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Up American Idol Age Limit

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Fox Executives, 

For the next season, it's time to up the American Idol age limit again.

The first three seasons you had to be 16 to 24 years of age to audition. Since the fourth season, the upper age limit was raised to 28.  We would like to see it raised again to 35.

Sign this petition if you agree you can still be an idol at 35.

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I am finally ready to try out and now Im too old at 30. Makes me sad. Please increase to 35.
I auditioned 6 seasons in a row and was told to come back each time. Literally through my twenties I traveled the country auditioning now I'm 30 going on 31 and unfortunately am too old even though I think 15 is too **** young. Come on idol, you'll become obsolete if you don't go with every other show and just remove the friggin age limit. Its honestly the facelift that idol needs..stop switching judges and start listening to your viewers.
agreed. raise the limit to at least 35. Was finally ready to do it just now..just to see that 31 is too old to try out. Keep the push up guys, good work. J.C.
Yes I would love to audition to for american idol but I am 31 please please please raise the age limit.
I think you should be able to be 30 because its like being 29.Plus my mother is incredible and has been singing FOREVER so it would be awesome if she could audition!!!
I think that someone should be able to be 30 to try because its like being 29
Age limiting is wrong at any age. If you've got it, you've got it and if you don't, you don't. There could be an Aretha clone out there. Shouldn't she be allowed to compete?
can u be fourteen really wanna try out because its always been my dream to be a singer and try out to be on american idol my name is kyana.
Absolutely, I don't understand the age limit anyway. I think if they raised it to 35 or 16 and up that it would help the rating. Which have been dropping regularly.
why have age limit at all? what age defines new talent? it is age discrimination and the age restrictions need to be removed.......
My husband is almost 38 yrs. old, had a band for several years & has an awesome voice-a god given talent. I would love to see a raise in the age limit.
The music industry is so agist; makes people feel like can't have a life and opportunities to be seen if they are no longer in their 20's- not true and not fair.
I have a dream ticket (from winning finale at Disney American Idol Experience) and I am 36. I went up against a 16 year old, 18 year old and 23 year old and I won it. I want a chance, too!! Raise the limit to 40!!!!
y have an age limit. ?? descriminnation at the highest level
I say 40!!! I am not 40 but I am 36... :( no way to get in!! Give us a chance to!!!!!
i am 14 (15 in may) well the auditions close to me are in Feb. so i made a potision so that they can at least listen to me and i wanted to know how many signatures will be needed and if there is an age limit oif how old the person has to be to sign it. plase and thank you! (: well look me up on face book Desaray Johnson
Please raise the limit to at least 30-35. Im 28 now and just found out I will never be able to audition. Ive finally worked up the guts to come out of my shell and do this and now I cant because Im too old!!! By the time I can audition for the first time, I'll be 29, I'll be too old!!! I didnt realize 29 would be too old till I looked up the age limit! Please raise the limit, give me a chance.
i was an area (ark-la-tex) idol finalist in 2005 and 2006. now i'm 31/32 and I hate the idol dream has to end there...i think older contestants have proved many times the most seasoned and best presence' have been older. plus you'll open back up the ratings for my age group again and older...(we are the ones who made IDOL what it is) so raise your ages of contestants to once again make us feel part of the idol phenomenon again!
How about raising the age limit between age 35-40? I am 37 years old and have a good voice.
I feel you! I got a good voice to but 36!! I say no age limit!!!!
Yes I believe the age limit should be raised. There are many singers above the age of 28 who are being over looked. Susan Boyle was overlooked and look how amazing she is inside and out!
Yes I believe the age limit should be raised. There are many fabulous singers above the age of 28 and I believe they are being over looked. Susan Boyle was definitely over looked and look how amazing she is inside and out!
How about not age limit. People over 50 are discriminated enough in this country.
There should not an age limit. If you must have a limit please up to 45!
Yes Yes Yes RAISE limit TO AGE 35! My daughter has an awesome voice and will turn 29 next month. She looks great like she is 20 and it is a shame that she cannot compete with this 28 age limit. YES -- Up the limit!!! Age should not matter if you have what it takes! D Barfield - Houston Tx
how come there is an age limit and would have lary and made it any way
Yes raise it to 35 for variety.
I think you should get rid of the age limit. There was no limit in the contest in Britian
i think u have to be at least 13 years old. to any age at all. becuze alot of people have a singing talent but then when they hit a certain age their voice can change. but then it will be to late. even when ur older like 50 yrs old. u should still be allowed to do it. im 12 about to turn 13 and i wanna do it soo bad. becuze i sing great...
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