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Up American Idol Age Limit

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Fox Executives, 

For the next season, it's time to up the American Idol age limit again.

The first three seasons you had to be 16 to 24 years of age to audition. Since the fourth season, the upper age limit was raised to 28.  We would like to see it raised again to 35.

Sign this petition if you agree you can still be an idol at 35.

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Music and talent have no age. Perhaps America needs to evolve, already, and stop perpetuating the idolizations of youth and beauty. Especially in a singing contest. It's sad and embarrassing for our country, as a whole.
Lowery it to 9years im 9 and i made a song and i want to sing it
Please raise the age limit! I am 29 and really would like to finally be able to pursue my dream!!!
Would be cool. There's much more developed talent above the current age limit. Given the contestants on Idol this year, I don't think they have a choice...
I'm 31 and would love to be the next American Idol just like everyone else I think anyone would agree that talent is talent. How can you put an age limit on something like that really?
i think that raising the age limit is great that give people that is older then 28 the chance to become a singer.
I would love to see the age oimit raised to at lease 35, I'm 29 meaning I'm too old to audition, really? I finally mustered up the courage to audition for idol, after putting it off due to not being ready for a long time. I auditioned for America's got talent last year and this year, didn't make last year, don't know if i'll make it this year but I'll keep trying. Bottom line is all the other talent show have or had no upper age limit, why because they understand that talent has no age limit. You are missing out on some amazingly talented people because you choose to limit not only yourselves, but some great singers who could benefit from idol, shame on you for promoting the idea that because you're older means it's over.
Agree.Well said
Would like to see the age limit raised to 35 as my better half wants to audition once again... Come on American Idol you really need to up the age limit, due to the other singing competitions out there on TV that have no age limit... You all really need to start doing something out there to start getting more people involved of the higher age bracket... Let them compete for a change... As a matter of fact there should be no age limit
Im 31 i would like to be in american idol...
Talent is Talent!! No matter if you are Blind, Crippled, or Crazy!! I've heard a lot of ppl singing and playing a instrument at the same time, that it would make these younger want to bee's QUIT!! I saw a guy in a WHEELCHAIR THAT WAS PLAYING PIANO AND SINGING AT THE SAME TIME, AND THIS GUY WAS ABSOLUTLY UNREAL!! People were going crazy over this person!! That WHEELCHAIR did not stop him from performing or giving up on life!! It was a real treat to watch this guy ENTERTAING THE WHOLE AUDIENCE! Nobody left the show until he was finished for the night. EVERYBODY wanted a piece of time because he was just THAT GOOD! His PERSONALITY was FANTASTIC! He is truly a GOD GIFTED PERSON. He is different in every aspect of his life, yet he keeps pushing on. This is what AMERICAN IDOL is MISSING!!! The judges always say that they are looking for somebody 'DIFFERENT',, Well this guy is THAT PERSON! He would MOP THE FLOOR with the COMPITION, NOBODY would be able to keep up with him! Please raise the age LIMIT so that people like him and others, have a FIGHTING chance!! Thank You for your time, Jimmy Milliken.
Music has no age. The competition shouldn't either. If America doesn't want to vote for someone because of their age, at least give them the opportunity to not vote.
I was interested in trying out myself since they are finally coming my way but I just turned 30 and I really would love for them to up the age limit so that I could have a chance.
Yavoda L. Bazin
I saw an age restriction in the registration info. I didnt know before. After being homeless with my children so long ive missed a lot. Ive been singing and writing my entire life.. im in tears now.. i just turned 30.. i got everyones best wishes and my children are happy.. i guess i better just tell everyone.. im too old to be an american idol...
Why even have an age limit? Let America decide WHO our idol is!
Why even have an age limit? Let America decide WHO our idol is!
It's time to raise the age limit to 35. American Idol is missing out on a lot of incredible voices because of the current age limit.
It's time to raise the age limit to 35. American Idol is missing out on a lot of amazing talent.
Raise the age limit to 35. You are missing out on some incredible singers that have put in the time.
I am finally ready to try out and now Im too old at 30. Makes me sad. Please increase to 35.
I auditioned 6 seasons in a row and was told to come back each time. Literally through my twenties I traveled the country auditioning now I'm 30 going on 31 and unfortunately am too old even though I think 15 is too **** young. Come on idol, you'll become obsolete if you don't go with every other show and just remove the friggin age limit. Its honestly the facelift that idol needs..stop switching judges and start listening to your viewers.
agreed. raise the limit to at least 35. Was finally ready to do it just now..just to see that 31 is too old to try out. Keep the push up guys, good work. J.C.
Yes I would love to audition to for american idol but I am 31 please please please raise the age limit.
I think you should be able to be 30 because its like being 29.Plus my mother is incredible and has been singing FOREVER so it would be awesome if she could audition!!!
I think that someone should be able to be 30 to try because its like being 29
Age limiting is wrong at any age. If you've got it, you've got it and if you don't, you don't. There could be an Aretha clone out there. Shouldn't she be allowed to compete?
can u be fourteen really wanna try out because its always been my dream to be a singer and try out to be on american idol my name is kyana.
Absolutely, I don't understand the age limit anyway. I think if they raised it to 35 or 16 and up that it would help the rating. Which have been dropping regularly.
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