is NOT funny what so ever!!!!And yes I do find it very offensive.

snme with me but my sis dose
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